NerdWallet+ FAQ

NerdWallet+ Program Details
Earning your points
Below are the current actions that can be done on your NerdWallet account to earn points. You can also check your rewards portal for more details about how exactly to get these points.
One-time rewards:
Get your credit score 300pts ($3.00)
Link a financial account 125pts ($1.25)
Download the NerdWallet app 300pts ($3.00)
Set up bill tracking 100pts ($1.00)
Get financial health score 300pts ($3.00)
Set your financial priorities 100pts ($1.00)
Enable notifications 50pts ($0.50)
Recurring rewards:
Categorize your spending 50 pts ($0.50) / month
Improve credit utilization 100 pts ($1.00) / level
Boost your credit band 100 pts ($1.00) / level
Read your weekly insights 25 pts ($0.25) / week
Review 50/30/20 budget 25 pts ($0.25) / month
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