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NerdWallet’s College Superlatives

Sept. 7, 2012
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NerdWallet’s College Superlatives
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NerdWallet collected post-graduation statistics from over 100 colleges and universities to analyze what college students do when they graduate.  Here is our hall of fame – college superlatives edition.

  1. Highest rate of full-time employment: UMass Amherst and Notre Dame – 92% and 91% of grads from U Mass Amherst’s School of Nursing and University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture, respectively, reported full-time employment at graduation.  These two universities were the only ones with employment rates higher than 90%
  2. Sportiest school: Colorado College – 4% of graduating college seniors who reported working after college chose to pursue sports-related fields.  Runners up (no pun-intended): Davidson College (3%) and Brown (3%).  Who says liberal arts colleges and Ivy Leagues are weak in sports?
  3. Most entrepreneurial: USC – A whopping 9% of students who reported working after college were self-employed upon graduation.  We already knew that USC sent the most athletes to the Olympics, but now we confirm they are also self-starters.
  4. Makin’ it rain: Wharton – 42% of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School employed grads reported working in investment banking.  Goldman Sachs was, after all, the top employer.
  5. Future PowerPoint masters: MIT – 31% of MIT employed grads reported working in consulting.
  6. Richest nerds: Vanderbilt – 34% of employed Vanderbilt students reported working in Engineering and IT upon graduation.
  7. Highest paid grads: Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science – Grads reported an average salary of an astronomical $79,551 in 2009-2011
  8. Saving the world: American University – Not surprisingly for a school located in Washington D.C., AU dominates the non-profit sector. An average of 33% of their students entering the workforce were headed for a non-profit organization.
  9. Most wanderlust: University of La Verne – Nearly 30% of the class of 2009 planned to be travelling in the upcoming fall season.
  10. Get thee to a nunnery: University of St. Thomas – Over 2009, 2010, and 2011, UST averaged 12% of undergraduates entering seminary or going on to studying theology.

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