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The NetFirstPlatinum Card: Don’t Get Scammed!

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If you got a too-good-to-be-true offer for a $500 unsecured credit line from Net First Platinum, or if you decided to sign up for a card through their site, please take a second to read the post.  You may be the victim of an all-too-common online credit card “bait and switch”.

When you visit their website, the first things you’ll see are the bullet points of what the Net First Platinum card offers: a $500 credit limit, no credit check, 0% intro APR, etc. These features all sound great; in fact, they’re just too good to be true. Imagine for a second that you are running a credit card company. Would you issue credit cards to anyone and everyone, without checking their credit backgrounds, and then NOT penalize them if they paid you late? By definition, you’re probably going to get a ton of applications from people with bad credit, so of course you wouldn’t do that! But that’s what appears to be offering at first glance…

Is this really a credit card? Wait… is Net First even a bank?

Maybe what Net First offers is not a credit card at all, appearances to the contrary. The card that appears on their website does not have a Visa or MasterCard logo. Instead, you see two gray smudges that look like the effects of Photoshop (see the image up top).  Moreover, the card that the girl is holding in the picture looks disproportionately large for a credit card. It really makes you wonder if that card could fit into her wallet or even her pocket.

And keep in mind that any legitimate credit card has two components: the network it’s processed on and the bank it’s issued by. The network – usually Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover – is in this case an awkwardly Photoshopped blur. The issuing bank? Well you would think it’s Net First. The copyright at the bottom of the website has the bank’s name, and usually a credit card is titled “Bank Name + Card Name.” But a Google search for “Net First Bank” turns up absolutely nothing, and a close reading of the privacy policy shows that Horizon Card Services is the website’s actual proprietor. A Google search for that returns a site for the Horizon Gold card, a site that looks remarkably similar to Net First. I’m unconvinced – there are a number of red flags, and the fact that Net First/Horizon isn’t FDIC-insured doesn’t even make the top ten.

Have bad credit or no credit? Be careful

If so, these types of fake credit card deals and potential scams are targeted towards people just like you.  In fact, the scams of NetFirstPlatinum and the linke are among the largest pitfalls of having a limited credit history.

Get great rewards, minus the scary fees: Okay, so NetFirst is trying to screw you. That doesn’t mean everyone who offers you rewards is out to take your money. PerkStreet Financial is an online bank that offers rewards on its debit cards – meaning no credit check, no line of credit, no security deposit and almost no chance of getting denied. Plus, you won’t have to pay an annual fee or even a monthly one. And unlike prepaid debit cards, the PerkStreet MasterCard doesn’t have high, hidden fees for everyday occurrences like, say, paying for things with your card. Yes, prepaid debit cards actually charge you to make transactions.

The only downside of getting a debit card with rewards like PerkStreet’s is that it doesn’t help to build your credit score. It makes sense – no line of credit, no impact on your credit history. Still, its lack of fees and its great rewards program are great recommendations.

Building credit: If you are in need of a card to build your credit, then we recommend going with a secured credit card from a reputable bank or credit union. A secured credit card requires you to pay collateral upfront, usually equal to the credit limit (if you want a $250 credit limit, you’ll have to post $250 when you open the account). This money is just collateral – you still have to make monthly payments – and you get it back when you close the credit card account.  In the meantime, you’re responsible for making monthly payments and paying interest on your purchases, just like a regular unsecured card, which helps you to build credit.

The Capital One® Secured MasterCard® is one of the best, in terms of fees. And it offers you the option to upgrade to an unsecured credit card after a year or 18 months of “good behavior.”

A prepaid debit card is another option for those with bad or limited credit, but you should know that it won’t help you build credit. Instead, it’s just a convenience until you are able to get a credit card. It works like a checking account: you load money on the card and spend it. You’re posting money upfront, but that money is deducted to pay for your purchases. We should clarify – it’s like a checking account, but often with annual, reloading, and ATM fees.

Because of this, we recommend a secured credit card over a prepaid debit card. With all of the fees involved in prepaid debit cards, most users are much better served with a traditional checking account and ATM card. Secured credit cards, on the other hand, report on-time payments to credit bureaus.

The Schumer Box that wasn’t

According to the Truth in Lending Act of 1991, every real credit card is required to disclose its fees and interest rates in an easy-to-read format, called the Schumer Box after then-Congressman Chuck Schumer (D-NY). We’ve seen some generous interpretations of the “easy-to-read” provision, but Net First’s is one of the worst. And there’s no Schumer Box at all. I imagine they’re able to get away with this because this card isn’t really a credit card.

