How Much Is Coding Bootcamp?

The average in-person bootcamp is $13,584. But costs vary greatly depending on the structure.
Cecilia Clark
By Cecilia Clark 
Edited by Karen Gaudette Brewer
How Much Is Coding Boot Camp?

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Key takeaways

  • The average in-person coding bootcamp costs $13,584 and the average online bootcamp costs $12,898.

  • Community colleges may offer coding bootcamps for under $3,000 and some students may be eligible for free bootcamp programs, so explore these options first.

  • Evaluate the likely job and debt outcomes of any potential coding bootcamp before investing your time or money, considering how soon you can make the tuition costs back with your post-graduation salary.

Coding bootcamp costs can vary greatly. Programs sponsored through a community college can cost less than $3,000, while private coding schools can cost more than $20,000. Some students may even qualify for a free coding bootcamp.

Consider the type of program when looking at bootcamp costs. Coding bootcamps can last from one day to six months, can have full-time and part-time formats and can teach a variety of coding languages to various depths. Yet, the biggest factors that determine price are usually who sponsors the program and whether it is in-person or online.

The average cost for in-person coding bootcamp is $13,584, according to the bootcamp review site Course Report. The average cost for an online coding bootcamp is $12,898.

Make sure to research the potential outcomes of any bootcamp before investing your time or money. To do this, check your school’s graduation and salary results with the nonprofit bootcamp transparency organization Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, or CIRR, to get a sense of whether it is well-regarded by the tech industry. If your school is not a member of the CCIR, ask it directly about graduation rates and post-graduation salaries. But remember, coding bootcamps are not regulated, do not have to answer to an accrediting entity and may not be entirely transparent in their marketing — which can make it tricky to gauge if a program is a good value.

Find out who sponsors the bootcamp

Programs sponsored by community colleges can be significantly less expensive than those run solely by private institutions. For example, Estrella Mountain Community College offers an 18-week coding bootcamp for $2,900. Like many community college bootcamps, this one is administered by a private company and does not qualify for federal financial aid.

Programs that aren’t partnered with community colleges tend to be more expensive. For example, Rithm School’s 17-week program costs $23,000 if you pay upfront and up to $34,500 if you use its deferred payment plan.

Decide which is best for you: In-person or online

Online coding bootcamps are typically cheaper than in-person programs. For example, Bottega’s 12-week online program costs $12,000 while Galvanize’s 12-week in-person program costs $17,980.

But there are exceptions. Grand Circus offers a 12-week in-person bootcamp for $11,750 before scholarships and early application discounts.

Many online programs align with their in-person counterparts and try to mimic their instruction style and coursework. They do this by using remote collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack. Consider if an online bootcamp will be worth it for you before signing up. Make sure you understand how they will deliver content and that you are comfortable with taking on the workload remotely.

Are there any free coding bootcamps?

Some bootcamps are free to students who meet certain criteria. These programs may provide the same vigor and career prospects as paid programs, or they may be better suited to help you prepare for a paid bootcamp. Ask whether the program offers a certificate or serves as a prep program for the school’s paid bootcamp to get a better idea.

Free coding bootcamps include:

  • 42: You must successfully complete 42's free four-week pre-bootcamp training program to win admission to its self-paced bootcamp.

  • Ada Developers Academy: Women and gender-diverse adults can receive access to the free full-time coding bootcamp if they align with Ada Developer Academy’s mission and culture, which includes a passion for software development and an investment in social justice.

  • The Data Incubator: Experienced coders with at least a bachelor's degree in a STEM field — that is, science, technology, engineering or math — can apply to the data science fellowship program, an eight-week bootcamp, to up-level their coding career.

  • freeCodeCamp: Everyone is eligible to earn free certifications in up to 10 developer disciplines from freeCodeCamp by signing up at its website and completing the required courses.

  • Resilient Coders: You must identify as a person of color between 18 and 30 years old to qualify for free bootcamp with Resilient Coders. You must also attend one of their free one-day hackathons to be considered.

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