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NerdWallet’s Gen Y Credit Union Contest: Winner’s Circle


The votes are in, and the judges have spoken. Congratulations to our 2013 Gen Y Credit Union Contest winners! These great credit unions will be receiving cash grants to put their winning plans into motion. Here are the winners and their fantastic proposals.

Christian Financial Credit Union – Grand Prize Winner $2000

Christian Financial Credit Union’s proposal goes to the heart of Gen Y social media engagement. They plan to conduct a social media scavenger hunt, placing clues on their Twitter and Facebook pages for their young followers. The hunt will introduce these members to the credit union’s products and services. This will then segue into an in-person scavenger hunt throughout the local community, as members use photo clues posted by credit union staff to discover locations related to credit union services. The second part of their proposal involves producing a series of financial literacy videos to better educate their Gen Y members. Not just fun, but informative too, Christian Financial Credit Union’s proposal lets Gen Y choose their financial adventure.

Read their commencement speech here.

Cooperative Federal Credit Union – Runner-Up Prize $1000

Cooperative Federal Credit Union plans to use their award to run a team-based Savings Challenge at their three Youth Credit Union sites during the coming school year. This will help them attract new Gen Y members, improve students’ money management skills and offer them incentives to develop savings habits. Students will divide into teams, become credit union members and open savings accounts. Then, they will choose a savings goal, like a ski trip or college expenses, and over the course of 4 – 6 months, students will be challenged to make routine savings deposits and help each team member do the same. Teams will be scored based on their total savings and the number of individual deposits. One winning team will be selected from each school and each team member will receive a cash prize to add to their savings. Cooperative Federal Credit Union’s proposal helps Gen Y students learn that saving is rewarding.

Read their commencement speech here.

PremierOne Credit Union – Special Prize $1000

PremierOne Credit Union wants to turn their Credit Zone program into an interactive online community for Gen Y. With their grant money, they hope to expand their current services, produce more videos and keep the site relevant and up-to-date. They plan to implement a point system for online interactions, such as weekly quizzes or credit union branch check-ins. Points would be redeemable for Credit Zone “swag”: sweatshirts, notebooks and t-shirts. They plan to engage new and existing members through emails, social media initiatives and their mobile app. They will expand Credit Zone membership to look beyond credit union members and help all Gen Y youth in the community. PremierOne Credit Union intends to make Credit Zone the place for Gen Y to learn about credit.

Read their commencement speech here.

Financial One Credit Union – Special Prize $1000

“What’s your number?” That’s what Financial One Credit Union wants to know. Their proposal involves distributing that message, along with a QR code, to community businesses and schools. The code will send you to an interactive website dedicated to understanding your credit score. The website will include a “Making Cents out of Life” blog, with articles about maintaining financial health at different stages of life and examples of how credit can help you when you’re young. Community youth will be encouraged to visit a credit union branch to talk about credit, and enter a quarterly drawing for prizes while they’re at it. Financial One Credit Union wants to get Gen Y excited about their financial life.

Read their commencement speech here.


Congratulations again to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who entered our contest!

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