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About Capital One 360

Capital One 360 inherits much of its look, style, and products from its predecessor, ING Direct. At the same time, this online bank incorporates a lot of what has made parent company Capital One so successful in other financial realms, namely credit cards. Low fees, high yields and great customer service were all part of the widely-loved ING Direct. Capital One 360 strives to meet these high expectations.

Capital One’s internet-based products are FDIC insured and generally offer much higher yields and lower fees than the most other banks.

Routing #: 031176110

Products: 360 Checking Account | 360 Savings | Capital One 360 CDs | Capital One 360 Youth Accounts

360 Checking

Capital One’s 360 Checking provides exactly what we like to see here at NerdWallet: no monthly fee, competitive interest rates and best of all, hardly any usage fees. The only ones you’ll run into are a $25 stop payment request and a $9 fee for bouncing a check. Like other Capital One products, there is no foreign transaction fee, a nice benefit for frequent travelers. See how it compares

Capital One 360 | 360 Checking
  • $50 cash bonus for new accounts
  • Access to over 38,000 surcharge-free Allpoint ATMs
  • Use a mobile app or computer to deposit checks from anywhere with CheckMate
  • No foreign transaction fee
Monthly Fee Minimum Balance APY
$0.00 $0.00 0.20%

Other fees:

  • Bounced check: $9 (compare to national average of $34)
  • Overdraft: no flat fee – just pay a small amount of interest until you pay back the advance
  • Foreign transaction fee: None

360 Savings

Capital One’s 360 Savings account offers an easy way to save money and earn the top-tier yields on your extra cash. The account offers rates far higher than most other banks or credit unions, and there are no monthly fees to worry about. See how it compares

Capital One 360 | 360 Savings
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • No minimum balance, no monthly fees
  • Use a mobile app or computer to deposit checks from anywhere with CheckMate
Monthly Fee Minimum Balance APY
$0.00 $0.00 0.75%


Capital One lets customers earn a little extra yield for committing to save their cash for a specified period of time with a certificate of deposit. They offer a variety of different certificates of deposit (CDs), each with different terms and rates.

Capital One 360 CDs
  • NULL
  • NULL
  • Choose terms between 6 and 60 months
Minimum Balance APY
$0.00 6 Month: 0.40%
12 Month: 0.40%
18 Month: 0.40%
24 Month: 0.40%
30 Month: 0.70%
36 Month: 0.70%
48 Month: 0.70%
60 Month: 0.90%

Youth Accounts

Capital One 360 is dutifully carrying on the tradition that ING Direct started years ago, offering great free accounts to young savers. Their MONEY teen checking account earns interest, has no fees and offers useful money management tools for teens and their parents. For saving rather than spending, Capital One’s Kids Saving Account provides all the same benefits of the adult account, an excellent alternative to the traditional piggy bank.

Mobile Banking and Branchless Services

Capital One’s products are convenient and cost-effective for any tech-savvy consumer. You may not be able to walk into a branch for assistance, but Capital One offers many great mobile and online banking options to meet customer needs.

  • Mobile check deposits – iPhone and Android devices
  • Transfer money between your personal accounts through online banking or mobile app
  • Mobile bill pay
  • Easily send money to friends with Bump Money

Connect with Capital One 360

Capital One offers multiple channels for customer service and interaction, including an online help center, We the Savers blog and even a few cafés in major cities where customers can grab some coffee, hop online and learn more about saving. You can also follow their active social media profiles for more information on your accounts and general personal finance.

Customer Service #: 1-888-464-0727

Twitter: @CapitalOne360


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  • BankerOne

    Totally AWFUL Customer Service!
    I have been a satisfied customer of ING Direct for over 15 years, having a savings account, checking accounts, AND a ShareBuilder investment account. When I opened my last checking account about 15 months ago, I was suddenly no longer receiving my monthly statements in the mail. After numerous phone calls and rude, evasive responses, I was finally told that by opening the checking account I had automatically agreed to stop receiving monthly statements by mail. I later discovered that this fact is deceitfully buried at the end of the “fine print” in the electronic disclosure agreement. So, for the last TWELVE months, I have been trying to reinstate my paper statement, only to receive one excuse after another for the past year! I have since sent certified letters of request, closed my checking accounts, closed my ShareBuilder account, transferred 98% of the funds from my savings account, and still NO paper statements. My last resort now is to file a complaint with the Banking Commission. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to receive a monthly statement from the banking institution that is using my money. Please don’t get sucked in by their scam marketing tactics of offering a rebate to open an account. When I asked Capital One 360 to send my past statements that had not been received due to their incompetence, I was told they would be happy to send them for $5.00 per statement! Not a bank that I’m happy doing business with anymore. Beware, and consider yourself warned.

