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Best Father’s Day Gifts for Your Nerdy Dad

June 14, 2013
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In this big, big world, there are goofy dads, military dads, sporty dads, and the list goes on and on until you hit the nerdy dads. What makes a nerdy dad nerdy? It could be his glasses or it could be his incredible math skills. It could be how he knows so much about war history or it could be chemistry. No matter what kind of nerd your dad is, there’s a present out there for him that you can give him for Father’s Day! From circuit board ties to grammar nerd items, we wanted to feature fabulously nerdy gift ideas you can give. Although he may seem like just your dad — the one who teaches you life lessons, taught you how to drive a car, how to do yard work, how to fish, and how to give the best bear hugs — he also has his hobbies, too, so if he’s got a nerdy one, then you can find the perfect, handmade gift in our list!

Grammar Shirt
By Grammatical Art

Many of us have heard the term “grammar nerd”, and if your father is just that, then check out Grammatical Art’s quirky punctuation t-shirts! These t-shirts display various types of punctuation and their meanings. They also come in regular t-shirts or American Apparel style shirts along with various sizes. Grammar and science geekery is the center of Grammatical Art’s shop, so make sure to see what other nerdy awesomeness Grammatical Art has to offer!

“You Are Here In My Heart” Vintage Dictionary Realistic Heart Print
By Collage-O-Rama

Whether your dad is a doctor or a lover of anatomy, Collage-O-Rama’s realistic heart print is an excellent and ornamental present! Printed on a vintage dictionary page, this bright red, anatomical heart is an edgy and realistic alternative to the cutesy heart, making it a unique image. With the message “You Are Here” and an arrow pointing to the heart, this print will not only display your father’s love of anatomy or other related sciences, but also displays your love for him. Collage-O-Rama’s shop is full of various prints on vintage dictionary pages, which are also perfect for fathers who love to learn or study and read.

Circuit Board Patterned Gadget Wallet
By Rock It Bot

Most nerdy dads are always into the latest gadgets and technology, so get your dad a circuit board pattern gadget wallet from Rock It Bot! This geeky gadget wallet is from Rock It Bot’s Nerd Herder line and has several pockets to put phones, money, cards, and other nerdy belongings in. With an elastic band, this wallet is a secure place to put precious gadgets in. Whether hooking it on a belt loop or keys, the convenient lobster clasp on this wallet allows for easy clip-on. This wallet can be customized in classic or extra large sizes.

Vegan 8 GB USB Bracelet
By Oopsmark

USB flash drives can be very important containers of precious family photos, documents, and more, but they can also be very easy to lose. With Oopsmark’s USB cuff bracelet, your dad won’t ever lose his USB and can also accessorize with the modern-styled bracelet! A stainless steel, USB key is displayed in the cuff, which allows you to easily slip it out and secure it back into the bracelet. The bracelet cuff is also vegan-friendly, which is a major plus for the environment and animals! You can find other colors for Oopsmark’s bracelets in its main shop.

Circuit Board Tie
By Scatterbrain Ties

Add a touch of geekery to your dad’s suits with Scatterbrain Ties’ circuit board designed tie! This microfiber tie presents an intricate, metallic copper and silver design that resembles a real circuit board. You can choose tie widths and colors for this tie to match suits or simply get your dad his favorite color tie!

“You’re The Best Dad Ever” QR Code Print
By Colorelish

Although it may look like an abstract art print, don’t be fooled! It’s Colorelish’s QR code print! QR codes are barcodes that are similar to vertical line barcodes on store products. When you scan this on a free QR reader on your smartphone, you can see the message “You’re The Best Dad Ever” appear in this QR code print. Like a secret message in a bottle, you can give your loveable, nerdy dad this secret message print in QR code instead of a regular greeting card this Father’s Day!

Upcycled PlayStation Controller Desk Organizer
By Green Cub

If your dad is a gaming nerd at heart, then give his office desk a little more personality with Green Cub’s upcycled PlayStation controller desk organizer! This desk organizer can hold pens and has a USB port. The LED light of this controller has been replaced with a special magnet for paper clips. Not only are these nerdy, but they are also eco-friendly. Green Cub offers different colored controllers, so check out the rest of the shop to find the perfect controller for your father’s desk!

Glowing Test Tube USB Night Light
By Ninja Production

Maybe your dad has too many dull home decor items that don’t display his fun, nerdy side, so spice it up for him with this glowing test tube night light from Ninja Production! This night light includes a wooden base, four clear test tubes, and a USB A-B cable that is adaptable to most USB chargers. The test tubes light up when the USB cord is connected to USB port. You can place water and a bit of food coloring into each tube to create the colorful light effect you see in the picture.

Floppy Disk Coasters
By Techno Chic

Decorate your dad’s office desk or dining table with nerdy floppy disk coasters from Techno Chic! These coasters come in a set of five and are made with white floppy disks that are covered in vinyl and applied with a cork base. Techno Chic also offers a rainbow floppy disk coaster set in its main shop along with coaster sets of six. Wrapped in cellophane and tied off with a ribbon, Techno Chic makes it an easy gift to present to your dad right away!

Engraved Periodic Table Cutting Board
By Elysium Woodworks

Science and cooking are perfect partners, and this cutting board from Elysium Woodworks shows it! This cutting board is engraved with the entire periodic table, which is a lovely presentation connection between science and cooking. Even while your dad is making your favorite meal, he can still show off his nerdy love for science. Elysium Woodworks also allows personalization to the 118th element on the periodic table for an even more one-of-a-kind present for Father’s Day!

If you inherited your dad’s nerdy genes, make sure to thank him for them along with your present for him! If not, make sure you thank him, anyway, for being his awesome, nerdy self. Happy Father’s Day!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a freelance writer and core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.