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Last updated on 09 November 2020.

Clydesdale Bank Current Accounts FAQ

Who is Clydesdale Bank?

Clydesdale Bank is part of the larger CYBG PLC and was first established more than 100 years ago in Glasgow. It offers a range of banking services, including current accounts, savings, loans and mortgages and has branches mainly in the far North of England and Scotland.

Does Clydesdale Bank offer a current account?

Yes. Clydesdale Bank offers several current accounts. Its standard account, the ‘B Current Account’, is accessible via an app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices. It offers usual current account banking services, as well as arranged and unarranged overdrafts, a compulsory linked savings account and it pays interest on balances up to a limit.

There are other current accounts, such as the Signature Current Account and Current Account Control, which both carry monthly fees and come with various other services and features. It pays to take time to research the current accounts thoroughly, as well as the fees and charges applicable, before deciding which account is right for you.

Can I get an overdraft through my Clydesdale Bank current account?

Although overdrafts are offered to some current account holders, whether you are accepted and how much you are offered will depend on the outcome of credit checks and other affordability checks. Overdrafts usually carry either fees or interest charges, so ensure you examine these closely before applying for an overdraft to be added to your current account.

What is the B app?

The B Current Account app available with Clydesdale Bank is a money management app that is intended to help users to manage their own money and budgets. The app allows users to tag their spending and set up budgets and savings pots for different areas of their life.

Can I switch my account to a Clydesdale Bank current account?

Yes. Clydesdale Bank is part of the Current Account Switch Service scheme, which means that it will take care of much of the hard work involved with switching accounts once you have provided it with some necessary information.

How do I apply for a Clydesdale Bank current account?

When you apply for a Clydesdale Bank current account you will have your financial details and credit rating checked. This is because the account is not a basic account and offers access to credit in the form of unarranged overdrafts and the use of a debit card as standard, for example. You will need to fill out an application form online, in branch or over the phone, but you may need to sign forms and wait for details to be verified and checked before the account is actually usable.

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