    • Phil Hughes

      One wonders why you feel that you must have a paper statement. You obviously have online access and can see the statements online as well as print them. I n0o longer get any paper statements, all of them are online. the companies (including CapitalOne) all send out alerts to my email when the stmnts are issued and again when payments are due. Not getting a paper statement is my bit for the ecology.

      • Delilah

        Because she can! It’s her money and she has the right to request a paper statement if she wants one. Just because it isn’t a preference for YOU doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have the option. It’s her money, not yours.

        • bcg1220

          And the banks have a right to refuse a paper statement if they want to. Ctrl+P. It’s really not that difficult.

          • Delilah

            She is the customer. The customer is always right. No one has the right to tell you how you can or cannot access your money. And when you Ctrl+P it is not printer friendly and the format is all messed up.

          • bcg1220

            Actually they do possess that right. And I think I can speak collectively with confidence when I say that we, the customers, do not want to pay for BakerOne’s paper statements. She can pay for them herself if she has to have them, which is exactly the logic behind Capital One’s policy. This is how democracy and capitalism work.

            More tips:
            Copy a screen shot to paste in word document and print: PrtScn
            Save screenshot to file for printing (also great for digital filing of statements): Windows key + PrtScn

            Should take care of your formatting issues. And it won’t cost me or any other Capital One customers any money.

          • Delilah

            I don’t have to take care of any formatting issues. Know why? I get paper statements from Capital One EVERY MONTH for my car AND credit card. So thanks for paying for them :-)

          • Guest

            Good because you obviously don’t know how to print. :)

          • toyang

            Good because you obviously don’t know how to PRINT. :)

    • bcg1220

      In the “TWELVE months” you have spent “trying to reinstate [your] paper statements”, composing and sending certified letters, closing and transferring your accounts, and filing complaints with the Banking Commission, you probably could have used the “ctrl” + “p” function (it is a “shortcut” for “printing” which is done by clicking “File -> Print”) to print your statements yourself somewhere around 962,733,182 times.

  • michrlle

    What must your credit score be for 360 checking account?

  • Ignis


    I am in USA for 3 weeks and got my SS#, I have no history and applied for Capital One. Their customer service in chat suggested Capital One Cash Rewards for Newcomers Credit Card -
    I have a good income and applied for it, in 20 seconds system declined it. THEY DID NOT CHECK ANY INCOME OR EMPLOYMENT BUT THEY REPORTED IT TO all 3 bureaus!!!
    I was escalated to 3 managers in their customer service which was completely poor and unhelpful. But in the end I am screwed up!!
    One of their managers offered to apply for their secured cards which has annual fee , it answers my question. they just make such card advertisement for attracting people to secured cards!!!
    ALL, please do not submit applications and apply!!! Never, ever!!!

    • Liz G.

      This has nothing to do with reviewing their checking and savings account. It is quite normal to get denied for a credit card when there is no credit history on file. Any other bank -most likely- would have done the same thing. Just FYI, many newcomers DO get approved for the card you are referring to. And one credit inquiry does not ‘screw’ you.