The pre-acceptance disclosure is incredibly hard to read, and is placed in an area where few users would think to look. It’s in a narrow text box at the very top that requires you to scroll down every three lines or so. In fact, the box is about 80 pixels tall – barely bigger than the title box of this blog post. If you read the entire disclosure (it took me 20 minutes to finish because it’s so annoying to read), you will find out that it’s a line of credit, not a credit card. Effectively, they’re just giving you $500 to shop at their affiliated site, called The Horizon Outlet.  If you’re masochistic and want to read the whole disclosure itself, I found the link to the full document buried in the source code of their site:

One of the biggest warnings signs in the Terms and Conditions was the following block of text, right at the top (bolded emphasis is mine):


Since they disclose this information on the site, they aren’t technically doing anything illegal, but it’s hard to argue that what they are doing is “right.”  The promises of a “$500 Unsecured Credit Limit” and “Reports to Major Bureau” are clearly misleading, and their site seems designed to take advantage of those with poor credit or who don’t truly understand how credit cards work, and then charge them egregious fees for a card that offers no real benefits.  It smells a lot like the Anacott Financial scam we uncovered last year.

The pre-acceptance disclosure states that there will be a processing fee applied to items purchased on the Horizon Outlet site. This fee varies depending on the item, so you have no idea how much you’ll have to pay. According to some users on the Complaints Board, the site’s products are egregiously marked up, but you can’t log in to see what they sell until after you’ve gotten a card.

There’s also a $24.95 monthly maintenance fee auto-debited “for ease and convenience.” Charging $300 worth of fees annually makes the Net First Platinum of the most expensive “credit cards” we’ve seen.

Although Net First advertises that it doesn’t perform a credit check, and that they guarantee approval, getting the card isn’t a foregone conclusion. Previous consumers have paid the $29 processing fee to open the card but never received it.

If you’ve faced any similar issues, such as not receiving a card after paying the fee, we encourage you to call the company during regular business hours at 1-800-251-6144 and cancel your account immediately.  If, like many of the Complaints Board members, you aren’t able to have your problems resolved by the company, try filing a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center to help protect other consumers just like you.

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  • Jseals127

    Thank goodness for you and this page because they almoat had me. I received a post card in the mail from them and thought it looked good. I was wrong.

    • Tim

      Glad you caught it!

    • Nedtv

      Same thing happened to me when I received post card in the mail.  I guess what they say is true: If it sounds too good to be true, it must not be.  Thanks for the heads up.

  • Lajucajo

    I too received the post card and thought it was a legit Visa or MC, however after receiving an Horizon card which was misleading also, it has taught me to look for the Visa or MC logo.   All though Horizon did get over on me with the $29.00 which I know I will never see again.  A lesson learned.  I wish it was some way to get the message out to the public to look for the Visa or MC logo before applying.


  • Yeny Rguez

    Can I buy with mine where i ussually buy in a store nearby from my house like Wallmart? i mean directly going by myself

  • Doordie954

    Thank god I decided to look this up before I sent them the money. I have horrible credit due to idenity theft about 3 times over now. The thought of a credit card and just seeing “You have been pre approved” made me excited. I am glad you posted this topic. Very Helpful. Thank you!

  • Dennis Cannon20

    Where do I put my approval number

    • Raymond Aldridge

      i want the card.dont care if its to big for my wallet…

  • D. Moreland

    Dee 7/18/11…………Jus wanna say, thnks 2 people like you who investigate 4 the people like us who dnt & get happy over the 2 good 2b true offers cus they almost got me as well.    Thank you & keep up the good wrk!!!!!!!

  • Gwenmcvey

    I want to thank you for the info—I ran across the Horizon Card about a week or so ago, thankfully I read it closely before I sent any money-(I immediantly caught the “I could only use it at Horizon Outlet” which made me turn away from it but when I got this “postcard” saying Guaranteed Approval for $500.00 , I thought GREAT, and was getting ready to jump right into it. Upon taking a closer look ,thanks to this info, I’m so very happy that I saw this post… the last thing I need is a scam–so, thanks—Keep up the good work.  Sincerely, Gwen Mcvey

  • Phenominallypat1

    I am so thankful for your post. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit. I received their post card in the mail, and thought it was a good idea to get a credit card to help in this process.  so glad i read this post first!!!

  • Howzedg

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    • Daniella white

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      i also received a postcard in mail i tried to get it on the web i am so glad that i was alerted

  • guest

    Thanks for much for this post! I just received the postcard and went on the website. I was looking for a VISA or MC logo and when I didn’t see it, I decided to search for reviews! Thank goodness I fell upon this page! Saved me time and money!

  • Adoreladies

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  • Hollyleske

    The only thing i find when i type in the web site is bad bad news!!And scam info! Thank you.

  • Balmosley

    thank’s for the head ups. i recived my post card 8/12/11 . and thought , alright I’ve got a card. then i started to log on to b approved. and keep coming up to your site tryed 3 time then.then i stop and started 2 read yur site and found the skam. I ANY TRULY GLAD I FOUND YUR SITE, cunsumer need more site like this to help us LOOK OUT legalize skammer

  • Lindapeek83

    Just got my post card in the mail today and went to check it out and this sight popped up !! Thank you for putting this on cause I was a little skeptical with no logos on it however still looked it up and this sight stopped me in my tracks thank you so much!!!!

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  • Wrynsnest

     I am glad that Iread this, I recieved one of their cards in the mail for a unsecured credit card and almost made the phone call that would have been an even bigger mistake.  Thank you for your information.

