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Nyne Bass Speaker Review

Aug. 4, 2016
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As portable speakers get smaller, it’s harder for manufacturers to accommodate all the necessary hardware to reproduce a full sound. At some point, they end up sacrificing sound quality for portability.

Most of the time, it’s bass fullness that’s left in the dust. For most users, less bass doesn’t hurt, but if you’re the type who likes to feel the rumbling low-end frequencies in your music, the Nyne Bass speaker might be for you.


The Nyne Bass is a speaker designed to deliver deep, thumping low ends not often found in portable speakers. It achieves these bass effects partly because it sits on feet that lift it off the ground, which helps air pass through the bass port, enhancing the output.

Although it’s advertised as a portable, outdoor speaker, the Nyne Bass is on the heavy side at over 6 pounds. The weight and wide, low base make it bulky, but the handle groove on the back makes it easier to carry. It has control buttons along the top of the speaker grill and a simple, sleek design. It’s available in black or white.


The Nyne Bass speaker’s features include:

  • Speakerphone: Make and receive calls using the hands-free microphone built into the speaker.
  • Power bank: The Bass’ rechargeable battery holds enough juice to power up your tunes and phone simultaneously. However, the speaker’s battery life is likely to drain quicker if you’re playing music and charging your phone at the same time.
  • Superior quality subwoofer: This speaker was named Bass for a reason. Nyne designed it to have a dedicated subwoofer of a kind normally not found in portable Bluetooth speakers.

Battery and connectivity

The Bass’ rechargeable battery has a playing time of about 10 hours. The speaker has a USB port to charge mobile devices, but plugs in using a standard AC adapter.

Users can connect to the device either through Bluetooth, NFC or with an auxiliary cord. Activate Bluetooth by pressing the button at the top of the speaker once you’ve enabled Bluetooth on your phone. For NFC users, simply tap your phone to the Bass’ left side panel until you hear a connecting tone. The Bass sports a 33-foot wireless connectivity range, so your device can wander with you and still provide music for the party.


The Bass Nyne retails for $149.95 on the manufacturer’s website. We’ve seen it for less on Amazon, as low as $94.99 for the black speaker and $119.95 for the white one.


Nyne’s mission with this speaker was to build a portable audio player to consistently deliver deep bass. But does it hit the mark?

To find out, we analyzed reviews for several popular speakers on the market and compared the Nyne Bass. We consulted expert opinions from review sites such as CNET and The Sweethome in addition to user reviews to see what they had to say about the speaker’s features and capabilities.

The Nyne Bass shined for delivering full-bodied sound. Listeners felt the bass component thump, and instrumentals and vocals were detailed with minimal distortion. Users enjoyed how easily it could fill small and medium-size rooms with sound and said it was well-suited for entertaining.

The speaker also worked well for outdoor activities, such as barbecues and camping. Despite being a little bulky for an outdoor speaker, the Bass was still considered portable by many users.

Making a sound decision

The Nyne Bass speaker delivers in an area where so many other popular speakers fall short. Making the bass component the centerpiece of its audio output attracted a lot of users — and left them pleased. The Bass hit all the marks in terms of volume, clarity and connectivity.

Although it is considered an outdoor speaker, the device’s bulk and non-splashproof finish make it better suited as a tabletop unit. If you want a speaker with similar bass power, but that’s easier to carry around, consider the JBL Xtreme.

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