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Retirement savings refer to the money you save up so that you can stop working later in life and still have enough money to live on.
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Posted January 18, 2017 · Ft Wayne, IN

"Unearned income" is generally not considered when determining SS Disability payments. Unearned income may be from your investments or a pension plan...

Posted January 13, 2017

Yes, you can withdraw funds from your 401(k) at age 59.5 and you'll simply need to claim the withdrawals as income and pay income tax (unless, of cour...

Posted January 13, 2017 · Houston, TX

Vesting is determined by how many hours worked in a given plan year. Typically 1000 hours is required. If you were a salaried employee and your plan i...

Posted January 13, 2017

Depending on your age, your best move is to roll over your 401k assets to a Traditional IRA account.

If you are 59 1/2, you can withdraw the money b...

Posted January 12, 2017
Eric Jorgensen

Eric Jorgensen


Short answer - yes, it should be possible to roll over into an IRA. You need to check a couple things:

1) Do any of the annuity contracts have a surr...

Posted January 12, 2017 · Cleveland, OH
Mark Struthers

Mark Struthers


Take the match, then max out the Roth, unless your fees and and investment choices are really, really, really bad.

You are on the right path with the...

Posted January 12, 2017

Are you referring to an Employer Sponsored 401k plan? The 20% could have been withheld for taxes, not penalties. Since you are disabled you might be a...

Posted January 9, 2017
Kathryn Hauer

Kathryn Hauer


Hi! Adam's answer is great. Another thing you maybe could do now is get a second job. That will increase your income now and possibly let you save m...

Posted January 9, 2017 · Chicago, IL
FISC-CCCS of Northeast   Wisconsin (NFCC)

FISC-CCCS of Northeast Wisconsin (NFCC)

NFCC Certified Credit Counselor

Well you've already put in two years so only have one year to go before you are vested and get your match. You don't say why you find the job so diff...

Posted January 6, 2017 · Washington, DC

Interesting situation.

Three immediate questions come to mind.

First, if this is money that you are investing for retirement, then I am inclined tow...

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