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AT&T Tablet Plans

July 7, 2017
Cell Phones, Utilities
At NerdWallet, we adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. Here’s how we make money.
We adhere to strict standards of editorial integrity. Some of the products we feature are from our partners. Here’s how we make money.

Most people know “data-only” plans as tablet plans, as these plans are usually used to get cellular data service on a tablet. However, most carriers also allow you to connect other devices, like mobile Wi-Fi hot spots, to their data-only plans.

AT&T tablet plans

AT&T offers traditional, postpaid tablet plans as well as prepaid, no-contract plans that are available without a credit check.


  • 250 megabytes: $14.99
  • 1 gigabyte: $10*
  • 3GB: $30
  • 5GB: $50

*Available only to customers with an AT&T Unlimited Choice or Unlimited Plus plan.


  • 2GB: $25
  • 5GB: $50
  • 8GB: $75

You can also add data-only devices to an AT&T family plan. Tablets and hot spots are an extra $20 per month on AT&T’s Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus family plans. On the carrier’s Mobile Share Advantage plans, tablets are $10 per month and hot spots are $20 per month.

How AT&T’s tablet plans compare on price

The table below compares data-only tablet plans, including postpaid and prepaid plans for some of the major carriers. The device access fee is included where applicable.

Some carriers, including Sprint, do not offer data-only plans. Others charge more for data-only plans when used to connect a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot.

A few carriers allow data access for more or less time than the usual monthlong period, which we’ve indicated in the footnotes.

 1GB or less1.5-3GB4-5GB6-7GB8-9GB10GB
* Data usable for less than one month
Data usable for more than one month
AT&T$14.99 (250MB)$30 (3GB)$50 (5GB)
AT&T GoPhone$25 (2GB)$50 (5GB)$75 (8GB)
Boost Mobile$25 (1.5GB)$50 (10GB)
MetroPCS$15 (2GB)$25 (4GB)$35 (6GB)
Net10$10 (500MB)*

$20 (1GB)
$30 (2.5GB)$50 (5GB)†
Straight Talk$15 (1GB)$25 (2GB)$40 (4GB)†

$50 (5GB)†
$75 (7GB)†
T-Mobile Prepaid$5 (500MB)*
$10 (1GB)*
$20 (2GB)
$30 (3GB)
$35 (6GB)$50 (10GB)
Verizon$30 (2GB)$40 (4GB)$50 (6GB)$60 (8GB)$70 (10GB)
Verizon Prepaid$15 (500MB)*

$20 (1GB)
$35 (2GB)†$60 (5GB)†$100 (10GB)†

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Updated July 7, 2017.