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Taxes refer to the money the government collects from individuals and businesses, usually taken from income or added to the price of certain goods.

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NewPosted November 25, 2015

No. Debt against the property is irrelevant in computing basis.

NewPosted November 25, 2015

To simply answer this question, the IRS will not allow you to contribute rental income to either a Roth or traditional IRA if you have no other taxabl...

NewPosted November 25, 2015

If you inherited the money or were the cosigner on the account you would owe nothing.

NewPosted November 24, 2015

Treat it the same as you would if it didn't come from a bankruptcy.

NewPosted November 24, 2015

If the investment funds were not withdrawn from a retirement account (IRA, 401(k))the only affect on taxes would be if the securities were sold at a g...

NewPosted November 23, 2015 · Phoenix, AZ

You would pay tax on any profit as ordinary income.

NewPosted November 22, 2015

Download IRS Form 4506-T (as in Transcript) and send it to IRS. They will send you a transcript of all wage and information documents received with y...

NewPosted November 19, 2015

California taxes capital gains the same as any other income.

NewPosted November 17, 2015 · Houston, TX

We can't tell from the question if any of the gain on the sale will be taxed or not. You will have to provide more details. Interest in the savings ...

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