  • Smackit

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  • Mistical0322

    Thank you sooo much for your post! I received a postcard in the mail,and read your post first. The offer sounded to good to be true,and it seems it is. Keep up the good work,thank you.

  • Grannygg4

    thanks for telling me and others like me. you cant trust anyone now a days  an thanks again. 

  • Lena Thebena

    Very grateful for your genuine concern for others Not getting scammed. Truly. I was robbed this past week and have no one to help me finacially, so i was searching online for a loan, i got that postcard everyone has mentioned and i too, looked further. Thank  You so VERY much!!!! last thing i need is more red tape and scamming in my world.  

  • Annette

    Saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough! I almost fell for the”great deal”. Very glad to see your posting about this card, no I mean this scam!!!!!

  • americanjoe

    thank you NerdWallet ! Much like Jseals(prev comment), i too, recieved the postcard in the mail. I took the extra time to visit netfirstplatinum’s site, and start my new “line of credit”. You are right. It IS too good to be true. After sifting through many misleading and dead-end sites they offer, i decided to click on your scam warning. “Bait and Switch’ is exactly what this site is doing. Legal, maybe. Borderline, at best. But morally right? NO. Those of us with bad credit are already in a big, dark hole, financially. Without any credit to fall back on in case of emergency…especially medical, legal bandits like this one, prey on our anxiety and  desperation for financial security. They almost had me too! Whoever masterminds such immoral plots of trickery and deciept should be locked away from society. What these pirates do is feast off the desperation of others. Thank God for “big brother” sites like yours!…. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

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  • Tammybeard61

    I also think the net first platinum card is a scam. BEWARE

    • Cherie Gomez

      I think it’s a scam. They took $19.95 from my bank acct. right away, hoping its a real credit card in return. But, no, it’s not. Then, after two weeks, they took another $19.95 from my acct. so,I decided to close and gave them a call right away. I was hoping they’ll refund my money back.

  • Kenyaclewis

    thank you !!!!! so much i just got the postcard today and it don’t look real and the site don’t look right it redrict,you to other cards. First platinum card is a scam,scam,scam don’t fall for it.

  • Harleyriders1966

    thank you thank you i am like many others got into 2009 no more work so i am looking for a card to help rebuild my credit i had a 775 score before all this hit (which i worked very hard to keep up for years)but i read your read this before you apply page so i did i will be looking to other card that will really help me rebuild back to what i had before hats off to all of those who watch out for us who really what to get back to normal life

  • Delores Adams

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  • Dan Allen

    I am so pleased to have come across this site first! Although, I am very leery of scams, and have had offers similar to this in the past, it is nice to see a post, warning you to beware! Thank you so much for posting this, and pray that everyone read it, before going to Netfirst’s site!

  • Carolyelling

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  • phyllis kinell


  • Patricia stradford

    I recieved an post card dfrom them saying hown I was suppose to get this card looking forward to it already indept gave them my info just knew I was paying for a bill that never got payed cause they took the money first befor I can pay the bill that needed to be pay and charge more than they said sorry liers I hope they get caught soon.

  • Bemalpass

    Thanks for the heads up advice on yet another credit card offer that promises nothing and deliveres even less. This is a glaring example of the old addage that “if it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t!” Thanks for steering the gullible consumer such as myself out of harms way.

  • Ladytlowe

    If you read the fine print on the very first page of the site it tells you that the credit is only for the merchandise they provide. When I was in my 20s I tried a card like this,when I got the catalog,it had things like a $19.95 WalMart stereo system for $99.95. The quality of the merchandise is extremely poor and the prices are usually 3 to 4 times what you could purchase the item for in a mainstream department store. These companies should be shut down,they made my credit worse!! DON’T DO IT!!!!

  • Ladymillsa

    Thanks for letting the consumers know about this credit card scam because I received one in the mail. When I put the web site in and all these web site popped up and your post caught my eye, so I click on it and read about this card company, if that is what it is.Thank You;Thank You.

  • Rod

    Thank you, I have taken the last ten years fixing my credit only to find out by my bank I don’t have bad credit, I have 000 credit! Looking for a way to build it back. I thought if you owe no man, you were doing great. Looks like you have to owe money to get credit. Thats how I got in trouble 20 years ago. Looking for a better way, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THAT THIS IS (NOT) IT.

  • Mrockvoan104pine

    netfirstplatinum is full off shit thay sent me approval number thay can notfind

  • Nhoaglan

    Just got this card in the mail sooo glad i came across thise site before i applied and thank you Rod for what you said about taking ten years to fix your credit to find out you had no credit same situation here im trying to build credit . Thanks to all who posted here good luck to you all

  • Jerry Hackworth

    It is so wrong of them and to scam people. A lot of people do not read the fine print at all and they get into troule. So thanks for the info. Jerry from Battle Creek , MI

  • Oopower1222

    I just recieved a Credit Card Offer from Net First Platum Thru THE U.S.Postal Service,postal fraud is a$10,000 Fine And Ten Years Inprisonment or both.

