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Cheaper Life Insurance For Vegetarians in the UK And Australia


Life insurance companies in the United Kingdom and Australia are offering cheaper premiums for vegetarians on the premise that they live longer and are healthier than their meat-eating counterparts.  These life insurance companies believe that vegetarians are a better insurance risk from studies that show vegetarians have a lower risk of cancer, strokes, heart disease, kidney stones, obesity and other diseases and ailments.

For example, Make A Difference Insurance in Australia offers up to a 20% discount on premiums for vegetarians. Its managing director, Brian Jones, believes that diet—like smoking— should be a factor in determining premiums. Jones is a vegetarian himself and said a meatless diet lowers cholesterol and typically has a higher percentage of antioxidants and fiber.

In the United Kingdom, vegetarians can enjoy a 25% discount on life insurance premiums for the first year of the Vegetarian Term Life Policy which is offered by Animal Friends Insurance (AFI). The founders of AFI, Elaine and Chris Fairfax, believe that a factoring a vegetarian diet in determining premiums should be an industry standard.

However critics say that a vegetarian can still have unhealthy food in their diet such as sweets and junk food. Also, vegetarians may have a lower risk of heart disease but still face the same mortality rate as carnivores.

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