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Celebrating Halloween: 10 Spooktacular Halloween Pet Costumes

Oct. 31, 2013
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When you’re shopping for kids’ costumes or for your own costume this Halloween, don’t forget to include your pets in the Halloween festivities this year! With fun and creative Halloween pet costumes, handmade by professional crafters, you can find the perfect Halloween costume for your pet. There’s no denying that pets in costumes can be a very cute experience, so browse around, and discover the variety of Halloween costumes that you can put your pets in. Not only can you enjoy getting your pets in the Halloween spirit with Halloween costumes, but you can also use the costumes as props for Halloween pet photos to commemorate your favorite animal companions on this holiday. Whether you’re staying home to give candy to trick-or-treaters or going to a Halloween party, dressing up your pet can make any Halloween activity more entertaining. From charming hats to traditional costumes, these 10 Halloween pet costumes come in a mixed medley of styles and themes, which can help you find the perfect attire for your pet!

Puss In Boots Wool Cat Hat

by To Scarborough Fair

Transform your own kitty into the famous character, Puss from “Shrek” and “Puss In Boots,” with To Scarborough Fair’s whimsy cat hat! This hat is made from wool felt and has a feather attached for a fanciful appearance. You can find other quirky cat hats for your cats at To Scarborough Fair’s main shop page!

SuperPig Guinea Pig Superhero Cape

by la Marmota Cafe

Let your guinea pig be the star on Halloween with la Marmota Cafe’s “SuperPig” superhero cape! Formed with wool felt, this cape is light and comfortable for any guinea pig. With vibrant colors and a neat superhero logo, your guinea pig will look dashing in la Marmota Cafe’s superhero cape! Discover other fun costumes for guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and rabbits at la Marmota Cafe’s shop.

Spooky Monster Fleece Dog Costume

by Pet It Dog Apparel

Dress your dog in a monsterish way with Pet It Dog Apparel’s Spooky Monster fleece dog costume, and scare those trick-or-treaters on Halloween! With protruding, round eyes, long, white fangs, and a mohawk of fur, this monster dog costume has every feature of a real monster, which will make your dog look scary-cute. Pet It Dog Apparel carries sizes from XXS to L, and you can also request custom sizes for your dogs. Check out other costumes that Pet It Dog Apparel offers as well!

Cheeseburger Tortoise Cozy

by Mossy Tortoise

Make your tortoise look like a cheeseburger with Mossy Tortoise’s cheeseburger tortoise cozy! This cozy is made with quality acrylic yarn and designed to look like a real burger, with cheese, tomato, meat, lettuce and bun layers. You can also find other fun cozies for your tortoise, from crab to pumpkin. Ten percent of all profits made from Mossy Tortoise goes to the International Reptile Rescue charity.

Crocheted Candy Corn Dog Costume

by The Stitch Witch

Embellish your dog to look like the popular Halloween candy, candy corn, with The Stitch Witch’s crocheted candy corn dog costume! Crocheted with colorful yarn, the The Stitch Witch’s candy corn dog costume will make your dog look festive for Halloween and be the perfect companion while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

CoolCats Halloween Tutu

by RockinDogs

Turn your cat into a pretty kitty with RockinDogs’s CoolCats Halloween tutu! With a crocheted bodice and neckband, this tutu outfit stays secure on your cat and allows your cat to be comfortable in it as well. The area where the bodice and neckband meet is embellished with colorful, Halloween-themed ribbons. Cascading with orange and black tulle fabric, the tutu fans out beautifully for a trendy and whimsical look.

Mouse Costume

by bitchknits

Want a funny costume for your cat? Get bitchknits’ mouse costume to create the ultimate opposite appearance! Thanks to Tom & Jerry cartoons, everyone knows that cats and mice are sworn enemies in the animal world, so this mouse costume will be a humorous and cute one for your cat. Knitted with grey and pink acrylic yarn, this mouse costume makes for an adorable accessory for your cat on Halloween. Bitchknits also offers other silly and fun costumes, from carrot tops to frogs, for cats. Dog hats are included in bitchknits’ collection as well.

Wizard Cat Hat Costume

by iheartneedlework

Give your cat a little magic this Halloween with iheartneedlework’s wizard cat hat! This royal blue wizard hat is sprinkled with bright, yellow stars for a magical appearance. Cast a spell of cuteness on all your Halloween trick-or-treaters or Halloween party guests with iheartneedlework’s wizard cat hat topped on your cat!

Bowtie Cat Collar

by Chariots Afire

Greet trick-or-treaters and Halloween visitors with a dapper kitty by putting Chariots Afire’s bowtie cat collar on your cat! With 19 color options, from stripes to stars, you can choose the best bowtie for your cat. Lightweight and snug, the bowtie cat collar is made with a quaint bowtie and elastic band. Chariots Afire also offers cat ties for an alternative accessory for your cat.

Pumpkin Hat and Sweater Dog Costume

by Paw Apparel

Pumpkin costumes can be a popular pick for kids, but, at Paw Apparel, you can find a cutesy, traditional pumpkin costume for your dog! Made with orange yarn and trimmed with green, the costume’s sweater is a simple, pumpkin-themed pullover that’s been knitted to comfortably fit your dog. A felt-made, pumpkin top hat is included in this adorable costume set. You can get Paw Apparel’s pumpkin hat and sweater dog costume customized to fit your dog perfectly.

You don’t have to choose a full-body costume for your pet to include them in your Halloween events. Even with a simple accessory, you can change your pet’s appearance and still include them in the Halloween holiday. For instance, you can change your dog’s or cat’s collar into a Halloween-themed collar in order to give him or her a Halloween-y appearance. When it comes to pet costumes, keep it simple and comfortable to ensure your pet enjoys wearing a costume as well. Happy Halloween!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.