  • Nlfin38

    Thank You so much I can’t even imagine the financial problems I would have encountered if I hadn’t read this post. You saved me from a disaster in the making. God bless you!!! By the way I received this solicitation in the mail delivered by the U.S.Postal Service, isn’t that a Federal crime? ??

  • Noramayfield61

    why are these people aloud to do this to other people should not the goverment step in and put this company out of business how can we stop them from useing people like us.we need to fine a way to stop them thank you for stoping me i recieved a establish new credit no credit check card to day thank you again

    • Keeano92

      The government does not care, as they see this as piddly and they have all the money they need.
      They have no worries of the people who work to the bone to supply for family’s that then get roped into a scam like this and lose everything.
      how many family’s have you seen this government help, that isn’t false!

      We need to stop relying on the government and blaming the government and take action for yourself…..
      Get this business’s information and sue the crap out of them lol

  • Sherriemyers

    I just received , yes through the mail a approval for a netfirst platinum unsecured card. I cannot begin to say how much i appreciate the information I have found here. You have kept me from making a drastic mistake. Thank you

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  • Debb Klosterman

    Thanks you for the article I just knew it was to good to be true!!

  • Mclainjo

    This is a crime and they should have the goverment involved. They are preditors looking for desperate people and those people are usually on a fixed income!! What can we do to help not only stop these people but get them in trouble!! That is a felony. Thank God this site is here to help people not make a.terrible mistake, what has this world come too!!!

    • Margaritachavez52

      so is it true ?

  • Personcozartl

    I do wish that people would STOP giving people falsw hope about being able to get these UNSECURED credit cards times are hard and most people are looking for a way to make ends meet and it is not fair to the general public

  • Still Standing


  • Biglosman

    It is an unsecured form of credit, but it is a credit line not a credit card. I received a postcard style flyer in the mail that does state credit line, and if you go to they’re website it states in small print, “The Net First Platinum Merchandise Card credit line can be used exclusively online at” It is funny how people overlook the smallest details, see a card a jump to conclusions. I do not plan on opening a line of credit with this company, but you guys need to get your facts straight prior to calling fraud on a company.

    • Jakkiisg

      but you still can not see what they sell on the website.

    • Dharrisskins

      Dude you are a moron. They have there facts straight. Read the blog again Jack ass!

  • Rahardjo
  • Helenh

    Thanks for the informative article.

  • Datheythompson

    Thank you, so very much for this informative website. Just by looking at the offer in the mail I thought it was a real credit card. Thank God for people like you.

  • MPL62

    They had my attention, so thanks so much for waking me up!

    • Clara4321b

      gimmick not worth a damn

    • Dadcooper

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  • LisaEaddy

    i have my approval number. it is 163338230

  • Marletron

    thank you for the good feed back, alsoBiglosman you are a jerk, to say that these people are jumping to conclusions.

    • Cateyes Kim

      i received my card the day after christmas and was about to type in the number of my to begin with nightmare it was to good to be true i dont have a study income just translating so this offer did look good at first thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let the less fortunate people know about wolves in sheeps clothing have a blessed day

  • Little85bobby

    This Netfirstplatinum card that ai Got says that Ican get a 500.00 dollar credit line by just going on line and fill out the app. and I will have my credit line, thank God I READ YOUR ART.I could made a great mistake I am glad that you people are around to stop fix income people from making that mistake once again thank

  • Kathleen Allen

    Thank You for providing this valuable information. I had gotten a Horizon card through the mail a few years ago and I never used it because I care about purchasing merchandise with a stupid card when I can get better quality products through people like Amazon! I did recieve a Net First postcard today and immediately realized what it was so now it’s just going into the trash.

    • Brandi_White

      I recieved a Net first post card today as well and felt something wasnt right so i googled it to check it out and found this so thank you so much for this information. i could have made a big mistake!!

  • Priscilla Grovenor

    Thank you I’m always curious as to why would any bank just give you an advance when the person has bad or not so good credit. A lot of hard working people have fallen on hard times due to our economy, and they would pay their bills if given a second chance but than they fall under the spell of fast talking credit card dealers who are fake, to me if you have to put up to much money than there is something wrong with this deal.

  • Badboybob200966

    I just got a notice saying i am aproved for 500.00 line of unsecuried credit. where do I key in my approved number 166292992?

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    i just got my notice saying that i was approved. Where do i sign in my approved number at?

  • Waynesahuarita

    At one time banks did mail out unsolicted credit cards. After alot of charge-offs they saw the error of their ways. Or, as my Finance 101 instructor said “There is no thing as a free lunch.”

  • Gougersgurl

    thanks for that info.. I was thinking it was too good to be true..I recieved my approval card today.. thanks again…

  • Big Stacy

    i am glad that i read this frist !
    before i applied for this card online there is no dam logo on this card just like you said, what kind of credit card dont have a mastercard,visa logo on it. scamm, Thank You

  • Ms. T

    I am so glad that I did my research and read this website. I noticed something was funny when they wanted to charge me a fee of $20 monthly on my debit card or another credit card. That put the icing on the cake. It is a shame that people would do such a thing. I just don’t understand how are they getting peoples address to send them the flyers?

