How Much Does a Gold’s Gym Membership Cost?

Gold’s Gym membership prices and enrollment fees vary based on location.
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In 1965, Joe Gold opened Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California. A handful of famous bodybuilders — including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu — frequented the flagship location.

That single gym has since turned into an international fitness company with over 600 locations. But how much will it cost you to join?

How much does a Gold’s Gym membership cost?

The cost of a Gold’s Gym membership varies by location. Expect fluctuations in enrollment fees, contract terms, annual fees and monthly dues based on a gym’s geographic area. Here’s a look at club prices across the U.S. to give you a general idea of cost.

Gold’s Gym membership cost in Florida

The Ormond Beach Gold’s Gym in Florida offers a $35 membership per month for a 12-month commitment, a $45 month-to-month membership or a $420 per year membership that comes with a bonus three months free. Each of these tiers offers the same amenities like access to multiple clubs, unlimited classes, complimentary kid’s club and free Wi-Fi.

Gold’s Gym membership cost in California

At the Gold’s Gym in Arcadia, California, memberships start at $14.95 per month with an annual commitment and a $99 enrollment fee. Basic amenities are included in this package with use of cardio and strength training equipment, locker room access and free Wi-Fi.

A mid-priced plan costs $24.95 on a month-to-month basis and comes with extras like group fitness classes and access to other clubs.

A higher priced plan at $29.99 on a month-to-month basis includes all aforementioned perks plus others like unlimited tanning, pool, steam room, jacuzzi and guest access.

Both the mid- and higher-priced memberships typically have a $59 enrollment fee but check the promotions before signing up because it could be as low as $1.

Gold’s Gym membership cost in New York

Gold’s Gym East Northport in New York starts at $39 per month with no enrollment fee or contract. This membership includes standard access to the gym floor (think cardio and strength training equipment), locker rooms, sauna and designated training areas. This gym allows you to save $68 by paying for one year upfront for $449.

The next tier up at this Gold’s Gym is $49 per month, also with no enrollment fee or contract. Extra amenities include group fitness opportunities, including spinning classes. If you pay one year in full at $549, you can save $88. For each membership type, you can add on amenities like tanning, personal training or onsite kid’s club.

What’s included in a Gold’s Gym membership?

The focus of Gold’s Gym is on bodybuilding and strength training so you’ll find plenty of equipment to achieve these goals.

Each Gold’s Gym has a cardio area and a group exercise room. Some also have a small group training studio. Depending on the gym you choose, other amenities could include free Wi-Fi and parking, complimentary child care, personal training, smoothie bar, guest visits and upgraded fitness classes like indoor cycling.

How much does a Gold’s Gym day pass cost?

Many Gold’s Gyms offer free day passes to let you try before you buy. For instance, the East Northport location in New York gives new visitors one day free. Conditions include being a local resident, at least 18 years old (unless signed in by a parent or guardian) and having a valid ID.

To get a free pass, you can fill out the form on the Gold’s Gym website.

How does Gold’s Gym fit into your budget?

A gym membership can feel like both a want and a need. On one hand, staying healthy is a need so we can live a long content life. But a luxury gym membership with all the bells and whistles may move that need into more of a want.

Try looking at your budget through the 50/30/20 framework to see where a gym membership fits for you. With this budgeting method, you allocate 50% of your income to needs, 30% to wants and 20% to savings and debt repayment beyond minimums.

As you review your wants versus needs, it may be helpful to think about other ways to save money to make room in your budget for a gym membership. For instance, can you switch from name-brand products to generic to save a couple of bucks? Or could you cut back on coffee shop orders and dining out?

Then, do your research. Check the amenities each membership tier offers and decide what you can live without. And don’t forget to take advantage of promotions like free trial passes.

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