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Last updated on 04 March 2021.

90% LTV Mortgages FAQ

What is a 90% LTV mortgage?

A 90% LTV mortgage is a financial product where the loan-to-value (LTV) on a new mortgage covers 90% of the value of a property, provided by the lender. The remaining 10% is paid up-front by the borrower as a deposit.

Why seek a 90% LTV mortgage?

An LTV of 90% on a mortgage means a borrower spends less time saving up to buy a property than they would have to on a mortgage requiring a larger deposit. It reduces the upfront costs as a result, allowing them to buy a property sooner rather than later.

Who are 90% LTV mortgages best suited for?

First-time buyers are generally most likely to benefit from a 90% LTV on a mortgage, as this means having a smaller deposit to save up for. This allows them to get onto the housing ladder sooner.

Do 90% LTV mortgages carry higher costs?

Yes. As the lender is required to provide a large contribution in a financial sense, they will wish to mitigate risk if a borrower defaults. As a result, they will likely require a higher rate of interest to be paid on the mortgage for the duration of the loan term to compensate.

What’s the highest LTV I can find on the market?

It’s hard to find a mortgage with an LTV higher than 90-95% on the market, as higher LTVs require such a great financial commitment from lenders.

Does a credit score matter on a 90% LTV mortgage?

Yes. Even if your deposit is low, your credit score will need to be considered good to prove to your provider that you are capable of paying back the mortgage on a regular basis. With a lower credit score, fewer providers will be willing to lend, and those who are willing will charge a higher level of interest.

Where can I compare the best 90% LTV mortgages?

NerdWallet has a number of comparison tables to help you determine which 90% LTV mortgage will be most suitable for your requirements.

Why does interest matter on a 90% LTV mortgage?

Interest is cumulative and accrues for the duration of your mortgage term. Mortgages are significant financial commitments, often being paid back over years or even decades. The longer the term lasts for, the greater the volume of interest payments you will need to account for.

Can interest vary on 90% LTV mortgages?

This depends on whether you opt for a fixed- or variable-rate mortgage. Some providers offer 90% LTV mortgages which keep the interest rate fixed for a short-term period, keeping costs predictable and easy to account for.

What would a variable-rate mortgage mean?

You should expect your mortgage interest costs to fluctuate from month to month on a variable-rate mortgage, as they will be moving in tandem with market rates based on what other lenders provide, as well as the rate of interest set by the Bank of England.

Can I repay my 90% LTV mortgage early?

If you have higher levels of cash flow than expected, it should be possible to start making early repayment on your mortgage, to reduce the number of payments left in the long-term. However, many lenders have an Early Repayment Charge, so make sure to check how much this might cost first, before making any agreements.

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