  • Andrelyia Keys

    Received post card today(12/15/2011) glad I read this report.
    Ms. A

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    Thanks again,


  • Roadstersher

    Received and read “Net First” postcard today. On the way to check out their website, I came across your article. THANK YOU SO MUCH. With all the Christmas craziness, I’m tired and wasn’t paying attention to details I should have caught. The postcard just went in my shredder!! Very kind of you and generous to take the time to post such informative and helpful comments.

  • Chundra Mitchell

    What is wrong with folks? why would you go online and try to scam folks? First thing that got me was the idea that they sent me a postcard with my name in bold print and the fact it was in a postcard where anyone could see this postcard and could get the so called verified number into thier site and get a 500 dollars credit cards,BS. don’t fall for it cause I wont. thanks, but no thanks!

  • Duaneclingings

    I’ll just say thanks, i didn’t even catch the no visa or mastercard sighn on it!

    • Leonardpriester

      Good looking ou.t I would have been duped. God bless you.

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    Thanks so much for the info. I just received my post card a couple of days ago and I am looking to rebuild my credit. I am so grateful for this post.

    • Teresa stewart

      WOW this really blows me away, I also was just getting on to check it out and get it also. Its great how your add is where it is so that people like myself,don,t believe people could be so cold at heart. Your company I hope believes in karma,My Mom told me once, I cried because I had no shoe”s till I met the man that had no feet. someone is always worse off. Thanks to your co. today I can keep my head up, knowing someone else who feel for this, is worse off than me. Fortunate Teresa S

  • Ladykd37

    Thanks for the head up I just recieved a postcard and was about to apply already been scamed by one credit card Thanks again

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    Wow! Thanks for the info on the scam card! I actually got a post card in the mail preapproved with an approval number. Wam bam scam!

    • Alivaz

      This happened to me too ,but I looked for information and it saved me from been another victim of a credit scam.

      • Sad4jesus

        WOW!!!!! Thank you sooo very much I too received a post card in the mail but I have learned to do checks on the Internet first because it is always best to be safe than sorry.

        Thank you all sooooooo much

        • Sad4jesus

          Sooo can anyone please tell me of a financial institution that will give debt consolidation loans or home equity loans without making a big fuss about your credit score.
          I have poor credit but I have a lot of collateral and I need help very bad. But everyone is only looking at the things I owe and not at the fact that if they give me a loan I can pay those things off boost my credit score and be ok.

          That saying that the poor keeps getting poor and the rich get richer is kinda hitting home. I don’t want anymore payday loans I need at least a $5000 installment loan.

          Someone please point me in the right direction.

          I don’t want to fall victim to anymore scams like this so called net platinum or whatever

  • Jgommer3

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  • Corley23

    Where does someone go who has BAD/NO CREDIT but desperately needs credit for an emergency? If I had money then I would use that and not a prepaid card! Any legal ideas as to who to apply to? Tried Ordhard and then rejected me :( Where do desperate POOR people go?

    • Hawaiianbutterfly

      Don’t tell them your poor lol they dont check your income. I said I made 40,000 a year (I was on unemployment) and they approved me and I have bad credit.

  • Dmcwain58

    Thanks as I was just going to go on line and get it.

  • Neil Sklar

    Just received that Net First card in the mail, thank you for the warning,just like in the jungle, the weak always get hit on but it’s people like you that spread the message on these scum-bags.

  • jdbarj62

    Thanks I like others got a card in the mail. I to thought it was to good to be true.Thanks for keeping it real

  • angel

    Thank you so much just received this in the mail today…… my son is in the navy and i wanted to send him some things.. I’m glad honest people still exist ….. THANKYOU again

  • Emeldabryant

    ‘I’m glad tht someone schooled me bout netfirstplatinumcredit card scam,
    because I would have fallen for this card, and it would just be my unlucky day. Thank God tha they have a Google website, to hel enlighten people about what’s legitimate and what’s not.

  • Jess9004

    wow just recieved one in the mail today thanks for the heads up
    that would of been a disaster.

  • Alivaz

    Today I received an invitation from The Net First Platinum Credit Card telling me that they had pre- approved a credit card for me with a line of credit of $ 500.00. This sounded too good to be true because I have a recent bankruptcy, so I looked for information about this card and found very good information which helped me not be a victim of a fraud.

  • mandikinne

    I to just got one in the mail today i’m in my 20’s trying to biuld credit so i can buy a house in the next couple years this should be a crime!

  • Ridenrandy

    Just recieved the post card in the mail. I was going on-line to apply and came across your blog. You are a life saver. Don’t need another headache. Keep up the good work informing people who are in a bad place in life from making thier lives worse.

