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Nerdy Finance #7

Aug. 17, 2012
Personal Finance
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Lucky number 7! The nerds had a record number of submissions this week, and hopefully we have some great content for you all to chew on over the weekend. We’ve been working hard on our own projects too, in case you were wondering. The August Interest Rate Monitor is up, our Corporate Tax study is getting some good press, and NerdWallet launched it’s first reality contest. But enough about us. Go get your nerd on.

The submissions

Shannon with Ready For Zero sent us How Does Student Loan Consolidation Work? – We have been covering student loan debt a lot here at NerdWallet lately, and we appreciate Shannon sending over some info on the topic. This post describes how student loan consolidation works and even discusses the pros and cons of consolidation. Recent graduates sifting through the myriad of information need to look no further than this article to find everything they need to know. Here’s some additional information about consolidation for anyone interested in the nitty gritty.

Boomer & Echo sent a cool article called How Much House Can I Afford? – There’s an important difference between how much house can I get approved for, and how much house can I afford. Take a look.

Glen Craig with Free From Broke wrote Getting Health Insurance for a Small Business Owner  – It’s enough trying to keep up with all aspects of your business as a small business owner without having to think about health insurance. Read about getting health insurance as a small business owner.

Our buddy Roger with The Chicago Financial Planner sent Index Funds: Know What You Are Buying – a nice cost break down and review of index funds, plain and simple.

Justin Weinger gave us 2 pretty interesting articles from 2 different blogs. Kind of strange, but both pretty good, and so we decided to include them. Enjoy his tips on personal finance strategy,  and his take on whether to insure your rental property.

Kim from Eyes on the Dollar wants to know Does Credit Card Debt Have You Stuck? – This post is an analogy comparing the problem of being trappped with by credit card debt with an unfortunate bear that I literally ran across the week.

CCS over at Credit Card Smarts sent How Does Your Credit Report Affect Your Credit Score? – Your credit score isn’t made out of thin air. You credit report, and what is in it, has a direct affect on what your credit score is. See how.

Yaokai Jiang sent us his interesting thoughts on IRAs and 401k’s for high income individuals – This is an interesting look from the financial perspective of a successful high-income 20 year old, not one we get very often. He has some interesting insights on IRAs, definitely worth a read.

Lina at Baby Alerts gave us 7 Easy Ways for Moms to Save Money – With the tough economic time we have been facing, the role of mother has gotten even tougher. There is less money to go around, and if anyone has ever risen a child, then you know how expensive it is. Indeed, it is a tough world out there for most mothers, and when it comes to the expenses of raising a child there are a number of ways to save money.

Dave over at Excess Return sent over Truly Diversified Investments or Fourteen Similar Golf Clubs? – Golf and investing have many parallels. Winning at either requires discipline, hard work, focus, patience, a long-term mindset, cutting your losses, staying in your comfort zone, and emotional control.

John with Calling the Puts writes Why Are So Many Personal Finance Bloggers Broke? – My observations and thoughts on why so many personal finance bloggers are broke and why my blog is doomed.

Earth and Money with Earth and Money writes Investing to Save the World – Eight ways you can help promote a healthier world through your investment habits and actions.

Jason with Modest Money writes Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home – Buying a home can be one of the most exciting times in your life. However, in many cases the initial rush of emotions and thoughts of being a homeowner cloud our minds from making an intelligent decision – one that will be best for your financial future.

Teacher Man with Young And Thrifty writes Mutual Fund Managers = Minor Leagues – Mutual funds managers don’t hold a candle to the hedge fund managers. They make TONS of money and its almost impossible to replicate.

Mrs. PoP with Planting Our Pennies writes Determining A Home’s Value Part 3 – Why Zillow Sucks – Part 3 in a series on determining a home’s value. The post goes through 3 websites that offer automated home values and discusses weaknesses in their valuations and how they stack up to a full comparable sales workup. The series is bit detailed, but chock full of good information.

SB with One Cent at a Time writes 101 Ways to Save Environment and Energy – 101 ways to save environment around you. These 101 energy saving tips are ever important for us to follow. The tips include Gas, water, pollution and electricity saving techniques. If you follow at least a few the planet can be a better place to live.

SB with Finance Product Reviews writes Zecco Trading Review – This is an honest review of Zecco Online brokers. Zecco is not free anymore but they have a very good trading platform which is easily lowest in the business of discount brokers. Read this review for more

Greg with Club Thrifty writes Buying a House vs. Renting: What’s the Right Call? – There is quite a debate about whether or not buying a house or renting one is the best choice. Is it possible that both ideas could be right?

