The Guide to ANA Premium Economy

A wider seat, extra legroom and lounge access make ANA's premium economy fare a good value for long-haul flights.
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Flights to Japan aren't short. If the idea of flying across the Pacific Ocean in a standard economy seat sounds unbearable, the good news is that you've got options. Japan-based All Nippon Airways — better known by its abbreviation ANA — offers up to four classes of service on its flights between the U.S. and Japan. For those on a budget, the most affordable upgrade option is ANA premium economy.

Here's what you need to know about ANA premium economy, its unique perks (like lounge access) and whether ANA premium economy is worth it.

ANA premium economy seats

(Photo courtesy of All Nippon Airways)

ANA premium economy seat designs and details vary by aircraft type. However, you can generally expect to get a larger seat with extra legroom and an in-flight entertainment system to help you pass the long hours in the sky.

(Photo courtesy of All Nippon Airways)

All ANA premium economy seats are arranged with 38 inches of pitch. That's 4 to 8 inches more than you'll find in most long-haul economy seats. ANA premium economy seats measure 19.3 inches wide, and all seats offer a universal power outlet, USB charging outlet, personal reading light and extendable leg rest.

(Photo courtesy of All Nippon Airways)

The newest ANA premium economy seats are found on ANA's Boeing 787-10, Airbus A380 and select Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The main advantage of these seats is the large personal in-flight entertainment screen, which measures 15.6 inches diagonally. ANA boasts that it's the "largest available [screen] in any premium economy cabin worldwide."

Other ANA premium economy seats found on Boeing 787-8, 787-9 and other 777-300ER aircraft offer an approximately 11-inch monitor. The only advantage of these older seats is that you'll get a footrest starting in the second row.

(Photo courtesy of All Nippon Airways)

ANA premium economy is arranged in rows of either 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 seating. That means cabins have two seats on the window side of each aisle and either three or four seats in the middle. Most ANA aircraft have just two or three rows of premium economy.

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ANA installed a whopping 73 premium economy seats on its Airbus A380.

Food and drink in ANA premium economy

ANA's premium economy food and drink service is a peculiar mashup of economy and business class services. The meals look like something that you'd get in economy, yet you can order certain alcoholic drinks and snacks from the business class menu between meal services.

ANA premium economy passengers can see the specific food and drink choices found on their flight by going to the "Dining/Drinks" section of the premium economy page, scrolling down and entering their route. You'll get a PDF menu with descriptions and pictures of the meal.

During meal services, ANA premium economy passengers can choose from an extensive list of drinks including:

  • Nonalcoholic beverages.

  • Sake.

  • Red or white wine.

  • Beer.

  • Whiskey.

  • Gin and vodka on select routes.

ANA lists detailed descriptions of the wine, sake and even special bread served in premium economy on its website.

Amenities and other perks of ANA premium economy

Upgrading to ANA premium economy gets you more than just a bigger seat. ANA premium economy passengers can request several amenities from flight attendants, such as:

  • Slippers and a shoehorn.

  • Pillow and blanket.

  • Individual amenities like an eye mask, dental kit and earplugs.

ANA also offers unique amenities such as postcards, ANA-branded pens and memo pads.

ANA's in-flight entertainment offers over 100 movies, around 120 short videos and more than 160 audio selections.

Other amenities and perks of ANA premium economy include:

  • Airport lounges. ANA premium economy passengers can visit the ANA lounge in Tokyo-Haneda; Tokyo-Narita; Kansai, Japan; and Honolulu airports. This is a rare perk for premium economy passengers.

  • Wi-Fi. ANA offers Panasonic-powered Wi-Fi on most of its aircraft with premium economy seating, including on the ANA Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-8, 787-9, 787-10 and select 777-300ER aircraft. Pricing currently varies from $6.95 for a 30-minute pass to $21.95 for a full-flight pass.

  • Priority baggage. ANA premium economy passenger bags are tagged with a priority tag and should arrive in baggage claim after any ANA first class bags.

Frequently asked questions

ANA offers premium economy on most of its long-haul aircraft including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft. While the seat types vary by aircraft, you can generally expect a wider seat with a few inches of extra legroom when flying in ANA premium economy.

ANA is one of only a few airlines to provide lounge access to premium economy passengers. You can access ANA lounges at Tokyo-Haneda; Tokyo-Narita; Kansai, Japan; and Honolulu airports when flying in ANA premium economy class.

ANA economy passengers can use ANA Mileage Club miles to upgrade to premium economy. The cost of the upgrade depends on the length of the flight. Upgrading from economy to ANA premium economy costs 20,000 miles each way for flights over 4,500 miles, which includes all routes between Japan and the U.S. mainland.

The price difference is a major factor in deciding whether or not it's worth upgrading to a premium cabin. Suppose premium economy only costs a couple of hundred dollars more than economy. In that case, it may be worth upgrading to have a more comfortable long-haul flight experience with a larger seat and more legroom. You also get valuable perks like lounge access and on-demand snack options.

ANA premium economy, recapped

ANA premium economy provides a much more comfortable ride than economy. Passengers get a wider seat, extra legroom and can even visit ANA lounges before their flight.

However, other aspects of ANA premium economy fall short, such as the meals that are similar to economy class and a lack of additional checked baggage allowance.

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