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NerdWallet's insurance calculators can help you answer your own money questions.

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If you want to insure your vehicle or investigate life insurance, NerdWallet has a collection of tools that can simplify your decisions. Browse them all here:

Auto insurance

Life insurance

Compare car insurance



Cheapest car insurance by state

Enter your state and we'll show you the three cheapest car insurance options for good drivers.

Estimate your car insurance premium

Estimate your car insurance premium based on where you live and the kind of driver you are.

State minimum car insurance requirements

Enter your state and we'll show you the minimum car insurance coverage amounts it requires.

Car insurance discount finder

Enter a discount you want and we'll tell you which insurers offer it. (Or enter an insurer and we'll list the discounts it offers.)

How credit impacts your car insurance

Find out the effect your credit score has on your insurance rates, by state.

How much life insurance do you need?

Answer these questions to approximate your total coverage needs.

What type of life insurance should you buy?

Input some details about your life and we'll tell you which type of insurance is best for you.

How medical conditions affect your rates

Input a condition and we'll tell you how it could affect your rates in your state.

How much income do you need to replace?

Here's how much money your family would need to replace your salary.

Calculate your debts

Calculate how much insurance coverage your family would need to cover your debts.

The cost of having a baby

Just the basics, or go deluxe? We've got a calculation for that.

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