Our brand guidelines

Howdy, partner! Here you'll find some guidelines to help you use our brand assets correctly — including our logo, colors and more. By downloading these assets, you're agreeing to our terms of service for the use of these designs.

Logo construction

The NerdWallet logo represents our core values of honesty and empowerment. The vertical pieces of the letterform create foundational pillars, and the transparent layers of the mosaic pattern establish upward and forward-facing arrows to symbolize possibility, progress, and accomplishment.

The NerdWallet logo is our most visible and important brand asset. Do not attempt to redraw or recreate any element of the logotype. Use the approved digital files of the artwork.

Primary logos

  • Image

    The full color logo is our primary logo and should be used whenever possible. It is only to be placed on the approved light gray (#f6f7f8) or white background.

  • Image

    Select the version that works best in each layout, while respecting the clearspace and smallest file size specified below.

  • Image

    The N may be used by itself in circumstances where it appears within close proximity to “NerdWallet” (such as on a social media profile).

Secondary logos

The black/white logo are only to be used in the special circumstances specified below. These versions should only be used when it's not possible to use the primary or grayscale logos (e.g. a single color PMS printed piece) when a single color version is requested (example below).


In order to preserve the integrity of the logo, it is important that no other logos, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space.

  • Image

    Vertical logo clearspace

    The minimum clearspace around the vertical logo is equivalent to the width of the vertical stems in the N letterform.

  • Image

    Horizontal logo clearspace

    The minimum clearspace around the horizontal logo is equivalent to 1.5x the width of the vertical stems in the N letterform.

Smallest Size

To preserve legibility, the logo should never be printed smaller than the following specifications.

  • Image

    Smallest vertical logo size

    Print: no smaller than .75" wide. Screen: no smaller than 50px wide.

  • Image

    Smallest horizontal logo size

    Print: no smaller than 1.25" wide. Screen: no smaller than 90px wide.

Partner logo placements

The placement of logos communicate brand dominance. The dominant brand is always on the left or on top, subordinate/partner logo is always on the right or on the bottom. Maintain the proper clear space around each logo.

Follow these rules when locking up the NerdWallet logo with a partner logo:
  • The default is the full color logo on a white background.
  • Separate logos by the distance shown below.
  • The two logos should be of the same visual size.

Vertical logo lockups

Vertical logo lockups

Horizontal logo lockups

Vertical logo lockups

Incorrect usage

To make sure the logo appears as consistently as possible throughout our communications, here are a few things to avoid:

Don't use the Nerdwallet logotype on its own

Don't recolor the logo

Don't outline the logo

Don't apply any effects to the logo

Don't make a pattern or texture out of the logos

Don't change the configuration of the logo elements

Don't place the logo on any background other than the approved gray (#f6f7f8) or white

Don't alter the clearspace between the N and the wordmark

Don't skew the perspective of the logo

Voice + tone

A consistent, well-defined voice will help people understand what makes us special. It's how we convey our personality, values and mission. As part of our brand expression, our verbal identity is a crucial part of who we are and how we connect with people.


Our voice is an expression of our personality, and it’s rooted in every piece of copy we create. Our voice is who we are. It naturally evolves over time, but generally stays the same from day to day. We're:
  • Smart, but not textbook
  • Conversational, but not slangy or breezy
  • Thorough, but not long-winded
  • Honest, but not pushy
  • Passionate, but not preachy
  • Optimistic, but not unrealistic
  • Witty, but not funny


Our tone should change often. Tone is an adaptive reflection of feelings. Think of it in terms of your own voice and tone: You only have one voice, but vary your tone based on who you’re talking to: friends, family, employers, clients.

Top DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO find the most real way to say it. Use everyday words. Words that flow easily and have a natural rhythm — write as you speak.
  • DO keep sentences short and clear. Make the overall message sound effortless. Read it out loud for a quick gut-check.
  • DO be inclusive. We write in the first person collective (we, us, our) when talking about ourselves and the second person (you, your) when talking to our members. We use the first person (me/my) for CTAs.
  • DO read the room. The subject matter, as well as the reader’s likely emotional state should inform our tone in all copy.
  • DO encourage action. We love verbs and lean on short, punchy ones like, grab, get, score, know, save, build and start.
  • DON'T make it complicated. The financial industry tends to sound pretty corporate, so we want to differentiate ourselves by being much more human and approachable.
  • DON'T force humor, wordplay, puns or slang — especially when talking about money. Think “bucks” not “Benjamins”.
  • DON'T trash the competition or over-promise with hyperbolic language.
  • DON'T make it feel complex or hard to understand. People come to us for clarity.
  • DON'T raise doubts. Be enthusiastic, but be believable. The reader wants an excuse to stop reading. In fact, they are looking for one all the time. Don’t give it to them.

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