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AT&T Tablet Plans

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Most people know “data-only” plans as tablet plans, as these plans are usually used to get cellular data service on a tablet. However, most carriers also allow you to connect other devices, like mobile Wi-Fi hot spots, to their data-only plans.

AT&T tablet plans

AT&T offers traditional, postpaid tablet plans as well as prepaid, no-contract plans that are available without a credit check.


  • 250 megabytes: $14.99
  • 1 gigabyte: $10*
  • 3GB: $30
  • 5GB: $50

*Available only to customers with an AT&T Unlimited Choice or Unlimited Plus plan.


  • 2GB: $25
  • 5GB: $50
  • 8GB: $75

You can also add data-only devices to an AT&T family plan. Tablets and hot spots are an extra $20 per month on AT&T’s Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus family plans. On the carrier’s Mobile Share Advantage plans, tablets are $10 per month and hot spots are $20 per month.

How AT&T’s tablet plans compare on price

The table below compares data-only tablet plans, including postpaid and prepaid plans for some of the major carriers. The device access fee is included where applicable.

Some carriers, including Sprint, do not offer data-only plans. Others charge more for data-only plans when used to connect a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot.

A few carriers allow data access for more or less time than the usual monthlong period, which we’ve indicated in the footnotes.

 1GB or less1.5-3GB4-5GB6-7GB8-9GB10GB
* Data usable for less than one month
Data usable for more than one month
AT&T$14.99 (250MB)$30 (3GB)$50 (5GB)
AT&T GoPhone$25 (2GB)$50 (5GB)$75 (8GB)
Boost Mobile$25 (1.5GB)$50 (10GB)
MetroPCS$15 (2GB)$25 (4GB)$35 (6GB)
Net10$10 (500MB)*

$20 (1GB)
$30 (2.5GB)$50 (5GB)†
Straight Talk$15 (1GB)$25 (2GB)$40 (4GB)†

$50 (5GB)†
$75 (7GB)†
T-Mobile Prepaid$5 (500MB)*
$10 (1GB)*
$20 (2GB)
$30 (3GB)
$35 (6GB)$50 (10GB)
Verizon$30 (2GB)$40 (4GB)$50 (6GB)$60 (8GB)$70 (10GB)
Verizon Prepaid$15 (500MB)*

$20 (1GB)
$35 (2GB)†$60 (5GB)†$100 (10GB)†

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Updated July 7, 2017.