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These fees can be substantial: over a lifetime, fees can cost a median-income two-earner family nearly $155,000 and consume nearly one-third of their investment returns.

–Robert Hiltonsmith, Senior Policy Analyst at Demos

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A brief overview of investment fees.

  • Brokerage account fees: These include annual fees to maintain a brokerage account, subscriptions for premium research to help with trading strategy, and fees to access trading platforms.
  • Trade commissions: Charged by a broker when you buy or sell certain investments, such as stocks.
  • Mutual fund transaction fees: Charged by a broker to buy and/or sell some mutual funds.
  • Expense ratios: Annual fees charged by all mutual funds, index funds and exchange-traded funds, as a percentage of your investment in the fund.
  • Sales loads: A sales charge or commission on some mutual funds, paid to the broker or salesperson who sold the fund.
  • Management or advisory fees: Typically a percentage of assets under management, paid by an investor to a financial advisor or robo-advisor.
  • 401(k) fees: Administrative fees to maintain the plan, often passed on to the plan participants by the employer.

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