Jeff Rose with Good Financial Cents writes App O Rama: Hacking Your Credit Card for Free Stuff – Today I’m going to show you how to profit from wisely using your credit score after you no longer have a use for it. Ready? It’s called doing an App-o-Rama.

Corey with Steadfast Finances writes The History of the Credit Card – Although it may seem almost impossible to live without one today, the credit card is actually a relatively new creation. Just 70 short years ago there was no such thing and all transactions were done using cold, hard cash. Find out more about the history of the credit card.

Don with MoneySmartGuides writes Are Hybrid Cars Worth The Price? – With gas prices flirting with $4 per gallon, the media will do its best to make you think gas prices are going nowhere but up.

Kevin with Thousandaire writes Wouldn’t a 5% CD Be Great? – The other day I was lamenting the fact that I can’t get any better than a 1.1

Ted Jenkin with Your Smart Money Moves writes Can Tom Cruise Teach Us About Divorce? – We all know divorce can be a costly process no matter where you are financially in your life.

Aloysa with My Broken Coin writes How Some Mormons Run Small Businesses in Utah – Story One My friend wants to quit her job. She barely started it a few weeks ago, and she already cannot stand it. It is not the job per se that drives her to the edge of insanity. It is the people. Or I should rather say, it is the business style of the company.

Jon the Saver with Free Money Wisdom writes 6 Ways To Conquer Materialism – Here are six ways you can practically start conquering materialism. It’s not a disease you want to keep in your life, destroy it now!

MR with Money Reasons writes Paying Off Your Mortgage Is Like Having A Second Job Income Without Working – Once you pay off your mortgage,you are an instant saver of the amount you use to spend on the mortgage. It’s similar to a second job but without working!

YFS with Your Finances Simplified writes I Almost Got Cheated Out of 650 Bucks – Updated – I received a phone call from my attorney today concerning the $650 dollars the prior owner of property 3 owed me.

TRL with The Retired Landlord writes Do I need Landlord Insurance? – Do you need landlord insurance? Find out if it is necessary and what it covers that traditional home insurance wouldn’t cover.

PITR with Passive Income To Retire writes One Step Closer to Real Estate Investing – I have always wanted to get started in the real estate business. Okay – when I say always, I really mean for years. I have long understood it as a great long-term investment. Unfortunately for me, I live in an area where it is very difficult to make a profit anytime soon.

Wayne with Young Family Finance writes Cheap Entertainment Options: Zero Cost Fun – If this bad economy has ruined all of your fun, it might be time to consider cheap entertainment options.

PPlaner with Provident Plan writes Family Finance Advice – Experienced drivers know that if they want their vehicles to run properly for years to come, regular maintenance is essential.

Maria with The Money Principle writes Self employed? Get professional indemnity insurance – Self employed people should take out professional indemnity insurance for peace of mind

Lance with Money Life & More writes Our Debt Pay Down Strategy – Debt is no fun. I think everyone can agree with that! Before we get into our strategy of paying our debt down I feel like you need to know what our debt consists of. My girlfriend and I have over $100,000 in debt but honestly I’d say we’re pretty lucky.

John with Married (with Debt) writes Five Tips for Landscaping on a Budget – You want to create a beautiful lawn and garden, but how can you maintain your landscaping on a budget? Designing and growing the perfect lawn takes patience, hard work and thrift.

Jester with The Ultimate Juggle writes How I Spend Money #1 – Lunch At Panera With The Family – The first in the series How I spend money. This is about how I spent my time and money with my family at Panera.

Ashley with Money Talks Coaching writes Poor People Don’t Retire – A few years ago I had a lightbulb moment when I realized something about aging.

Bridget with Money After Graduation writes The 80/20 rule from another angle – I read most of the The 4-Hour Workweek. It was ok. Some chapters are really good but I found some of the author’s reasoning pretty whacky. But what do I know? He’s a millionaire and I’m not, so maybe I really should outsource my laundry to a virtual assistant in India.

Daisy with Add Vodka writes Saving on Road Trips – This past weekend, I went to visit my mom four hours away from where I live.

Sustainable PF with Sustainable Personal Finance writes Do It Yourself Green Projects – There are ton of do-it-yourself projects that you can do around your house to improve your energy efficiency, and help the environment.

Luke with Learn Bonds writes Dear Financial Media: You Completely Missed Bill Gross’s Point – Bill Gross recently predicted that a mixed portfolio of stocks and bonds would provide a real return (after inflation) approaching zero.

Amanda L Grossman with Frugal Confessions writes Performing Budget Triage – If you are just beginning to budget you will quickly face something that the rest of budgeters have long been acquainted with: the unexpected monthly expenses

Ryan with Early Retirement Investments writes DIY or Pay For Help? – It’s a fine line between DIY or paying someone to help. Read how I decided.

