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Black & Decker vs. Hamilton Beach: Single-Serve Coffee Maker Comparison

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It’s not easy picking a coffee maker, especially when you’re choosing between reputable brands. We compared specs on a Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker to help you buy the best model for your needs.

Black & Decker


  •  Price: $24.99
  • Model: Black & Decker Single-Serve Coffee Maker, Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Serving Size: Single-serve (16-ounce travel mug)
  • Brews: Coffee grounds and pre-packaged pods
  • Features: Removable filter basket, dishwasher-safe parts, automatic shut-off, one-touch operation

NerdWallet takes you shopping: At just under $25, this coffee maker is the cheaper of our two contenders. It’s easy to use and can brew both ground coffee and pre-packaged pods.

Its automatic shut-off feature and dishwasher-safe parts are convenient, but the appliance lacks many features — including brew strength settings, for example — that some other coffee makers have.

Good fit for: On-the-go coffee drinkers

Hamilton Beach


  • Price: $35.99
  • Model: Hamilton Beach “The Scoop” Single-Serve Coffee Maker (49981)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Serving Size: Single-serve (8-ounce or 14-ounce)
  • Brews: Coffee grounds
  • Features: Built-in adjustable stand, steel mesh scoop filter, automatic shutoff, wide drip tray, two coffee-making settings (regular and bold)

NerdWallet takes you shopping: Priced at just $35.99, this coffee maker is affordable and functional. Like the Black & Decker, it only brews one cup at a time. But its simple design is distinct. Despite its minimal appearance it has a variety of features.

The coffee maker can brew an 8-ounce cup in less than 90 seconds and a 14-ounce cup in less than 2 1/2 minutes. It only brews coffee grounds, so there’s no need to purchase brand-specific coffee packs or pods (this limitation may be a drawback for some specialty coffee fans). For this durable stainless steel model you’ll pay just over $10 more than you would for Black & Decker’s plastic model.

Good fit for: Those who want coffee fast, without a fuss

As you compare coffee makers, use our Coffee Maker Buying Guide to help you sort out which features are most important to you.

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Image from Black & Decker.