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The Best Obamacare Health Insurance Plans in California: San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties

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This is a listing of the Obamacare health insurance plans available in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. Make sure you look at factors like monthly premiums, copays, deductibles and provider network before selecting a plan. If you have a preferred physician, double check that they will accept your new plan before making the purchase. We’ve provided links to provider directories for each company.

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Obamacare Health Insurance Plans in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties


Insurance Company
Estimated Monthly Premium* Doctors Included
in Plan
Shop For Health Insurance
Anthem Anthem Bronze 60 Health Savings Account PPO $260 Visit Anthem to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Anthem health insurance plans
Anthem Bronze 60 PPO $259
Anthem Multi State Plan Silver 70 PPO $343
Anthem Multi State Plan Gold 80 PPO $420
Anthem Platinum 90 PPO $492
Blue Shield Blue Shield Bronze 60 Health Savings Account PPO $273 Visit Blue Shield to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Blue Shield health insurance plans
Blue Shield Bronze 60 PPO $278
Blue Shield Silver 70 PPO $337
Blue Shield Gold 80 PPO $396
Blue Shield Platinum 90 PPO $454
Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Bronze 60 Health Savings Account HMO $249 Visit Kaiser to locate in-network doctors>> Apply Nowfor Kaiser health insurance plans
Kaiser Permanente Bronze 60 HMO $255
Kaiser Permanente Silver 70 HMO $341
Kaiser Permanente Gold 80 HMO $415
Kaiser Permanente Platinum 90 HMO $443
*Premiums are estimated for a 40-year-old before government subsidies.
Source: Covered California Health Insurance Companies and Plan Rates for 2015 and Shop and Compare Tool.

Once you get your health insurance, be sure to take advantage of the 10 essential health benefits offered by these plans:

Ambulatory care: This kind of care, also called outpatient care, involves doctor visits that don’t require hospitalization.

Emergency services: Emergency room visits no longer require preauthorization, and you cannot be charged extra for going to an ER that’s not in your network.

Hospitalization: Hospital stays must be covered. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a copayment or have to meet a deductible, but with hospitals sometimes charging thousands of dollars a day, this benefit can save you quite a bit of money.

Lab services: Laboratory services are covered.

Maternity and newborn care: Prenatal care is now a preventive service that must be provided for free. While you’re in the hospital for labor, delivery and newborn care, both you and your baby must be covered.

Mental health and addiction treatment: Although you may have to pay copays for mental health and addiction services, and you may be limited to a certain number of appointments over a year, these services must be covered under the ACA.

Rehabilitative services: Treatment is covered for injuries or illnesses that require rehabilitation. This includes habilitative services — therapies to help overcome long-term or permanent disabilities.

Pediatric care: Children younger than 19 are covered for routine visits, well-child checkups and recommended immunizations. Under this essential coverage, they are also covered for a vision exam, eyeglasses and two dental exams.

Prescriptions: Plans must offer at least one prescription drug in every drug category.

Preventive, wellness and chronic disease treatment: Preventive care — to keep people healthy — is not only covered by your health insurance, but it’s also free because of ACA requirements. These services don’t come with copayment or coinsurance costs, and you don’t have to meet your deductible before reaping the benefit.

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