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Best US Bank Credit Cards: NerdWallet’s Picks

Best for Travel: the Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines Visa Signature

The Hawaiian Airlines card is our top pick for US Bank Travel. While it’s a bit limiting in terms of where you can travel, we love this airlines credit card for it’s generous rewards program. If you like Hawaii, you’ll love this card.

To start with, the signing bonus is killer. You have the potential to earn a 35,000-point bonus, which is enough for a round trip between Hawaii and the Mainland. You instantly get 20,000 points after your first purchase, and the remaining 15,000 is rewarded if you spend $1,000 in the first 4 months. Signing also gets you a one-time 25% round-trip travel discount for you and a companion.

The rewards rate is 2 miles per dollar on Hawaiian Airlines purchases and 1 mile per dollar on all other purchases. The Hawaii Airline card allows you to earn XtraMiles at a 10x rate when you shop at XtraMiles parnters, which include restaurants, stores, entertainment and more.  On every anniversary of your account opening, you’ll receive a 2,000-mile bonus to make you next trip a little more affordable. You don’t have to worry about limits or caps on your rewards, which are completely free to transfer to other Hawaii Airlines cardholders.

The Hawaii Airlines card is a Visa Signature card, which means you’ll qualify for a great selection of added benefits. Visa Signature benefits include a 24/7 concierge service, deals on dining, purchase warranties, travel and emergency assistance, and toll-free roadside dispatch. The benefits are extensive and easily outweigh the $79 annual fee. We’d recommend this card to anyone who is thinking about traveling to Hawaii in the near future, even if just once. If you choose to cancel your account after a few months, the signing bonuses will still save you a good chunk of money on a trip to the islands.

Best No-Fee Card: the US Bank Visa Platinum

If you’re looking to avoid fees, the U.S. Bank Platinum card is the best from U.S. Bank. It’s a simple card, perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about credit card fees or rewards points (though cash back rewards are an optional benefit).

The U.S. Platinum card advertises itself as an option for those in need of a flexible credit line, a prestigious card for people who can afford to carry a high balance when need be. Aside from having no annual fee and a 0% introductory APR for the first 6 months, the Platinum hosts a pretty basic but vital list of added benefits. As with most credit cards, you can pay your bills online, and you have zero fraud liability. Additionally, you’re granted free insurance on car rentals. Optional benefits include payment protection in case of death or disability, overdraft protection and access to the U.S. Bank Shopping Mall.

Best for Bad Credit: the US Bank Secured Card

Good credit cards for bad credit are hard to come by. Issuers often take advantage of people desperate for approval by jacking up APRs and setting unrealistic annual fees. But the U.S. Bank Secured card is actually a pretty good deal.

Secured credit cards are any that require you to make a deposit to determine your credit line. With a secured card, you’re not actually borrowing money from anyone but yourself, meaning your card is not a risk to the issuer (hence “secured”). The deposit, which is refunded upon cancelation of your account, generally has a couple-hundred-dollar minimum. In the case of U.S. Bank, the minimum is $300.

The U.S. Bank Secured is—in close competition with the Household Bank credit card—one of the most affordable cards for limited credit available. The annual fee is $35, and it does not demand a processing fee like many cards of its kind. With a reasonable APR and no hidden fees, the U.S. Bank Secured card is an essential tool for those looking to rebuild credit.

Best US Bank Prepaid Debit Card: the Wal-Mart MoneyCard

We here at NerdWallet are little skeptical about prepaid debit cards, but the WalMart MoneyCard seems to be one of the better prepaid options. It’s not as good as the Western Union MoneyWise Card, but it’s definitely not the MonGo card, either.

If you’re going the prepaid route, you will pay fees. Lots of fees. There’s no way around it. While a little more reasonable than other prepaid debit cards, the MoneyCard is no different. The activation, monthly, ATM, and deposit/reload fees are $3 a piece. The balance inquiry fee is $1.

The only benefit of a prepaid debit card is anyone can qualify. But before you turn to prepaid just to have a form of electronic payment, know that it won’t do anything to help your credit score. Also, know your options. There some good cards out there for people with terrible credit, the U.S. Bank Secured card being one. Credit unions often offer viable cards for poor credit as well. Don’t succumb to the cluttered fee charts and vampiric money-sucking maws of prepaid debit just yet. Take a look at free checking account options and HSBC credit cards to see if you can find a healthier alternative.