  • Angela Glaspie

    I received a card in the mail with a approval number on it . I can’t get in touch with them
    but they were able to withdraw money out of my account. an account that is now overdrawn. I receive my offer through my e-mail account. And some on told me it
    was legitimate. And plus they call me first and then sent me the approval card.


    I applyed for this stupid NETFIRST-PLATINUM card and found out when I recieved it that it was a rip-off. It lures you in by making you think it is a credit card that you can use anywhere but in fact, it informs you that you can only purchase items from Horizon’s outlets where they lie and jack up their original prices and tell you that you save when using their stupid card. I cannot see how they can get away with such a scam. It’s unbelievable but true,because they scammed me and I want my $19.95 they charged me off my debit card immediately because they plan on taking $19.95 from my debit card every month. I would appreciate it if you can help me. Even the statement they sent me was bogus. I could hardly even read it because the ink was so faded out. What a joke.

  • Jackie Slay

    I received card for $500. unsecured credit limit with Net First Platinum, but when I went to my Google box to enter web address, thank God your site popped up along with theirs. After reading your blog I had no further interest in their product. Thank you for this information.

  • Breeziepero

    just received the post card today thanks for the heads up don’t need anymore headaches

  • Tmoyte

    thomas thanks for the information. Ireally do appreciate that you expose these scams. keep up the good work.

  • Jasmine25007

    Thank You soo much for this web site… i had received a card in the mail saying i was approved for a 500.00 unsecured credit card. inwhich i had never applied for. also another thing that had cought my attention was that it had my maiden name on the card and i do not nor have went by my maiden name in a long time. witch led me to believe it was a scam…then i looked the site up and found this site… THANK YOU!!!

  • Marty Gilbert

    Hello. my name is Marty……I just wanted to take the time to thank you for saving me from the netfirst time bomb!…… i have decided to go with Orchard bank. or maybe capital one. again thank you for your help…i bet Netfirst really hate you guys LOL

  • ellawhitfield

    Thanks for the information don’ t need any more bills than I’ have already have . Good lookin out.

  • Onespur69

    thanks for the posting so i did not ripped off.thanks

  • Jrtategizmo

    Janlea If it sounds too good to be true, then it is ! Thanks for opening my eyes.

  • Savannah

    I am soo glad that you posted this article. I received this card in the mail saying that I would be approved and I felt it was too good to be true. I looked into it and discovered that I had to pay $19.99 and I figured it was a scam and got off the website immediately! Thanks again!

  • JOE

    There’s another catch you don’t actually get a credit card according to their own website you get $500 in credit to be used in online stores that they have already approve this card is basically an online version of a store credit card

  • Ettahanes

    If this is an on-line credit card I am not interested. I was looking for something to build my credit with.Etta hanes

  • Dyvortriqjdixon

    I recieved a card in themail and not sure if it is legit

  • Sandy713

    Thanks for warning me! I applied last year for the platinum card & they keep billing me for $1,000 when I never even got a card!!!

  • Koberle70

    they lied their card even says they report to major credit bureau’s

  • John edward feagins jr.

    I need buildup credit…

    • Angel Reese

      Thanks a lot! I was about to make a mistake as well…

  • Lynn

    Thank you, I am just trying to stay afloat. I had some horrible things happen in my life lately and it has drained me. My grandson was assulted and hospitalized for 6 months, my sons house burnt down and I lost just about everything when the stock market crashed. I just need some help. Working at minimum wage, does not go far.

  • Igdraegory

    Thank You! for the information, I was just about to apply for a card that may not have been good for me, thanks to you, I look forward to making the right choise now.

  • Theresa Smith

    recied an card in the mail 2day……sterted the papper work & saw that they wanted me to send them 55.00 ,just to activate the card; mind you they mention nothing about a fee on the card they sent me…just”CONGRATULATIOS!….youve been approved….go to our web site & type in my approvel #…all n all thanks 4 the “heads up”……hope someone gets them the way thier treating others n these hard times

  • Moall1

    its good info but makes me wonder r u writing this for the credit card company u keep talking about

    • NerdWallet

      We don’t receive any commissions for the NetFirstPlatinum card, nor would we recommend it to our users.
      ———- Forwarded message ———-

  • Bnadow

    I received one of these “offers” via the mail.The first thing that made me research this is it was offerred to another person with my address. I’ve lived here for fifteen years, and before thhat it was a cow pasture!
    Thank you for the information.

  • Carterdawn84

    wow a shame

  • Carterdawn84

    i got my post card in the mail .i was gonna do it ,shit who dont need 500.00.but reading the things on here 4get it thank you everybody

  • Hanpham61


  • Kalyzz

    Thanks so much for the pertinent information you provided. I was about to fall for the whole thing until I read your post. Companies such as this should be shut down! I just recently went through a nasty divorce that messed up my credit as many do and to have this added would have been a nightmare. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you put in to warning those of us trying to re-build our credit, not make it worse. Again, my sincere Thanks!

  • Scissorhandscuts

    i have my approval number what else do you need? why should i pay for a credi card? just approve it and give to the customer.