  • james m bartie

    I forgot my password for my 360 savings and checking accounts

  • Jessica Ferreira


    This want was great until Capital One took over ING direct. I needed to make a transfer from my local bank to Capital One. I called and spoke to a representative and asked what is the fastest way to get money into the account either a check or transfer. He told me if I made a transfer from my bank account I would have the funds avaiable to me first thing on the second business day. I went ahead and make the transfer. After making the transfer I called back and verified what the first agent asked me because the transfer was over $500. It was a Wednesday afternoon, I asked him when will the money be avaiable for me to use. He answered first thing Friday morning! I scheduled bills to come out on Friday. Here comes Friday morning and the deposit of $760 was on hold! I was so pissed off. I called and after waiting on hold for 25 minutes for a manager I spoke to Jessie. I told her the situation and how 2 of her representatives gave me wrong information and now this is going to result in charges getting returned. She did not care. She said they could invest the call and see if what I am saying is right and if so then proceed with releasing the money. This investigation will take at least 2 days! What the heck is the point! They do NOT care about their customers. It is now 4 pm and I still havent heard back from them. I just called again and spoke to another manager and he told me their was no update! I caught him in a few lies. Every person you get their doesn’t know their ass from their elbow and give you WRONG information!! I am so livid! I am closing all of my accounts with them after being a customer since 2008!

    • Guest

      Don’t wait until the last minute. This is your fault.

      • Veronica

        “Wait until the last minute” for what? She was told the money would be available when she needed it and, not only was it not available, but the bank employees didn’t take responsibility for their mistake or try to resolve the issue.

        I don’t see how this is the customer’s fault at all. She double-checked prior to making her transactions. If the bank representatives had been honest with her, I’m sure she would’ve made different arrangements.

        • Chris Palmer

          The bills could also have been paid without the headache. This is 100% on her.

          • Veronica

            Might I trouble you to elaborate on “The bills could also have been paid without the
            headache?” If all her money was in that account (which seems to have been the case), how else was she going to pay her bills? Was she supposed
            to mail a bad check? My understanding is that she wanted the money
            available so she could pay as quickly as possible.

            Some people have
            to wait for payday to be able to pay their bills, and sometimes payday
            and the bills’ due date fall really close to one another. If the bank
            has a waiting period for transfers, that’s their prerogative, but they
            should be explicit about it, especially when the customer is asking that
            question specifically and double-checking.

            The main problem here is that the customer asked a specific question (and did so several times), was given a misleading answer and then left hanging. Under any circumstances, be it bill-pay or anything else, this particular interaction is a mistake on the bank’s part and it’s certainly poor customer service. So no, it’s not “100% on her.” The bank definitely dropped the ball.

          • Chris Palmer

            So she didn’t plan ahead as she should have, and that’s the bank’s fault?

            I find it extremely hard to believe that she either couldn’t have paid this bill online or could’ve used the debit card she was issued to purchase a money order or to send a wire transfer. Not to mention that she should’ve been responsible enough to budget for those bills ahead of time!

    • idlebidle

      If you’re in a bind, its always best to pay from the account that has the money. You can’t count on banks getting the transfer orders. It may be that your local bank has to receive transfer orders by 2:00 to process that day. You could have just paid your bills from your local bank. It seems as though you scheduled your bills from the biller websites. There is nothing to prevent you from registering your other bank account. That would have been a lot less headache. If you scheduled your bills from Capital One 360 and didn’t have the money in there, they simply would not be processed. Then you still could have paid your bills at the biller’s websites.

      It’s frankly amazing that Capital One 360 can transfer money to and from your bank for free with such quick turn around time.

      Their check deposit hold times are annoyingly long though.

  • Dipz

    Very stupid security team and their questions:

    Wanted to open a checking account. After entering all details on a call with member of security team, they started asking some security questions to associate me with some corporations whose names are unheard (Google also might not be able to throw results on those names).. then decided i do not pass security since i do not associate myself with those unheard corporation names… there are several other ways to establish identity without using robotic questions….
    Clearly, the govt wants companies to create more jobs, but forget to mention that ppl need to use brains. Even a robot could perform intelligent analysis…

  • JaylahP

    If a fraudulent charge is made on your debit card, it will take at least 3 months to get your money back to you. In the meantime, you will be liable for the overdraft fees. And those fees will NOT be returned to you if you’ve ever done business with the fraudulent merchant in the past.

    Since this isn’t a “brick and mortar” bank, your only real access to your money is via your debit card. (Since it takes a full 7 days for a transfer to another bank.)

    You’d be much safer just shoving your extra money under your mattress.