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NerdWallet Named a Career-Launching Company by Wealthfront

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As a company of Nerds, we take pride in building a culture that values relentless self-improvement, continual learning and career development, which is why we’re honored to be included in Wealthfront’s annual list of Career-Launching Companies. 

badge What does a being a career-launching company mean? Wealthfront describes such companies as “ideal places for young people to start their careers.”

At NerdWallet, we value our Nerds’ (employees’) development at every stage of their career. Our Nerds have the hunger to learn, develop and grow — and we provide the resources and tools to help them do so. We’ve built a robust university-relations program to bring in interns and new grads and help them catapult their professional journeys. So, we’re super excited to be named by Wealthfront as a career-launching company!

Wealthfront selected NerdWallet from feedback conducted by Wealthfront founder, Andy Rachleff, and 14 venture capital firms. More about Wealthfront here.