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Find which of 252 business checking accounts has the lowest fees

Looking for free business checking? NerdWallet has compiled business checking accounts from banks and credit unions to help you find the best option for you. Our business banking recommendations will be tailored based on your individual business' profile. For an explanation of how business checking fees work, refer to our infographic.

We've also compiled a state-by-state list of banks and credit unions offering completely free business checking accounts.

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Find the best checking account

1. Narrow Down Your Options

Business Zip Code?
Can I use another zip code?

Most banks determine your membership eligibility based on the state level, whereas most credit unions determine your eligibility on a county level.

If you are a sole proprietor, you have some flexibility in terms of which zip code to use, whether it be your home address or your office location. However, if you are handling cash on a regular basis, the zip code of your your store front is ideal for targeting nearby banks from a convenience perspective.

Do you have a preferred financial institution type?
Big bank
Community bank
Credit union
Internet Bank
Financial institutions

Big banks aren't the only places that offer business checking accounts - so do credit unions, community banks and Internet banks.

Check out our overview of financial institutions for details and descriptions. We have limited business checking accounts from Internet banks in our tool because most Internet banks don't offer business checking accounts. The large deposit needs of businesses make it difficult to bank without a physical branch.

What type of business do you have?
Normal businesses
Government entity
Sole proprietorship

2. Calculate Monthly Fees

What is your typical average monthly balance?
If you have a high transaction volume and a high average balance, you may benefit from an analyzed checking account
What is your minimum daily balance?
Will you open other types of financial accounts with the same bank?
Will you open other types of financial accounts with the same bank?

Many banks encourage customers to open additional non-checking financial accounts (e.g., savings accounts, CDs, etc.) with them.

If you're willing to sign on to more accounts AND maintain certain combined balances (usually 2-3 times the average monthly checking balance required to waive the fee), many banks will waive your monthly service fee.

Average monthly balance across products?

3. Calculate Transaction Fees

What is your average monthly number of transactions?
What is your average monthly number of transactions?

Incoming deposits
Outgoing payments

4. Calculate Cash Handling Fees

How much physical cash (only cash, not checks or electronic deposits) do you deposit into your account every month?
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