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E-Trade Fees: Know What You’ll Pay

June 13, 2018

E-Trade is a popular online broker for a reason: The company offers several trade platforms, a wealth of research and educational tools and a large selection of commission-free ETFs and transaction-fee-free mutual funds. Its commission structure is easy to navigate, and favors traders who make at least 30 trades per quarter.

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Key facts on E-Trade fees

  • E-Trade’s tiered commission structure offers discounted rates to frequent traders. Those who trade at least 30 times per quarter qualify for $4.95 commissions. For fewer than 30 trades, commissions are $6.95.
  • Even for active traders, commissions are higher than those at many other brokerages. E-Trade does offer a large selection of transaction-fee-free mutual funds and commission-free ETFs, generally not available from discount brokers.
  • E-Trade’s Pro trading platform is available only to customers who maintain at least a $250,000 account balance or execute at least 30 stock or options trades per quarter, but two other platforms are available to all investors, including E-Trade’s advanced platform OptionsHouse, where investors can trade stocks, options, ETFs and futures.
  • There are no minimum trade requirements or inactivity fees.
  • The company’s account minimum is $500 for brokerage accounts and $0 for IRA accounts.

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Here’s an overview of E-Trade’s commission and fee structure:

E-Trade Fees

Commission for stocks, options and ETFs$6.95 for fewer than 30 trades per quarter

$4.95 for 30+ trades per quarter
150+ commission-free ETFs
Commission-free ETF short-term trading fee$19.99 for 0-149 stock and options trades per quarter

$15.99 for 150+ stock and options trades per quarter
E-Trade may charge a fee for sales of ETFs held less than 30 days
Mutual fundsTransaction fee: $19.99

Load funds: Load listed in prospectus
4,400+ no-transaction-fee mutual funds
Mutual fund short-term redemption fee$49.99Charged on redemptions or exchanges of no-load, no-transaction-fee funds held less than 90 days
Options$6.95 plus $0.75 for fewer than 30 trades per quarter

$4.95 plus $0.50 for 30+ trades per quarter
Options exercises and assignments$4.95
Futures$1.50 per contract, per side

Bitcoin futures: $2.50 per contract, per side
Plus exchange and regulatory fees
Margin ratesBase rate is 7.75%; rates range from 6.75% to 10.25%
Broker-assisted trades$25 plus applicable commission
Extended-hours trading$0.005 per share
Paper statements$2 (some accounts exempted from fee)Electronic statements are free
Outbound account transfer$75 full account

$25 partial account
No partial transfer fee if remaining balance is greater than $5,000
Early withdrawal (before age 59-1/2) from retirement account$25
Removal of excess retirement-account contribution$25
Recharacterization of Roth IRA or traditional IRA contribution or conversion$25