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Mortgage Help: How to Contact Lenders Responding to COVID-19

Are you looking for mortgage help? Here's a list of what some lenders are offering borrowers and how to request assistance.
June 29, 2020
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Mortgage Help: How Lenders Are Responding to COVID-19
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Provisions of the CARES Act mean most homeowners impacted by the coronavirus pandemic are eligible to receive mortgage forbearance. Some mortgage lenders are also offering additional mortgage relief programs to borrowers.

To take advantage of these programs, you’ll need to contact your lender. Below is an alphabetical list of mortgage lenders, what they’re offering and how to contact them. Lenders are being inundated with phone calls, so whenever possible, it’s best to reach out for mortgage help online.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the coronavirus crisis, the information below is subject to change — we’ll do our best to keep it up to date, but your lender’s website will likely contain the most recent information. For the latest information on how to cope with financial stress during this emergency, see NerdWallet’s financial guide to COVID-19.


Ally Home

PHONE: 866-401-4742


Ally is offering borrowers temporary payment deferral for up to 120 days. You’ll need to enroll before July 30, 2020, by calling or logging on to your Ally account. Customer service for existing borrowers is now available 7 days a week.


Bank of America

PHONE: 800-669-6650


To submit an online request for a mortgage payment deferment, forbearance or other assistance, log in to your account on the Bank of America website.


PHONE: 800-226-5228


BB&T, which merged with SunTrust to become Truist, is offering a minimum of 90 days of payment relief on mortgages and home equity loans. You can enroll here.

BNC National Bank

PHONE: 800-262-2265


BNC Bank does not currently have any information on its site about specific COVID-19 assistance programs. Call them to discuss your options.


Caliber Home Loans

PHONE: 800-401-6587


Caliber Home Loans is offering mortgage forbearance to borrowers impacted by COVID-19. To request it, you’ll need to fill out log in to your account or call them. Their website notes that they are experiencing extremely high call volume and customer wait times.

Carrington Mortgage Services (Vylla)

PHONE: 800-561-4567


Carrington, which includes the Vylla Loan brand, urges borrowers seeking payment assistance to fill out this form. You may be asked to provide additional documentation.


PHONE: 888-356-0023


The Chase mortgage relief program offers 90 days of “payment protection” in the form of forbearance. You can call to apply, but to avoid excessive wait times, sign in here to request payment assistance.


PHONE: 855-839-6253


Citibank recommends that mortgage borrowers call their service provider, Cenlar FSB, at the number above. Cenlar is offering 90-day forbearance for borrowers experiencing hardship.

Citizens Bank

PHONE: 800-456-8855


Citizens Bank borrowers can submit a request for mortgage payment assistance through the lender’s online portal. If you have not previously registered, you’ll need to sign up. Instructions for registering and for submitting your request are available on the Citizens One website.


Fairway Independent Mortgage

PHONE: 800-201-7544


Fairway is offering homeowners three months of forbearance, with the possibility of extension for eligible borrowers.

Flagstar Bank

PHONE: 800-393-4887


Flagstar is offering eligible homeowners a six-month forbearance plan. To request forbearance, you have to submit this form. Borrowers who had already begun a three-month forbearance with Flagstar will automatically be enrolled in the six-month plan.

Freedom Mortgage

PHONE: 855-690-5900


Freedom Mortgage is offering 180 days of forbearance, among other things. The lender says borrowers concerned about their mortgage payments should call them, despite long wait times. They also note that if they follow up with you via email, requested information should be provided as soon as possible.


Guaranteed Rate

PHONE: 866-397-7238


If you have a loan with Guaranteed Rate, take a look at your most recent statement to figure out what number to call for mortgage help. If your mortgage statement has a return address in Chicago, IL, call 800-263-4159. If the statement is from another city, or you don’t have a statement, call the number above.

Guild Mortgage

PHONE: 800-365-4884


Guild says it will waive all late charges for borrowers throughout April and May. If you need to apply for mortgage forbearance, go to their website to determine your eligibility and submit an application.



PHONE: 866-913-2951


Homebridge borrowers should log in online to learn more about mortgage assistance options and fill out an application form.



PHONE: 855-211-3867


LenderFi says borrowers experiencing financial hardship can request mortgage help via their online account or directly from BSI Financial Services. Although LenderFi call centers are still open, it says hours have temporarily changed and may result in longer than usual wait times.


