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NerdWallet has teamed up with mortgage providers Sindeo and Quicken Loans to help you find the right home loan and get preapproved.
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What is a mortgage preapproval and why does it matter?

A mortgage preapproval letter shows that a lender has evaluated your financial history and figured out how much of a loan you can qualify for. Consulting with a lender early in the home buying process is important so you can get a sense of your true budget, talk about different loan options and spot any potential issues with your credit profile in time for you to course-correct. Once you know your budget it will be easier for you to shop within your means and find a home you can afford.

A preapproval letter shows you’re a serious buyer and can be the key to closing on your new home because when you’re ready to make an offer, the seller knows you have financing ready and you’ll be able to go through with the sale, which makes you a much more attractive buyer.

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Will I get a bunch of calls from different lenders?

No. We’ve partnered with Sindeo and Quicken Loans to help you get preapproved based on where you’re looking to buy or refinance your home. With their simple online process, you can create an account and get approved for your loan, or talk with a home loan expert who will help you find and qualify for the best mortgage for you.

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