Honolulu, HI - Cost of Living
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Ranked as the 2nd most expensive city

Housing imageHousing hide details  -
Median 2-bedroom apartment rent $2,987 / month
Median home price (3BR, 2BA) $784,071
Monthly mortgage + interest $2,942 / month
Transportation imageTransportation hide details  -
Gas (per gallon) $3.97
Monthly public transport pass $60.00
Food imageFood hide details  -
Bread $3.15
Dozen eggs $3.65
Gallon of milk $3.59
12-inch Pizza Hut pizza $11.99
McDonalds Quarter-Pounder with cheese $4.71
Starbucks Grande Latte $3.72
Entertainment imageEntertainment hide details  -
Movie ticket $10.80
Bowling game $3.70
6-pack Heineken beer $9.51
Healthcare imageHealthcare hide details  -
Cost of a doctor's visit $111.67
Cost of dentist visit $88.75
Lipitor $275.11
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