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Schwab: 3 out of 5 Investors Believe Market Downturn is Coming

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  • Charles Schwab released an encouraging study that found that despite the fact 3 out of 5 investors believe a market downturn will occur within the next year, nearly half still believe that it is a good time to invest in equities. The optimist in me indicates is that a portion of people aren’t caught up in the daily vagaries of the market, and instead are committed to equities long-term because they understand that this will ultimately provide the best return on their money regardless of short-term market swings. 
  • The dialogue on the disillusionment of millenials when it comes to investing continues, as a recent survey conducted by TD Ameritrade indicated that 4 in 10 millenials believe that the best way to save for retirement is through a savings account. As an increasing number of baby boomers are shifting their asset allocations from equities to fixed-income, brokerages and mutual funds are turning to millenials, but will have to find creative ways to attract clients.