Trim your bills and grow your savings.
Pay less without switching providers. The average NerdWallet member saves about $170* on each bill.
Here’s how it works
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    Tell us what you’re paying now
    Give us a few, easy-to-find details from your bills and our trusted partner, Billshark, will show you how much they can save you.
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    Let the experts negotiate for you
    You don’t have to lift a finger. Billshark will hop on the phone with your providers and work their magic. We’ll let you know when they lock in your new rate.
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    Bank your savings
    If your bill is lowered, you pay a one-time fee based on your savings. And as a NerdWallet member, you’ll get an exclusive rate.
Lower your bills and boost your savings
Millions of people use NerdWallet to stretch their dollar, earn more rewards and so much more.
People are taking notice
Those who know a thing or two about finance have some great things to say about NerdWallet.
You’re our top priority
We’re here to help make sure you get more from your money, and to keep you and your info secure.
Data security
We use 128-bit encryption to secure your data and protect your privacy.
Serious privacy
Rest easy knowing that we’ll never sell your data to third parties.
Trusted partners
Tap into the benefits of our trusted partners — all through NerdWallet.
*Based on a sampling of Nerdwallet members across the U.S. between August and September 2017. Individual savings may vary based on the type of account and account provider.