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5 Legit Online Jobs for Full-Time Parents

Nov. 1, 2013
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5 Legit Online Jobs for Full-Time Parents
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As fulfilling as staying at home with the kids can be, many stay-at-home parents miss their old jobs and the supplemental income that comes with it. Luckily, online jobs enable parents to contribute financially without sacrificing the quality time they spend with their kids.

Since online scams abound, many parents might hesitate before investing their limited time online. While NerdWallet encourages healthy suspicion, such pessimism might actually keep you from all the legit moneymaking opportunities out there. To get you started on your online side gig exploration, we’ve compiled a list of some creative online jobs for you.

1. Freelance techie

If you have tech skills, like web design or programming, or you can offer tech repairs on computers, cell phones or TVs, consider taking freelance jobs on sites like Craigslist, oDesk, or Elance. The sky is the limit for freelance tech work if you have a solid resume or references to vouch for your credentials. To boot, the pay for tech jobs tends to be astronomical in comparison to other side gigs.

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2. Direct sales

You’ve surely heard of people hosting Tupperware parties at home, but did you know you could host them online as well? Direct sales positions, have always allowed you to sell products away from physical retail locations. Now they’re upping the distance between seller and buyer even more by allowing salespeople to pitch their products online.

Making a substantial amount of money through direct sales requires lots of self-discipline and comfort with networking for potential customers. However, if you’re already passionate about a product, it may be worthwhile to spread the word in exchange for a commission. Be sure to look into this opportunity thoroughly, because you may be held to a minimum sales threshold in order to stay on board.

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3. Sell crafts

Whether you hand make jewelry, sew together dazzling dresses, crochet comfy scarves, or otherwise craft items we all love and need, take advantage of sites like Craigslist, eBay and Etsy to sell your unique creations all over the world. It’s perfectly fine if you start off with a few small orders. Some simple promotion on your part ranging from blogs and word of mouth to Pinterest can quickly convert your everyday hobby into a lucrative side job.

4. ESL Teacher

A huge percentage of the Earth’s population does not speak English. However, the business, cultural and educational opportunities in English-speaking nations make English language skills a highly coveted commodity. That’s where you, the native English-speaker, come in.

Nowadays, you can teach English globally from the comfort of your couch. Obviously, you’ll need strong English skills to qualify. However, clients are sometimes more concerned with practical conversational skills than thorough proficiency, so be sure to check out individual schools or tutoring sites like Colingo to see if you meet their qualifications.

5. Customer Service Rep

We know the job title conjures images of recent college grads crammed in cube farms or well-trained foreigners reading a list of canned responses in U.S. regional dialects. However, customer service jobs are increasingly being offered to domestic at-home workers these days.

The demand for customer service jobs is steadily increasing, so with a little persistence it’s likely you’ll find a job that allows you help customers resolve their issues and be there for your kids. Keep in mind that you typically need a high school diploma (at minimum) and experience in a related position to land the job.

Final Word

Among its many wonders, the Internet has empowered parents to balance caring for their kids and supplementing their family’s income. Even if your interests lie outside the fields mentioned, we hope the moneymaking ideas above have at least stimulated your creative juices!

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