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The Best Mutual Funds of the Past Decade by Asset Class & Investment Style

April 1, 2013
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NerdWallet examined the returns of all 7,000+ U.S. mutual funds that had been in existence for a full decade as of December 31, 2012.  The top performing funds in each investment style and asset class are available below.

Best Stock Funds, by Risk Tolerance
Aggressive Allocation
Balanced (Moderate) Allocation
Income (Conservative) Allocation

Best Stock Funds, by Size & Style
Large Cap Growth
Large Cap Value
Large Cap Blend
Mid-Cap Growth
Mid-Cap Value
Mid-Cap Blend
Small Cap Growth
Small Cap Value
Small Cap Blend

Best Bond Funds, by Strategy
High Yield Bonds
Multi-sector Bonds
Non-traditional Bonds
Global Bonds
Bank Loans

Best Bond Funds, by Duration/Time-to-Maturity
Long Term Bonds
Intermediate Term Bonds
Short Term Bonds
Ultrashort Term Bonds

Best Specialty Strategies & Asset Classes
Equity Long-Short & Market Neutral
Convertible Bonds
Retirement Income

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