Can You Bring Food and Drinks Into Universal Studios?

Bottled water, small snacks and medically-necessary items are all allowed in Universal Studios.
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If you’re heading to Universal Studios theme parks in California or Florida, you’ll have lots of great food options to choose from. But you can also bring a few things in with you.

The same rules for outside food and drink apply to the company's U.S. amusement parks. Here's what to know.

The Universal Studios bag policy

The Universal Studios bag policy dictates what you can bring into the park, including food and drink.

Here’s what you can bring and how you can bring it in:

  • Up to 2 liters of water per guest (in non-glass bottles). You can also bring in a refillable water bottle (not glass) and use filling stations throughout the parks.

  • Small snacks.

  • Foods you need for medical purposes or medically-indicated nutritional supplements. 

  • Foods required for special dietary needs. 

  • Baby food and baby formula.

You can bring these items into the parks in your regular bag or in a small, soft-sided cooler bag no bigger than 8.5 inches wide by 6 inches high by 6 inches deep. Bags, backpacks and purses can be used, but bags with wheels are not allowed.

Prohibited food-related items include:

  • Hard-sided coolers.

  • Glass containers. 

  • Alcohol.

  • Food that needs to be heated or refrigerated.

The Universal Studios bag policy also states the following items are prohibited:

  • Explosives and weapons.

  • Marijuana.

  • Illegal items or substances.

  • Certain items of clothing, like those with offensive language or that misrepresent you as a park employee or emergency personnel.

  • Segways, hoverboards, drones, etc. (unless used as an Americans with Disabilities Act mobility device).

If you don’t want to carry things with you all day, lockers are available for rent either for all day or single use. Prices vary by park and by size of the locker.

🤓Nerdy Tip

Anything you bring into the park will likely be X-rayed or inspected in another way, so trying to sneak things in isn’t a good idea.

You can bring selfie sticks into the parks in Florida and Hollywood, but you must not use them while on rides or in attractions.

Dining options at Universal parks

Universal Studios Hollywood has 32 dining options, ranging from snack places to casual dining and sit-down restaurants.

In Orlando, Florida, each of the three parks has multiple dining venues:

  • Universal Studios Florida has 32 dining options. 

  • Universal Islands of Adventure offers 27 eateries. 

  • Universal Volcano Bay has eight dining venues.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can bring a refillable water bottle into Universal Studios and use the filling stations throughout the park. Just make sure the water bottle is not glass.

Yes, you can bring a backpack into Universal Studios Hollywood and into Universal Studios Florida. Anything you bring in with you can be inspected or X-rayed before you go into the park. Don’t bring in bags with wheels.

Some smaller bags are allowed on many rides and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida. Free small lockers are available at the rides and attractions where bags are not allowed.

Loose items are prohibited and should be secured before rides.

Bringing food and drinks into Universal recapped

You can bring water and small snacks into Universal's U.S. theme parks. Specific foods or beverages for medical reasons are also allowed. Just make sure you’re not bringing your items in a hard-sided cooler or a large insulated bag.

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