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Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA Funds)

September 12, 2013
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Dimensional Fund Advisors was founded in 1981 in Austin, Texas, and has since grown to have nearly $300 billion in assets under management. DFA Funds are only available to individual investors through financial advisors, 401(k) plans, and certain 529 plans.

Fund Ticker Category
DFA Asia Pacific Small Company DFRSX Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
DFA California Short Term Municipal Bond Portfolio DFCMX Muni Single State Short
DFA Commodity Strategy Portifolio Fund DCMSX Commodities Broad Basket
DFA Emerging Markets Core Equity Fund DFCEX Diversified Emerging Mkts
DFA Emerging Markets Portfolio DFEMX Diversified Emerging Mkts
DFA Emerging Markets Small Cap Portfolio DEMSX Diversified Emerging Mkts
DFA Emerging Markets Social Core Equity Fund DFESX Diversified Emerging Mkts
DFA Emerging Markets Value Portfolio DFEPX Diversified Emerging Mkts
DFA Enhanced U.S. Large Company Portfolio DFELX Large Blend
DFA Five Year Global Fixed Income Portfolio DFGBX World Bond
DFA Global Allocation 25/75 Portfolio DFGPX Conservative Allocation
DFA Global Allocation 60/40 Portfolio DFPRX Moderate Allocation
DFA Global Equity Portfolio DGERX World Stock
DFA Global Real Estate Securities DFGEX Global Real Estate
DFA Inflation-Protected Securities Portfolio DIPSX Inflation-Protected Bond
DFA Intermediate Government Fixed Income Portfolio DFIGX Intermediate Government
DFA Intermediate-Term Extended Quality Portfolio Fund DFTEX Intermediate-Term Bond
DFA International Core Equity Portfolio DFIEX Foreign Large Value
DFA International Real Estate Securities DFITX Global Real Estate
DFA International Small Cap Value Portfolio DISVX Foreign Small/Mid Value
DFA International Small Company Portfolio DFISX Foreign Small/Mid Blend
DFA International Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio DFSPX Foreign Large Blend
DFA International Value Portfolio DFIPX Foreign Large Value
DFA International Vector Equity Portfolio DFVQX Foreign Small/Mid Value
DFA Investment Grade Portfolio DFAPX Intermediate-Term Bond
DFA Japanese Small Company Portfolio DFJSX Japan Stock
DFA Large Cap International Portfolio DFALX Foreign Large Blend
DFA One Year Fixed Income Portfolio DFIHX Ultrashort Bond
DFA Real Estate Securities Portfolio DFREX Real Estate
DFA Selectively Hedged Global Fixed Income Portfolio DFSHX World Bond
DFA Short Term Municipal Bond Portfolio DFSMX Muni National Short
DFA Short-Term Extended Quality Portfolio DFEQX Short-Term Bond
DFA Short-Term Government Portfolio DFFGX Short Government
DFA T.A. U.S. Core Equity 2 Portfolio DFTCX Mid-Cap Blend
DFA T.A. World ex U.S. Core Equity Portfolio DFTWX Foreign Large Blend
DFA Tax Managed International Value Portfolio DTMIX Foreign Large Value
DFA Tax Managed U.S. Equity Portfolio DTMEX Large Blend
DFA Tax Managed U.S. Marketwide Value Portfolio DTMMX Large Value
DFA Tax Managed U.S. Small Cap Portfolio DFTSX Small Blend
DFA Tax Managed U.S. Targeted Value Portfolio DTMVX Small Value
DFA Two Year Global Fixed Income Portfolio DFGFX World Bond
DFA U.S. Core Equity I Fund DFEOX Large Blend
DFA U.S. Core Equity II Fund DFQTX Mid-Cap Blend
DFA U.S. Large Cap Value Portfolio DFLVX Large Value
DFA U.S. Large Company Portfolio DFUSX Large Blend
DFA U.S. Micro Cap Portfolio DFSCX Small Blend
DFA U.S. Small Cap Portfolio DFSTX Small Blend
DFA U.S. Small Cap Value Portfolio DFSVX Small Value
DFA U.S. Social Core Equity 2 Portfolio DFUEX Mid-Cap Blend
DFA U.S. Sustainability Core 1 Portfolio DFSIX Large Blend
DFA U.S. Targeted Value Portfolio DFTPX Small Value
DFA U.S. Vector Equity Fund DFVEX Mid-Cap Value
DFA World ex U.S. Government Fixed Income Portfolio DWFIX World Bond

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