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The Best Obamacare Health Insurance Plans in California: Contra Costa County

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As you search for the best Obamacare health insurance plan in Contra Costa county, you might consider factors such as how much the health insurance costs and how many doctors are in-network—and perhaps how much the penalty will cost should you decide to go without it. Whatever your concerns, it’s useful to know all of your options when starting to shop for a health insurance plan. NerdWallet has compiled all of the plans available in Contra Costa county. For personalized quotes and more plan information, visit our friends at eHealth.

You can also check our directory for plans in your area, if you’re not located in Contra Costa county.

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Obamacare Health Insurance Plans in Contra Costa County


Insurance Company
Estimated Monthly Premium* Doctors Included
in Plan
Shop for Health Insurance
Anthem Anthem Bronze 60 Health Savings Account PPO $297 Visit Anthem to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Anthem health insurance plans
Anthem Bronze 60 PPO $295
Anthem Multi State Plan Silver 70 PPO $391
Anthem Multi State Plan Gold 80 PPO $479
Anthem Platinum 90 PPO $561
Blue Shield Blue Shield Bronze 60 Health Savings Account PPO $285 Visit Blue Shield to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Blue Shield health insurance plans
Blue Shield Bronze 60 PPO $290
Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO $351
Blue Shield Gold 80 PPO $413
Blue Shield Platinum 90 PPO $473
Health Net Health Net Bronze 60 EPO $302 Visit Health Net to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Health Net health insurance plans
Health Net Silver 70 EPO $425
Health Net Gold 80 EPO $508
Health Net Platinum 90 EPO $610
Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Bronze 60 Health Savings Account HMO $260 Visit Kaiser to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans
Kaiser Permanente Bronze 60 HMO $266
Kaiser Permanente Silver 70 HMO $356
Kaiser Permanente Gold 80 HMO $432
Kaiser Permanente Platinum 90 HMO $462
*Premiums are estimated for a 40-year-old before government subsidies.
Source: Covered California Health Insurance Companies and Plan Rates for 2015 and Shop and Compare Tool.

Obamacare has its pros and cons—here are some highlights:

Pro: You can’t be denied for a pre-existing condition. Prior to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies could deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition—and the definition of “pre-existing” varied. For example, some women were denied coverage for being pregnant. This practice has been banned.
Con: Narrowed networks. Some health insurance companies have narrowed their networks, which means that fewer doctors are covered. While this ultimately should reduce overall costs, it may mean less choice for you.
Pro: Expansion of Medicaid. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this could lead to an additional 15.1 million uninsured adults obtaining access to Medicaid coverage.
Con: Penalties for the uninsured. If you’re uninsured, you’re likely liable for a tax penalty. Learn about exemptions here if you’re uninsured and looking for a way not to pay the penalty.

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