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Data experts on the mortgage team at NerdWallet dig into NerdWallet's survey research, as well as public datasets, to identify trends and provide insights on the ever-changing U.S. housing market. On this page, you'll find some of NerdWallet's most-read research and commentaries on home buyers and sellers, mortgage interest rates and homeownership.

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Mortgage interest rates

Daily mortgage interest rates

More information on today's mortgage interest rates.

Mortgage interest rates this week

NerdWallet's mortgage interest rate forecast is updated weekly with commentary on mortgage rates and housing market trends.

Mortgage interest rates this month

NerdWallet home and mortgages expert Holden Lewis writes a monthly column covering the near-term forecast for mortgage rates.

Annual home buyer report

Every winter, NerdWallet collaborates with The Harris Poll to survey U.S. adults 18 years and older. The results provide a nationally representative snapshot of how Americans perceive the housing market.

  • 2024 Home Buyer Report: Pessimism reigns as home buyers struggle and the goal of homeownership loses some of its luster.

  • 2023 Home Buyer Report: Higher mortgage interest rates and apprehensions about the economy have Americans unsure about their ability to purchase homes.

  • 2022 Home Buyer Report: Lingering effects of the pandemic stymie both prospective home buyers and sellers.

  • 2021 Home Buyer Report: Pent-up demand from would-be home buyers clashes with a limited supply of homes for sale.

  • 2020 Home Buyer Report: Buying a home is a top priority, especially for younger generations, but some feel locked out of homeownership.

  • 2019 Home Buyer Report: Recent buyers have had to get competitive to close their deals, and many feel stretched by the costs of homeownership.

  • 2018 Home Buyer Report: Homeownership is a widely shared goal, but concerns about costs keep some buyers sidelined.

Quarterly first-time home buyer affordability report

Each quarter, NerdWallet data analyst Elizabeth Renter analyzes information from sources including the U.S. Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Association of Realtors to better understand the challenges facing first-time home buyers.

  • Q4 2023: A slight bump in inventory isn't enough to ease affordability challenges.

  • Q3 2023: Higher mortgage rates outpace slight price declines seen in some metros.

  • Q2 2023: Seasonality appears to be returning to home prices.

  • Q1 2023: Banks' tighter lending standards add to the difficult climate for first-time buyers.

  • Q4 2022: Higher mortgage interest rates deter buyers, easing inventory woes. 

  • Q3 2022: Price increases slow, but rising mortgage rates eat into potential savings.

  • Q2 2022: Falling wages and price growth intensify affordability struggles.

  • Q1 2022: Two years' worth of data highlights housing market challenges.

  • Q4 2021: High prices and low inventory are a double whammy in some markets.

  • Q3 2021: Moderate improvements may be blips, not trends.

  • Q2 2021: Notable year-over-year decline in affordability. 

  • Q4 2020: Typical winter shifts in the housing market may help home buyers.

  • Q3 2020: Competition is hot for the limited supply of homes on the market.

  • Q2 2020: Real estate booms as the country comes out of quarantine.

  • Q1 2020: Home prices rise, even as the effects of the pandemic are unclear.

Recent housing market commentary

Holden Lewis, senior writer and spokesperson for NerdWallet

Holden Lewis, senior writer and spokesperson

Elevated mortgage rates took a bite out of new home sales in February, as they declined slightly from the previous month. Builders continue to respond to affordability concerns; half of the homes sold in February cost under $400,000, compared with 45% in January.

March 25, 2024

Holden Lewis is available for media interviews, discussing mortgages, homebuying and homeownership. Contact [email protected].

Latest housing market columns from Holden Lewis

Additional studies and data analysis

Home buyers

Home improvement

  • 2022 study: After a boom in renovations and DIY projects, homeowners may dial back home improvement plans (Nov. 2022).

  • 2020 study: Homeowners prioritize DIY and paying for projects with cash (Oct. 2020).

Home sellers

  • 2023 data analysis: Why homeowners may want to sell despite higher interest rates (March 2023).

  • 2022 data analysis: Benefits of selling in a hot housing market (Feb. 2022).

  • 2021 study: What to expect listing a home in a seller's market (April 2021).

  • 2019 study: What sellers should know before listing (May 2019) .

Housing market

Mortgage denials

  • 2022 data analysis: Higher home prices and debt contribute to home loan denials (Nov. 2023).

  • 2021 data analysis: Competition and lack of collateral drive mortgage denials (Oct. 2022).

  • 2020 data analysis: Tighter lending standards make some home loans harder to obtain (Nov. 2021).

  • 2019 data analysis: Debt-to-income ratio most-cited reason for mortgage denials (Oct. 2020).

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