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A Gift Guide For Animal Lovers: 10 Handmade Items For Pet Lovers And Your Pets

Dec. 11, 2013
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It can be easy to overlook your beloved pet when you go over your gift list for the holiday season, but, whether it’s a new collar or toy, giving them a gift can help you feel like you’re making them a part of the holiday celebrations with your family. With these handmade items from indie sellers, you can give your pet a gift that is meaningful, entertaining and useful for them! You can even present one or more of these unique gifts to the pet lovers in your life for their pets. Check out more of our indie seller coupons to find great deals and savings on specialty items.

Pack of 12 Assorted Christmas Bone Dog Treats

by 4-Legged Pet Boutique

Give your precious dog a frosted treat this holiday with 4-Legged Pet Boutique’s assorted Christmas bone-shaped treats! Frosted with traditional Christmas colors, these dog treats are made from a molasses-based recipe along with human grade ingredients. Twelve scrumptious treats for your dog is included in this listing. This also makes a great gift for any of your friends or family members who have dogs.

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Silver Angel Dog Key Chain

by Big Paw Designs

It’s a heartbreaking experience to lose a beloved, furry best friend, but there’s always a positive side to all negative experiences. If you have a friend or family member who has lost a precious pet, send them Big Paw Designs’ silver angel dog key chain to help them commemorate their pet or pets who have passed on. Angel wings and halo along with a dog bone is etched into this key chain, which makes it a wonderful commemoration for any dog that has passed away and left fond memories behind.

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Small Pet Bed

by Les Chats de Couleur

Although cats and dogs are popular pets, we can’t forget the other furry friends that become darling pets! From ferrets to gerbils, this small pet bed from Les Chats de Couleur gives your small pets a comfortable home to sleep in. Hand-felted with soft merino wool, this bed is durable yet soft for your pets to rest in. Find other colors and designs for pet beds that suit your taste in Les Chats de Couleur’s shop.

 Severed Shark Tail Catnip 

by Life With Tigers

The monsters of the oceans are now in catnip form for your fun and loving kitties! Life With Tigers presents an original catnip toy — a severed shark tail — filled with dried catnip and made with felt, fleece and fiberfill. This shark tail catnip toy can be found in different colors, and Life With Tigers also has severed legs and dragon tails as catnip toys for your kitties. This toy also makes for a great cat lover gift.

Custom Watercolor Painting

by Lamanda Designs

Instead of photographs of pets, why not switch to a custom watercolor painting by Lamanda Designs? With this watercolor painting listing, you can have two pets’ intricately detailed on a 6×8 watercolor paper. If you want a bigger sized portrait, Lamanda Designs offers various sizes for portraits, so you can choose which fits your needs. Perfect as a gift for a pet lover, this personalized watercolor painting is a wonderful way to have pets around forever.

 Teal And Yellow Crocheted Turtle Amigurumi

by Snowfall Studio

With Snowfall Studio’s amigurumi turtle, not only can you have a real pet turtle, but also a hand-crocheted one! Made with teal and yellow colored wool, this fun amigurumi turtle can be set at your work desk or side table in your bedroom. Perfect for turtle pet owners or turtle lovers, this crocheted amigurumi turtle is a great gift or stocking stuffer for pet lovers.

Cardboad Scratcher Catpod

by Original Catpods

Make your cat purr with comfort and joy with Original Catpods’ catpod! This catpod is made from durable cardboard, which presents a texture that allows cats to have their own scratch post and resting area all in one. This catpod has three holes in it, which helps create curiosity in your kitties and gives you a way to play with them through these holes, such as poking a cat toy inside to entice them. You can find other cat-friendly and eco-friendly items in Original Catpods’ shop.

 Natural Whipped Dog Nose Cream

by Pure Lips

A dog’s wet nose is a sign of a healthy dog, but, if your dog is suffering from a dry nose, then heal it with Pure Lips’ natural whipped dog nose cream! This cream is made zero preservatives and scents, which will give your dog a healthy nose as well as a moisturized one. Pure Lips offers two sizes for this nose cream, which are 0.4 oz and 2 oz. and allows you to give this nose cream a trial run to ensure that your dogs get their wet nose back.

Personalized Pet Collar

by Sparkle M Jewelry

Make your pets sparkle with Sparkle M Jewelry’s personalized pet collars! These collars are made with leather collars and rhinestone-encrusted letters and charms. Fit up to six letters and one charm on one collar, and give your pet a new, stylish collar. From XS to XL, Sparkle M Jewelry provides a wide range of sizes so that you can get the best fit for your pet. You can also choose what color collars and letters you’d like, which gives you more personalizing options.

 Cat & Bird Red Gloves

by Yastik Izi

Warm the cat lover in your life with Yastik Izi’s cat & bird gloves! With a vibrant red background, black silhouettes of a cat and bird are placed on the palm side of the gloves. This whimsical accessory provides both warmth and a unique way to show love for cats, and even birds.

With a handful of unique gift ideas to give to both pets and pet lovers, you can narrow down your list of people and animals to give gifts to this holiday season. If you’re looking for more gift ideas to play around with, one gift idea is to find a gift that both pet lover/owner and pet can enjoy the gift together. What better gift can a pet lover/owner want than to spend more time with his or her beloved pets?

Written by Emily Nguyen, a core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.