  • Mooch930

    Thanks for the advice I almost got suckered in. I have no credit at all and they were really going to sock it to me, once again, thanks a mill!!!

  • Universeplanetginalouise

    thank you, lol just recieved it in the mail, that little misleading postcard…

  • Not_a_Fool

    Thanks for the heads up! I just received the postcard for this credit card in the mail, and was about to go onto their website and sign up, but when I typed it in the search, the first thing that popped up was that this card was a scam!

  • Center Scott266

    thanks for the heads up now just need to get rid of those pesty phone calls for some Indian guy name steve, joe, brad, and any other anglo saxon name. really you don’t think your accent is a dead give away. please just be honest that I can respect.

  • Carol

    Thank you. You saved me alot of time and head ache. I really did not think anyone would offer me a real credit card. And I do not want to buy their junk products online.

  • Terryjane Duszik

    I’m really glad I came across this blog:) I just received a card in the mail from approving me for a credit line of $500.00, because I am so desprate to fix my credit report I almost went for the credit card! I am trying to purchase a leese home and need to find a new credit source! (does any one know where?) But after reading this blog I was saved in making one wrong mistake, thanks for the advise! I always check Blogs just for this type of insident that I may come across. I hope everybody does the same. There are just too many companies out there anymore trying to scam the unfortionate people.

  • Howard Davis

    boy I’m glad that I came across this blog i almost became a victim thanks a lot

  • Martha Gilliam

    I’m also very very happy that i came across this blog,I myself almost became a Victim too.So many Thanks for this post.God bless!

  • Martha Gilliam

    I,myself,Also had recieved One of these Rip-Off cards in my mail box,but I’m so very blessed to read this before i made a big big boo boo..Many Thanks for the blog you have for each of us,that is trying to get a good credit card to help us,and not hurt us anymore than we already hurt..Many Thanks! You really saved me alot.

  • Oceansun52

    wow thanks for info. was gona try it to rebuild my credit .dont they know how hard it is to start over in life . after all that and for a credit card company to scam us . glad i read this

    • NerdWallet

      Glad we could help!

  • Kimpoole65

    Like everyone else, I too received this little postcard and almost fell for it. Thank you so much for the heads-up. We certainly can’t afford to lose any money being a single-income family is EXTREMELY hard without getting ripped off too!!! The oil companies are doing us more harm than anyone!!!

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  • Donna Richter

    I am so glad I read this blog. I too received the postcard in the mail. Thank you for enlightening all of us who don’t know any better.

  • Donna Richter

    I am so glad I read this blog. I too received the postcard in the mail. Thank you for enlightening all of us who don’t know any better.

  • Julie Bowdren

    A. Do you own a Kay Jewelers or Jared account card? Are those Visa or Mastercard? No. They own their own credit. Is it illegitimate? OF COURSE NOT. Horizon card services is a RETAIL credit card, which many companies do without a Visa or Mastercard logo attached.

    B. You can have the 24.95 fee reduced to 4.95, which is pretty standard. And when you do, you know what else they do? Refund your 24.95, up your limit to $1000 and give you a $60 credit to the website. The $60 credit is essentially a reimbursement of the first 12 months of 4.95. But if you ask me, 4.95 is a small price to pay to re-establish your credit after you’ve hit some pitfalls.

    C. It discloses that it isn’t a service that guarantees repair or establishment of credit because it depends on how you use it and treat it. If you don’t pay as agreed, of course, it will hurt your credit. But they do report to your credit bureau, and if you pay as agreed, it does help.

    If you read all their disclosures it is clear that there are red flags, but I personally weighed all the pro’s and con’s, and it actually seems to me to be a very, very fair deal. And to show to my credit bureau that I have $1000 of credit and am using less than $100 of it at a time — it’s almost priceless to me.

    • Janicki Rose Tyacke

      I agree thanks for being smart

    • Audrey Hills

      I was offered the exact same deal but for $6.95. To me $5.00 a month is nothing to repair what I did in my youth. HOWEVER, what I did was I made sure to have tangible evidence of our new agreements! I told the rep I wanted the new terms emailed to me with his information included as my proof! He was very happy to oblige. One guy above stated that we wouldn’t bat an eye over having the same offers but from Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. Let’s call a spade-a-spade… he’s RIGHT! Most of us eat that amount in one trip to a fast food place! If I’m dissatisfied, I’m calling the Better Business Bureau! Best of luck to you all!

  • Julie Bowdren

    A. Do you own a Kay Jewelers or Jared account card? Are those Visa or Mastercard? No. They own their own credit. Is it illegitimate? OF COURSE NOT. Horizon card services is a RETAIL credit card, which many companies do without a Visa or Mastercard logo attached.

    B. You can have the 24.95 fee reduced to 4.95, which is pretty standard. And when you do, you know what else they do? Refund your 24.95, up your limit to $1000 and give you a $60 credit to the website. The $60 credit is essentially a reimbursement of the first 12 months of 4.95. But if you ask me, 4.95 is a small price to pay to re-establish your credit after you’ve hit some pitfalls.