Corey with Steadfast Finances writes The Law of Diminishing Returns and Why it Doesn’t Pay to Obsess – Find out how the law of diminishing returns applies to productivity and why you shouldn’t obsess over one task too much.

Jennifer Lynn with Broke-Ass Mommy writes Weathering Our Weekend Expenses – It’s Blustery! – Have a inside look at my finances, as I reveal what I made and some of my thoughts.

Crystal with Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Honey, How Can It Hurt Just To Take a Look? – Now is the time to look into buying a new house if it is something you are thinking about doing anytime in the next 5 years. The prices are low. Take a look.

Invest It Wisely with Invest It Wisely writes What Did the London Games Teach You About Life? – LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 20: Street artist James Cochran, Aka Jimmy C puts the finishing touches to a piece of work depicting the face of Jamaican sprinter Usain

Daniel with Sweating the Big Stuff writes The Chevy Volt Is Not For Apartment Dwellers – I got to test drive a Chevy Volt for 2 days. It was really cool to have for free, but I don’t recommend it for everyone.

Roger the Amateur Financier with The Amateur Financier writes Some Advice On Studying – An article that focuses on some of the ways to increase your studying abilities and do better with your information retention.

Eddie with Finance Fox writes Sometimes You Just Can’t Win, Even When Merchants Offer a Cash Discount! – Downside of paying with credit-cards for obvious reasons and double dipping that the banks and credit-card companies embrace, why don’t more retailers offer cash discounts?

Suba with Broke Professionals writes How to Affect Change – Part Two – Vital Behaviors to Change – How to Affect Change – Part Two – Vital Behaviors to Change is a post from: Broke Professionals if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Feed. Do you ever look around and think to yourself, wow that is really messed up.

Debt Guru with Debt Free Blog writes Three Basic Rules of Paying Off Debt – Follow these three basic rules to help yourself get out of debt and live a better life.

Corey with 20s Finances writes Five More Ways to Make Extra Money – Corey wrote about five great ways anyone can make extra money. I wanted to share five more ideas that I have used or friends of mine have used to make some extra cash. Each one of us used the extra money for different things: I used it to help me pay down my debt faster, while one of my friends used the money to max out his Roth IRA contributions each year.

A Blinkin with Funancials writes How Should Couples Merge Their Accounts? – Money is a touchy subject. A lot of people prefer not to talk about it. Why? Because most people don’t have as much of it as they lead on. If they are open about their finances then they will incidentally reveal their mistakes.

Tushar with Start Investing Money writes Are You a Knowledgeable Investor? – How much do you know about investing? Many people stick with what they know, rather than trying to expand their knowledge in any way. For instance they might stick with plain savings accounts instead of looking into the potential returns offered by investments in the stock market.

krantcents with KrantCents writes I Am Getting Younger – I am getting younger! My hair is still gray and chronologically I am still sixty-five (65) years old, but I feel much younger.

Jen with Master the Art of Saving writes Buying Our First House-Price & Other Costs – It’s time to dish about the financial side of buying our first house: asking price, offered price earnest money, home inspection, appraisal, flood plain survey.

Hank with Money Q&A writes Where Should A New Investor Put $1,000 To Work In The Market? – I asked 12 of the best personal finance bloggers and money experts, where should a brand new investor put $1,000 to work in the market?

Passive Income Earner with The Passive Income Earner writes How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Virtual Trading Desk – How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Virtual Trading Desk

MMD with My Money Design writes Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – Without a doubt, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki has become one of the most controversial modern personal finance books available. This post will highlight some of the key points discussed within the text.

Miss T. with Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Setting Financial Goals: Make Them Smart and Simple – Without a plan in place, you could find it harder to get the things you want; it could even mean scrimping in your older years. And who wants that to look forward to?

Grand Per Month with Grand Per Month writes How to Make $1000 Per Month as a Softball Umpire – If you are looking to make some extra money, want to enjoy the outdoors, and like softball, maybe becoming a softball umpire is just what could make you a grand per month.

Jason with Live Real, Now writes Overworked and Underappreciated – I was called into my current boss’s office to get scolded for low productivity since I don’t produce as much as the other programmers. That’s not my favorite thing to do in the afternoon.

Beating Broke with Beating Broke writes Are You Afraid of Trying? – Why are you afraid of failing? Failure is a part of the learning process. It’s how we learn how things work, what methods will succeed, and how we make ourselves better. Don’t be afraid of failure. Be afraid of not trying.


That concludes the 7th edition of the Nerdy Finance Carnival. Keep the submissions rolling in and spread the word!