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NerdWallet Investing’s Hedge Fund Tracker: Find Out How Hedge Funds Are Investing

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NerdWallet Investing has launched a new hedge fund research tool that allows retail investors to look up individual hedge funds to learn more about each fund’s holdings, and recent transaction information filed with the SEC every quarter.

To help investors understand how to use this tool, below is a summary of some of its key features and how it can assist in conducting research:

1.  Transactional History Lookup

This research feature allows users to analyze the relationship between a hedge fund and a specific stock. Investors can see what percentage of the security is owned by the hedge fund and the fund’s transaction history per quarter for the past 5 years.

For example, a user can type in the name of a hedge fund such as “Greenlight Capital Inc.” and a particular stock symbol like “AAPL” (for Apple Inc.), then click “look up” to view the transaction history between the two for the past five years.

2.  In-Depth Hedge Fund Profiles

The tool allows users to look up detailed information about individual hedge funds including:

  • Current positions and all changes in the amount invested since the previous quarter
  • Sector allocation
  • All positions newly entered and sold for an individual fund

3. Quarterly Snapshot

We also feature, most active holdings per quarter across all industries, including top purchases and top sales, so that investors can track which securities hedge funds are buying and selling the most every quarter.


To use the tool, please visit NerdWallet Investing’s Hedge Fund Tracker.

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Data Disclaimer:

All data was sourced from the SEC. Institutional money managers are required to report their long positions to the SEC in 13F filings each quarter. Only the original filings are used; if any data was missing or the filings were revised, that information is not included in this tool. The above information should not be considered as a recommendation of any funds or securities. All investors are advised to conduct their own research into securities before making any investment decisions.