Credit Card Reviews

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If you want an unbiased credit card review or an in-depth take on rewards, interest rates and more, you’ve come to the right place. NerdWallet will help you find the best credit cards for your credit score, spending habits, and tolerance of fees. Here, we’ve assembled our reviews of our most popular credit cards. Whether you’re a jetsetter looking to avoid foreign transaction fees and rack up airline miles, a student looking for your first credit card, or simply trying to shed debt and rebuild your credit score, we’ve got you covered.

Reviews of our favorite credit cards:

Cash back classics:

Travel card mainstays:

Ye olde Discover cards:

(Now replaced by the shiny-new Discover It)

Rewards mainstays:

Airline credit cards:

Hotel credit cards:

0% interest cards:

  • Citi SimplicityPretty much the best 0% card out there, it offers an industry-leading 0% APR promotion period for transfers and purchases, and even better, has no late fees or penalty APR.
  • Citi Platinum Select credit cardA perennial favorite for its long 0% purchase and transfer APR periods, the Citi Platinum Select is a great way to get rid of existing debt or make a big purchase and take your time paying it off.
  • Citi Diamond PreferredYet another industry-leading zero APR promo for transfers and purchases – are you sensing a theme here?
  • Chase SlateGetting you organized so you can get out of debt
  • Bank of America Better Balance: Getting paid to do more than the minimum sounds better than it actually is.


  • Citi Forward for College Students: An excellent option for any college student who eats out, gets delivery, goes to bars, buys textbooks, shops at or goes to the movies. Which is pretty much every college student.
  • Capital One Journey Student Card: With a higher base rewards rate than the Forward, it’s a solid choice if you don’t buy textbooks or eat out, and hate the smiley face on the Amazon boxes

Credit-building cards:

  • Orchard Bank credit card: Orchard Bank goes out of its way to help you rebuild your credit, and its secured card offers better terms than pretty much anyone else
  • HSBC credit cards: The famed lender to the less-than-stellar borrowers
  • Capital One Secured MasterCard: More accessible than the Orchard Bank, it allows you to pay your security deposit in installments and has a minimum deposit as low as $49


Debit cards: