5 Cool Mobile Car Insurance Apps

Insurers have loaded apps with features such as rewards for safe driving and the ability to monitor teen drivers.
By Alex Glenn 

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Almost every major car insurance company now has a basic mobile app that lets customers handle simple tasks — think paying bills, filing claims and chatting with customer service. But for some insurers (and their customers), the mobile possibilities don’t stop there.

Drivers might be surprised at just how innovative some companies have become in building their ideal customer experience. Here’s a look at some of the coolest mobile car insurance apps available. Unless otherwise stated, all apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Cash savers

Allstate Drivewise: The Drivewise mobile app tracks driving behavior and rewards you for being responsible behind the wheel; it even offers tips on how you can improve. Allstate customers can earn discounts or cash back on their premiums. But Drivewise is also available to those not insured by Allstate: These users can earn reward points and redeem them for merchandise, gift cards and other items.

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Metromile street sweeping alert: This is a welcome feature for big-city dwellers who know the panic of forgetting to move their car for that dreaded street cleaning. Part of Metromile’s smart driving app, it uses internal city information to see where sweeping is scheduled. If your ride is at risk of being ticketed, you’ll get an alert 12 hours in advance. Note that you must have one of Metromile’s connected car devices to use this feature (either the Metromile Pulse for insurance customers or the free Metromile Tag for non-customers) and live in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego.

Stress reducers

State Farm Driver Feedback: State Farm’s tool distinguishes itself from other safe-driving car insurance mobile apps by targeting three specific problem areas: accelerating, decelerating and swerving. You don’t need any plug-ins to use this app. Simply lay your phone flat on a secure spot or set it in your cupholder, and the app tracks and scores you in each category after trips, plus offers pointers to improve. Though participation doesn’t trigger a discount (as with the Drivewise app), Driver Feedback can provide valuable peace of mind that you’re extending the life of your car and tires, and practicing safer techniques. This app is available to anyone, not just drivers insured by State Farm.

Allstate Motor Club: This is a reassuring tool to have in your pocket if you like having assistance in reach, even in remote locations. If you become stranded, the Motor Club app uses your phone’s GPS to locate your vehicle and send help. You can select the issue you need help with, such as a battery jump or fuel delivery, from a menu and track the estimated time of arrival of responders. It's available only to Allstate customers, and sign-up isn’t free (the cheapest option is $52 for the first year, according to Allstate’s site).

Time saver

Metromile trip optimization feature: Also part of the pay-per-mile insurer’s broader smart driving app, the trip optimization feature tracks where your speed tends to vary and how long your trips take. Over time, commuters can spot trends that are causing delays and, ideally, make changes for quicker routes. It's available to Metromile customers and non-customers.

Remember, while cool car insurance apps can help point you toward an insurer, it’s still in your best interest to shop around. Try NerdWallet’s auto insurance comparison tool to narrow down the best estimates and possibly save hundreds on your policy.

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