PHONE: 866-258-6572


LoanDepot customers will need to look at their most recent mortgage statement to determine the best point of contact for mortgage help options. If your statement has a return address from Newark, NJ, call 877-420-4526. If the statement has a return address in Chicago, IL, or if you aren’t sure where your mortgage is serviced, call the phone number above.


Mr. Cooper

PHONE: 888-480-2432


If your loan is with Mr. Cooper, mortgage assistance information is available on their website. Sign in to your account to fill out an application to request help. Qualified borrowers will get a three-month forbearance that can be extended up to 12 months. Mr. Cooper encourages borrowers to continue making payments until their forbearance request has been approved.


Navy Federal Credit Union

PHONE: 800-258-5948


Navy Federal recommends signing into your account to send a secure message requesting forbearance. The website also notes that if you were in the process of obtaining a loan and closing is taking longer than expected, the lender will continue to honor rate locks.


PHONE: 866-397-5370


NBKC Bank says borrowers facing financial difficulties should contact them as soon as possible to determine eligibility for temporary forbearance. You can also register online to apply for hardship assistance.

Network Capital

PHONE: 800-300-0018


Network Capital says borrowers should call the number above to discuss mortgage assistance options.

New American Funding

PHONE: 800-893-5304


New American Funding has a “COVID-19 Impact Form” you can download here and submit by email, fax or mail to request a forbearance.


PennyMac Loan Services

PHONE: 800-777-4001


If your mortgage is serviced by PennyMac, coronavirus help is available online or over the phone. Log in to your account and complete a survey, or call the number above, to apply for short-term forbearance.

PHH Mortgage

PHONE: 800-936-8705


If your loan is serviced by PHH mortgage, COVID-19 assistance is available in the form of a three-month mortgage forbearance. Apply for forbearance by filling out the online hardship notification form found here.


PHONE: 800-523-8654


PNC borrowers affected by coronavirus can fill out the form on this page to request hardship assistance. If your mortgage payment is due within 10 days and is set to be paid automatically, PNC recommends calling 888-762-2265 instead of submitting the form.


PHONE: 800-597-0233


If you have a mortgage serviced by PrimeLending, call the number above or send an email to [email protected].


Quicken Loans

PHONE: 800-863-4332


Quicken Loans says homeowners affected by the coronavirus crisis should apply for mortgage assistance by logging in online.


Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans

PHONE: 888-452-8179


If your loan is serviced by Quicken Loans or its subsidiary, Rocket Mortgage, COVID-19 assistance is available online. Sign in to your account to learn more and to apply for mortgage forbearance.

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

PHONE: 877-426-8805


If your loan is serviced by RoundPoint, mortgage forbearance is an option. Click “get started” on their COVID-19 response page to begin the application process. You can also call, but the lender recommends going online because customer service staffing is limited by the crisis.


Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

PHONE: 800-365-7107


Shellpoint mortgage forbearance is available to homeowners impacted by the coronavirus. To apply for a temporary forbearance, log into your account via their servicing portal.


PHONE: 855-622-3198


Log in to your home SoFi home loans account and choose “manage account” to request hardship relief. You can also call the number above, but Sofi notes that this option is likely to take longer.

SunTrust (Truist)

PHONE: 877-820-2103


SunTrust, which merged with BB&T to become Truist, is offering a minimum 90-day mortgage forbearance. Apply online via this form, which the lender says is the fastest way to receive assistance.



PHONE: 855-430-8489


USAA members seeking mortgage payment help due to COVID-19 should call the number above to discuss options.

U.S. Bank

PHONE: 800-365-7900


Borrowers with mortgages from U.S. Bank can request an initial 180-day forbearance with the option to extend. If you have an online account with U.S. Bank, log in and choose “mortgage assistance.” If you don’t already have an online account, you can still request assistance online. Go to this page to get started.


Veterans First (WinTrust)

PHONE: 866-718-7899


If you have a mortgage with Veterans First, know that their parent company, WinTrust, is handling mortgage assistance options. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Hardship Assistance”, or call the phone number above.

Veterans United

PHONE: 833-593-5026


Veterans United borrowers should call the number above to learn about their options and apply for mortgage assistance.


Wells Fargo

PHONE: 800-219-9739


Wells Fargo is offering a 3-month payment suspension for both mortgage and home equity borrowers. This can be extended for an additional three months at the end of the term. To apply for the Wells Fargo mortgage deferment plan, log in to your online account and select the “mortgage payment assistance” alert. To request payment suspension on a home equity account, log in to your account and send a secure message to the lender. If you do not have an online account and are unable to set one up, call the number above.

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