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TradeKing Review

TradeKingTradeKing may be a deep-discount broker, but its powerful blend of customer service, research, data and trade technology puts it in line with some of its more well-known — and higher-priced — competition. It’s always a strong contender in NerdWallet’s online broker roundups, topping our list of the best online brokers for stock trading.TradeKing

NerdWallet’s Rating: 4 / 5

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TradeKing is best for:

  • Active traders
  • Fee-conscious traders
  • Frequent stock traders
  • Top-tier research
  • Free data analysis software
  • User-friendly tools

While TradeKing is a formidable option for frequent traders, it’s not ideal for mutual fund or ETF investors, or beginner investors looking to open an IRA with hands-off investment options like target date funds. Rather, TradeKing is a robust trading platform with some of the lowest stock-trade commissions around, free analysis software and data, and an active trader community to help you bounce around strategies.

Current promotion

Open an account and new clients get a $200 cash bonus with a balance over $3,000 and at least three trades within 90 days of account opening. TradeKing will also reimburse up to $150 in transfer fees and provide a $100 cash referral bonus if you recommend a new account.

TradeKing at a glance

Account Types
  • Individual and joint non-retirement accounts
  • Traditional, Roth, rollover, SEP, Simple IRAs
  • Coverdell
  • UTMA accounts
  • Trusts
Account Minimum $0, but $50 inactivity fee on accounts with no executed trades in last 12 months and a combined value of less than $2,500
Account Fees $50 outgoing transfer or IRA closing fee
Stock/ETF Commissions $4.95
Mutual Funds $9.95 per trade. No transaction-fee free mutual funds.
Commission-Free ETFs None
Options $4.95 + $.65 per contract
Tradable Securities
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs
  • Options
  • Forex
Broker-Assisted Trades $20 + regular commission
Research and Data Free
Customer Service Phone service and support 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday; live chat and email support.

Where TradeKing shines

Commissions: Only a few online brokers can beat TradeKing’s low stock and ETF trade commission of $4.95, and the fact that the company’s pricing is so clear cut is an added bonus. Options contracts are similarly low priced at $4.95 plus 65 cents per contract, and multi-leg options orders are priced the same as single leg, with only one base charge. The company’s own analysis shows that 50 contracts through TradeKing will cost $37.95, compared to $47.49 at ETrade and $69.50 at Scottrade.

Account minimum: TradeKing makes it easy for investors to get started, with a $0 account minimum.

Trading platform: Last time we reviewed TradeKing, we noted that its platform was disappointing to some users. The company’s launch of TradeKing Live! has changed that, though it’s a slow rollout and customers need to request access. Still, this is a big step up: The new platform, which is browser-based, offers quick trading capabilities, real-time streaming quotes and data, and a customizable dashboard, and is available for customers who trade at least once per year or maintain an account balance of $2,500. TradeKing Live! has also advanced the ability for customers to trade via mobile devices. Read our in-depth TradeKing Live Review here.

Research and tools: TradeKing offers a suite of tools that exceed expectations for a discount broker, including above-average charting capabilities, free research reports from S&P, and a range of calculators, like an options pricing calculator and a profit and loss calculator. It also has an online trader network, a sort of social media for traders, where users can get insight from others, share strategies and exchange trading notes. Finally, an upgraded platform, Quotestream, is available to investors who trade at least 10 times per month. Quotestream includes streaming quotes — as you might expect — along with multiple watchlists, option chains, an investment tracker and most active list.

Where TradeKing falls short

Commission-free ETFs: TradeKing has none, which isn’t terribly uncommon among discount brokers, but it makes the company a poor option for an investor who wants to dollar-cost average into ETFs each month, as the $4.95 charge for doing so will add up quickly.

Mutual funds: Again, the company doesn’t offer any transaction-fee free mutual funds, which can be costly to account holders who want to invest a little bit on a regular basis. On the plus side, mutual fund trades are priced at just $9.95, which is low when compared to close competitor OptionsHouse, which charges $20 per mutual fund trade. Mutual fund investors would still be better off at an online broker who offers a large selection of transaction-fee free funds.

Inactivity fee: Customers who don’t place at least one trade per year or maintain a balance of $2,500 will be charged a $50 inactivity fee. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a dealbreaker for most users; still, it’s worth pointing out because it’s an asterisk next to TradeKing’s $0 account minimum requirement.

The bottom line

TradeKing is a great online broker for active traders for a laundry list of reasons, not the least of which are its low prices and above-average trading tools for a discount brokerage. It’s also a strong selection for investors who trade options, with some of the best pricing available. But beginner investors and customers who typically invest in mutual funds and ETFs should look for a brokerage that offers a selection of those investments with no transaction fees or commissions.

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  • Mark

    Tradeking – Big waste of time. Prior to opening my account they told me I would get get 2-1 leverage overnight and 4-1 leverage day. After I sent 5k to open the account they told me i was not approved. When I asked them to close the account and send my money back, they told me because I sent a check, which was a cashier’s check, that I would have to wait 30-days to get my money back. Apart from that, the charts are not good for technical analysis. Big waste of time… Use someone else.

  • Jeepers

    I have been with them for years after using several other brokers. It’s not all heaven. They told me if I transferred accounts to them, they’d reimburse transfer fees. After moving 2 accounts and filing the forms, none of the fees were classified by them as “transfer,” so no reimbursement. TradeKing won’t answer my questions anymore about mutual fund purchases. They kept sending confusing “we carry USAA fund family but may not be able to get USTCX at this moment” messages. I asked them why not remove any from their page they didn’t carry? Months later, USAA still listed. I asked twice to tell me which they do carry and they won’t respond. ETrade has better customer service.