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No fees on accounts
0.60% to 2.00% annual percentage yields on share certificates, among the best you'll find
Options available for those who don't qualify for a checking account.


Membership limited to residents of western Florida, their family members and alumni of Florida College
Doesn't participate in shared branching.



If you qualify to be a member, Suncoast is a rock-solid place to keep your money. The credit union offers quality accounts and products, even for people who might not qualify at competing locations.

Good rates, low fees and a dedication to community accessibility make Suncoast Credit Union a gem of a financial institution on the western Florida coast.

Ratings methodology | Updated April 20, 2017



Suncoast offers two free checking accounts: Smart Checking and Teen Checking. The APY of 0.15% on all accounts is higher than the rates at many other banks and credit unions but isn’t the best in the country.

Savings Account
Min. balance for APY
Learn moreat Suncoast Credit Union
Smart Checking
Monthly fee
Balance to waive monthly fee
Learn moreat Suncoast Credit Union
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Customer service
Website / app
Not what it used to be
I've been with this bank for the past 20 years,it used to be a nice bank,not would think that with my track record being with this bank for so long,they would have more faith in their customers,I'm closing my account and don't reccomend as I used to
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