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Last updated on 04 March 2021.

80% LTV Mortgages FAQ

What is an 80% LTV mortgage?

LTV (loan-to-value) is a metric used by lenders to indicate the proportion of a property’s value that they can finance in the form of a mortgage. An LTV of 80 percent means four fifths of the property’s value is covered by the loan.

How large is the deposit on an 80% LTV mortgage?

While the monetary value of a deposit will vary from mortgage to mortgage, having an LTV of 80 percent would mean having a deposit worth 20 percent of a property’s value.

Does a higher LTV keep costs lower?

Higher LTVs denote larger mortgage loans and smaller deposits to save up for. This can seem like it reduces costs, but a larger loan will also entail having to pay higher interest, as providers are keen to mitigate risk.

How do I keep interest low?

Fixed-rate deals are one way to keep interest low for a limited time. Terms can last up to five years, and you will find interest payments stay constant even if market rates rise, saving you money as you pay your mortgage back.

What is a variable-rate mortgage?

Variable-rate deals mean you can expect interest to fluctuate depending on the direction of market rates. This can make mortgage costs much more volatile, so you need to factor this volatility into your budget if you intend to afford such a deal.

Where can I find the best 80% LTV mortgages?

NerdWallet has put together a comparison table showing the most competitive 80% LTV mortgage deals from a number of providers. Choosing is easy, as our table offers initial rates and APRCs, allowing quick like-for-like comparisons.

What is APRC?

Annual percentage rate of charge is a metric that includes interest plus additional fees and charges to give you a realistic idea about the actual costs associated with a particular mortgage product as compared to another. It aids in comparing one product to another, as they can have different costs beyond interest.

What is overpayment?

Overpayment is a mechanism by which borrowers can repay parts of their loan ahead of time if they have additional cash flow. This reduces the amount of the loan left to pay in the future, which can help ultimately reduce the costs of a mortgage in the long run.

Why is it important to find a good rate of interest?

Finding a good rate of interest on your mortgage matters, because you will have to repay your loan for a number of years. If the rate is too high, your mortgage could risk becoming unaffordable, risking your creditworthiness.

What if I worry about affordability on a mortgage?

If your concerns about affordability are great before applying for a mortgage, using NerdWallet’s Mortgage Calculator will help determine what size mortgage you can afford. If you are already in the process of repaying when concerns arise, notify your provider as soon as possible, to find a possible solution.