    C. It discloses that it isn’t a service that guarantees repair or establishment of credit because it depends on how you use it and treat it. If you don’t pay as agreed, of course, it will hurt your credit. But they do report to your credit bureau, and if you pay as agreed, it does help.

    If you read all their disclosures it is clear that there are red flags, but I personally weighed all the pro’s and con’s, and it actually seems to me to be a very, very fair deal. And to show to my credit bureau that I have $1000 of credit and am using less than $100 of it at a time — it’s almost priceless to me.

  • Lin Sparck

    Just got a postcard in the mail for this today. Glad I listened to myself when I said ‘let’s check this out and see if it’s legit’. Thanks for the info. I do want to improve my credit, but not at the expense of making it worse. Thanks again. :-)

  • Lin Sparck

    Just got a postcard in the mail for this today. Glad I listened to myself when I said ‘let’s check this out and see if it’s legit’. Thanks for the info. I do want to improve my credit, but not at the expense of making it worse. Thanks again. :-)

  • Terry Blake

    Thank you I recived the postcard in the mail today. I thought I would check with you first glad I did Terry Blake

  • Terry Blake

    Thank you I recived the postcard in the mail today. I thought I would check with you first glad I did Terry Blake

  • Connie Firestone

    Just received the post card in the mail today, looked at the credit card pic and there is no Visa, MasterCard logo on it. So this had a red flag pop up in my mind, Thanks for the output. Connie F.

  • Connie Firestone

    Just received the post card in the mail today, looked at the credit card pic and there is no Visa, MasterCard logo on it. So this had a red flag pop up in my mind, Thanks for the output. Connie F.

  • Sue Wilcox

    I fell for this! I even called to cancel it after I realized I could only use it on their online store! When I called they told me for $19.95 a month they’d up my credit limit to $1000…and wouldn’t that look great on my credit report for reestablishing credit? This was a few months ago and when I checked my credit report today, this card appeared no place on it! Run from these folks…as fast as you can!

  • Arnetta

    Thank you for sharing this information. It just comfirmed my suspicision. I notice that something was wrong with the card.There is no exspiration date on the front of the card or 3#s on the back of the card. So, I cut my card up.

  • Candy Moreno

    so i just ordered one but now they thave my visa on file what do i do

  • Crystal Rutherford

    I called them up after reading this and told them they scammed me and that I have never used it and to put my 29.95 back on my debit and they cancelled it and told me my refund would be back on debit card 3-5 business days. I told them that they were on a recorded line and I did record it.

  • brandi

    Thank you all so much for pointing out the flaws! I was just about to join and had a funny feeling which you all confirmed, thank you again for saving me from a huge mistake.

  • William Adu Sarkodie

    Thank you very much for keeping awearness but l have paid $29.95 to them already so what should l do next .

  • Jeremy

    If you have bad credit or no credit history you can’t expect to be approved for a major credit card especially with how today’s economy is. You have to establish good credit first and take the necessary steps. I admire people who think they destroyed there credit and still think there going to just get a major credit card. Yes it does help you out it reports every 30 days back to the credit bureau as long as the account is open and active. Then if you make a purchase it reports those payments as well every 30 days. I’ve got feedback from many customers thanking them that there credit score did go up and they finally got approved for the major credit cards. Also consumers don’t usually see it on the credit reports right away doesn’t mean they didn’t report your positive entries. The credit bureau itself takes up to 90 days to put it on the consumers credit report.

  • HB

    I hope by this time you’ve called to cancel; they charge monthly fees just for having the card.

  • Kenneth Rogers

    Do any of you have a Home depot card or maybe a Lowe’s card , OK no problem lets keep going, Macy’s or target? none of which these cards have a visa or MasterCard logo. and you can only use them in the perspective stores. Lets be honest most of you have bad credit. If someone is going to allow you to purchase from them with you having negative credit, it might be something for you to look into. The way they make money is through inflated pricing, but wait isn’t that the same thing as paying 21% interest on a sears card? ( in fact you pay more). lets be smart people everyone is not trying to rip you off . If you have bad credit there is going to be a price to pay . Try Finger huts fresh start program. There are a lot of options out there just dont knock what someone else business just because it doesnt fit your needs.

  • Kenneth Rogers

    it only means that this card is not for you . not that its a scam.

  • Audrey Hills

    I wondered the same thing, but if you’re like most of us on here, it’s not necessarily about “shopping til you drop” as much as it should be to show other lenders you can handle large amounts of credit RESPONSIBLY! Hope that helps. :-)

  • Phire

    This company ONLY reports to Transunion….which is the one bureau almost nobody checks when they run your credit.

  • Kristin Audra Cranstoun

    I have had this card for a few months and have never bought anything and I’ve checked my credit score several times and they are reporting a positive score just like they said they would. It’s what I need right now to rebuild my credit and I plan on using it short term to help me raise my score.

  • Marcus Clayton

    I tried usin my card to make a purchase and they are asking for a credit card with a visa or MasterCard logo. What am I doing wrong