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Keep your current bank while earning more with online banks

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Use the common application to apply once and get access to all MaxMyInterest bank partners.

Smart monthly allocations

Each month, Max helps you allocate your cash to the banks with the highest rates, so you always earn the highest yield, up to 5.36%.*

*current maximum

Simple, flexible, and secure

With Max, you can easily move your cash around to keep your balances below the FDIC insurance limits. Check your balances at any time, all on one screen, and optimize your savings with one click.


Here’s what our clients say

Very easy to set up. My money feels secure. I feel like I’m getting the best available rate.

Kevin, Minneapolis, MN

Very convenient way to manage cash and earn a high, FDIC insured rate of return.

Gerald, Loomis, CA

Frequently asked questions

Max can help you earn more on your cash, no matter where you bank or invest. Max also helps you obtain more FDIC insurance coverage, up to $2 million per individual or $8 million per couple based on the number of online banks currently supported on the Max platform. With Max, you can link an existing checking account or new Max Checking account to higher-yielding savings accounts at some of the nation’s leading FDIC-insured online banks. The Max Common Application makes it easy for you to open new accounts in as little as 60 seconds. Max then keeps an eye out for changes in interest rates, proposing to you a monthly allocation of your cash among your bank(s) that offer the best rates, while keeping your balances below the FDIC insurance limit at each bank. Max also helps you maintain a target checking account balance each month and includes a number of other helpful features that make it easy to manage multiple bank accounts, including the ability to see all balances on one screen, instruct Max, with one click, to send your funds transfer instructions to your banks on your behalf, and obtain all 1099-INT tax forms in a single PDF.

The leading “brick-and-mortar” banks currently offer between zero and 0.15% annual percentage yield (APY) on deposits. By contrast, because of their lower overhead costs, the leading online banks currently pay between 4.35% and 5.36% APY on deposits. Rates are constantly changing, but at current interest rates, a typical customer can expect to earn an additional 4.75% to 4.95% on deposits every year by using Max.

There is no minimum balance required to use Max. Many of our members start by optimizing smaller balances, and then grow their balances over time as they become comfortable with how Max works. While the typical Max member holds many multiples of the FDIC insurance limit in cash, we’ve worked hard to make Max accessible to anyone who seeks to more intelligently optimize the cash that they hold in their bank or brokerage accounts.

Max charges a quarterly fee of 0.04% (4 basis points, or $40 per $100,000) on the cash being optimized in your higher-yielding online savings accounts, subject to a minimum of $20 every three months. The first quarterly fee is billed 15 days after the completion of your first optimization, and then every three months thereafter, for a total of 0.16% per year. Max does not charge any fees on the cash held within your checking account, and there are no other Max fees, account minimums, transfer fees, or service charges.