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About Capital One 360

Capital One 360 inherits much of its look, style, and products from its predecessor, ING Direct. At the same time, this online bank incorporates a lot of what has made parent company Capital One so successful in other financial realms, namely credit cards. Low fees, high yields and great customer service were all part of the widely-loved ING Direct. Capital One 360 strives to meet these high expectations.

Capital One’s internet-based products are FDIC insured and generally offer much higher yields and lower fees than the most other banks.

Routing #: 031176110

Products: 360 Checking Account | 360 Savings | Capital One 360 CDs | Capital One 360 Youth Accounts

360 Checking

Capital One’s 360 Checking provides exactly what we like to see here at NerdWallet: no monthly fee, competitive interest rates and best of all, hardly any usage fees. The only ones you’ll run into are a $25 stop payment request and a $9 fee for bouncing a check. Like other Capital One products, there is no foreign transaction fee, a nice benefit for frequent travelers. See how it compares

Capital One 360 | 360 Checking
  • Access to over 38,000 surcharge-free Allpoint ATMs
  • Use a mobile app or computer to deposit checks from anywhere with CheckMate
  • No foreign transaction fee
Monthly Fee Minimum Balance APY
$0.00 $0.00 0.20%

Other fees:

  • Bounced check: $9 (compare to national average of $34)
  • Overdraft: no flat fee – just pay a small amount of interest until you pay back the advance
  • Foreign transaction fee: None

360 Savings

Capital One’s 360 Savings account offers an easy way to save money and earn the top-tier yields on your extra cash. The account offers rates far higher than most other banks or credit unions, and there are no monthly fees to worry about. See how it compares

Capital One 360 | 360 Savings
  • No minimum balance, no monthly fees
  • Use a mobile app or computer to deposit checks from anywhere with CheckMate
Monthly Fee Minimum Balance APY
$0.00 $0.00 0.75%


Capital One lets customers earn a little extra yield for committing to save their cash for a specified period of time with a certificate of deposit. They offer a variety of different certificates of deposit (CDs), each with different terms and rates. See how they compare

Youth Accounts

Capital One 360 is dutifully carrying on the tradition that ING Direct started years ago, offering great free accounts to young savers. Their MONEY teen checking account earns interest, has no fees and offers useful money management tools for teens and their parents. For saving rather than spending, Capital One’s Kids Saving Account provides all the same benefits of the adult account, an excellent alternative to the traditional piggy bank.

Mobile Banking and Branchless Services

Capital One’s products are convenient and cost-effective for any tech-savvy consumer. You may not be able to walk into a branch for assistance, but Capital One offers many great mobile and online banking options to meet customer needs.

  • Mobile check deposits – iPhone and Android devices
  • Transfer money between your personal accounts through online banking or mobile app
  • Mobile bill pay
  • Easily send money to friends with Bump Money

Connect with Capital One 360

Capital One offers multiple channels for customer service and interaction, including an online help center, We the Savers blog and even a few cafés in major cities where customers can grab some coffee, hop online and learn more about saving. You can also follow their active social media profiles for more information on your accounts and general personal finance.

Customer Service #: 1-888-464-0727

Twitter: @CapitalOne360


  • ThirstyJon

    I had a very negative experience trying to open a business savings account for a small non profit.

    They kept asking me to redo the same form even after we did it right.

    After repeatedly going through this with them I began to realize that they were just being stubborn and didn’t really care if I opened an account with them or not.

    Basically, they just deny you with administrative language that does not help you understand what the problem is. You can’t even talk directly with the people who are doing the unexplained denying.

    One guy on the phone literally just told me “I’m just the middle man.”

    In the end, I am confident that the form we filled out and signed more than once was done correctly, but they didn’t even read it all nor did they read the cover letter we sent with the form.

    Very incompetent and unhelpful people.

    I am disappointed and sick at heart because I was looking forward to the “25 sub accounts.”

    No one else seems to be offering an equivalent product that we can use, but what can we do when we are locked out by incompetence and stubbornness of people who apparently feel that they have enough business that they can just blow some people off and mistreat them?


  • Mike Craigslist

    Problems with the Capital One 360 Checking:

    Poor Customer Service – I mean poor, takes 3+ days to respond to an email – NOT friendly – I was actually sent an email that they would no longer be responding to my inquiries

    Like another reviewer stated, pending transactions will disappear and then reappear, so it is not always accurate when you check your checking balance.

    Deposits take forever to be deposited. I had a check take up to 7 days to be available in my account. Ridiculous.

    Depositing cash is a huge hassle – although they do allow you to do that now

    They all of a sudden cancelled my husband’s check card due to a security breach and did not notify him at all. It was the strangest thing. We were out of town and his check card was getting declined. Luckily, I was with him. If not, he would have been stranded out of town with no access to any money. Thanks Capital One 360!

    Has really gone down hill since Capital One 360 bought ING Direct. I’m very sad that it is no longer ING. Capital One is a horrible company and I will be closing all of my accounts with them soon.

    I suggest looking elsewhere.

  • Kathleen Fenton

    i love my 360 account.speedy chatty cs service over the phone check in the bank within a few days

  • Chris

    It was so much better when it was ING. Like most buyouts, the big company (in this case Capital One) wanted the customers and the money, but don’t want to provide the same customer service. They want more money and spend less on the customer. Greedy like all the others. I am looking to get rid of my account now that it is capital one. Have had so many problems with them.

  • Luke

    has anybody elses cards been getting declined since this happened?