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Your clients have other options. We're here to help.

NerdWallet and the Kentucky SBDC are working together to help your small business clients find better financing alternatives. Click on the button below to visit our loans comparison tool. Enter a little information to see what loans your clients can qualify for. Financing starts at 7% APR with loan amounts up to $500,000. Read on for more resources.

Why partner with NerdWallet?

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Help your small-business clients get the best funding for them.

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Give expert financial advice by staying on top of all the latest small-business trends.

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Work with a specialist to guide you and your client through the loan application process.

How it works

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  • Find the best financing options.

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  • Refer your small business clients.

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  • Work with a specialist every step of the way.

Compare a range of options with our small-business loans tool using your personalized link below.

Want to refer a client? Contact your dedicated Nerd [email protected] for assistance.

KSBDC Central Office

Gordon Garrett           nerd.me/ksbdcggarrett

Shawn Rogers             nerd.me/ksbdcsrogers


Bluegrass SBDC         

Fausto Sarmiento       nerd.me/ksbdcfsarmiento

John Zink                    nerd.me/ksbdcjzink


Elizabethtown SBDC

Patricia Krausman      nerd.me/ksbdcpkrausman

Steve Heil                   nerd.me/ksbdcsheil


Louisville SBDC          

David Oetken             nerd.me/ksbdcdoetken

Toni Sears                   nerd.me/ksbdctsears

Vallorie Henderson     nerd.me/ksbdcvhenderson


EKU SBDC      

Chris Bowersock         nerd.me/ksbdccbowersock

Jason Rainey               nerd.me/ksbdcjrainey


Northern Kentucky University SBDC            

Rebecca Volpe           nerd.me/ksbdcrvolpe

Kim Wolf                     nerd.me/ksbdckwolf


Southeast SBDC         

Sam Coleman             nerd.me/ksbdcscoleman


Bowling Green SBDC 

Miller Slaughter          nerd.me/ksbdcmslaughter

Nathan Lee, MC          nerd.me/ksbdcnlee


Murray State University SBDC         

Chris Wooldridge       nerd.me/ksbdccwooldridge

Tamela Darnell            nerd.me/ksbdctdarnell

Brady Parks                 nerd.me/ksbdcbparks


Owensboro SBDC      

Lois Decker                 nerd.me/ksbdcldecker


Morehead State University SBDC     

Mark Murphy              nerd.me/ksbdcmmurphy


Ashland SBDC

Kimberly Jenkins         nerd.me/ksbdckjenkins


Pikeville SBDC           

Michelle Spriggs         nerd.me/ksbdcmspriggs


If you have any issues with your link or would like to further customize it, please e-mail [email protected].

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