What Is AmEx Send & Split and How Does It Work?

The feature lets you send people money without the usual transaction fees, or divide up a bill from within the AmEx mobile app.
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The Send & Split feature in the American Express mobile app lets eligible cardholders send money to, or divide purchases with, any Venmo or PayPal user, at no extra cost.

So if you're not carrying cash at the moment, or you're a few bucks short, you can lean on your credit card, avoiding awkward conversations when dividing up a bill and allowing you to pay off the charge at a more convenient time. More importantly, you can avoid transaction fees and cash advance fees while doing so.

This option is only available to U.S. consumer credit cardholders. Here’s how it works.

Send & Split: The basics

As the name of the feature indicates, there are two possibilities — sending and splitting.

To do either, you’ll have to enroll by logging into the AmEx app, going to the account tab and selecting the "Send & Split" option. Once enrolled, you’ll have to link your Venmo or PayPal account to be able to send or receive money.

How to send money with 'AmEx Send'

You can send money from the AmEx app, Venmo app or PayPal app. With any option, the money will be funneled through an "AmEx Send" account that is created automatically when you enroll in Send & Split.

Sending money from the AmEx app

This option allows you to use your AmEx card to send money to any PayPal or Venmo customer without paying the usual transaction fees that would apply to credit card payments. (Normally, if you were to use a credit card this way through PayPal or Venmo, you'd incur a fee of about 3%.)

You can add money to the AmEx Send account instantly with your AmEx credit card and send it to any other Venmo or PayPal user. The money you add will show up as a charge on your card’s statement and is treated like a purchase. However, you will not earn any rewards for the transaction. Terms apply.

AmEx limits how much money you can add to your AmEx Send account. That amount is identified in the app as "Available to Add." AmEx notes that the amount is determined by your card’s "rolling 30-day person-to-person transaction limit found in your card member agreement," and it's subject to AmEx approval.

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Most eligible consumer cardholders can add up to $2,000 to their AmEx Send account. The Platinum Card® from American Express can add up to $4,000 and the Centurion card can add up to $5,000. Terms apply. You can only send someone up to $10,000 per transaction from your AmEx send account. These transactions, too, will be subject to a rolling 30-day transaction limit. Terms apply. PayPal and Venmo may also limit the amount you can send.

Sending money from the Venmo or PayPal app

To send money via Venmo or PayPal, add money to your AmEx Send account to Venmo or PayPal and proceed to send money as you normally would in those apps.

To make the payment, switch your payment method to the AmEx Send account. The balance that you’re sending will have to be greater than the amount of your Venmo balance. Otherwise, your Venmo balance will be the default payment method.

How to split purchases with 'AmEx Split'

With this option, you can pay for something with your card — and earn all the rewards from the purchase — and then split the cost with other Venmo and PayPal users. There is no cost for splitting purchases.

In the AmEx app, you select a single purchase or multiple purchases to split with up to 20 people. You can divide the cost evenly or set a custom allocation. Those people will get a payment request through Venmo or PayPal, as they usually would.

When they pay you back, you can choose whether you want the money to go directly to your credit card as a statement credit or into a PayPal or Venmo account. Be aware, if you're not reimbursed, you're still responsible for the charge on your card. The original transaction may be subject to interest or fees. Terms apply.

For a hefty expense that you can’t pay off in full, the cost of interest could chip away at the value of any rewards earned from the transaction. If that was your incentive for covering the bill, it defeats the purpose. To keep your finances on track, only use this feature to split purchases with people you trust to pay you back.

🤓Nerdy Tip

AmEx Send and AmEx Split are compatible with any Venmo or PayPal user; they do not also have to be American Express cardholders.

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