The Guide to the AmEx Entertainment/Streaming Credit

AmEx Platinum's lockdown-era streaming perk gets you $240 worth of credit toward digital entertainment annually.
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American Express revamped its signature The Platinum Card® from American Express to add over $900 in new annual credits in exchange for a higher $695 annual fee in 2021. One of the perks added to the card was a $20 per month digital entertainment credit. Terms apply.

Here's how the digital entertainment credit of The Platinum Card® from American Express works and how you can maximize it. Terms apply.

How does The Platinum Card® from American Express’s digital entertainment credit work?

American Express advertises this credit as a "$240 Digital Entertainment Credit." However, it's not an actual annual $240 credit. Instead, AmEx will provide up to $20 in statement credits each calendar month when cardholders use an enrolled card to make purchases directly from eligible merchants. We cover those eligible merchants below. Terms apply.

The fact that AmEx makes this a monthly credit is a letdown. Many annual subscriptions cost less per month than paying for a subscription monthly. However, you'll need to pay more for the monthly option to utilize the credit fully. Terms apply.

Both primary cardmembers and authorized users — which AmEx calls "Additional Card Members" — can make purchases to utilize the streaming credit. However, each primary account is limited to a credit of just $20 per month. Authorized users do not get their own $20 per month credit. Terms apply.

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How to enroll in the AmEx digital entertainment credit

To get started using the AmEx streaming credit, you first need to enroll The Platinum Card® from American Express in this benefit. To do so, log in to your American Express account and browse to this $240 digital entertainment credit page. Terms apply.

Read through the terms and then scroll down to click the "Enroll now" button. After going through the enrollment process, it's worth a few more seconds to return to confirm that there's a checkmark and that your status is "enrolled" at the top of your benefits page.

Which merchants qualify for the AmEx digital entertainment credit?

The American Express streaming credit, or AmEx digital entertainment credit, isn't limited to just streaming providers. However, the downside is that AmEx limits the $240 digital entertainment credit to these merchants:

  • Disney+.

  • The Disney Bundle.

  • ESPN+.

  • Hulu.

  • Peacock.

  • The New York Times.

  • The Wall Street Journal.

Terms apply.

Make sure your subscription is made directly with an eligible merchant. Payments made through a third party — like Apple — won't qualify for the credit. Terms apply.

Ways to maximize the streaming credit of The Platinum Card® from American Express

The Platinum Card® from American Express cardholders have plenty of ways to maximize this $240 digital entertainment credit. The strategy for you is going to depend on your entertainment priorities. Let's look at a few ways you can maximize this $20 per month credit. Terms apply.

Get the ad-free Disney bundle

For some AmEx Platinum cardholders, utilizing the AmEx streaming credit is going to be as straightforward as charging a Disney bundle to The Platinum Card® from American Express. An ad-free subscription to Hulu plus Disney+ and ESPN+ currently costs $19.99 per month. That means you'll only need to pay any sales tax out-of-pocket if you charge this subscription to The Platinum Card® from American Express.

Certain Verizon unlimited cell phone plans include an ad-supported Disney bundle. If you're both an Amex Platinum cardmember and a Verizon subscriber, your strategy can shift slightly.

First, you could upgrade from the ad-supported Hulu subscription — which is included with your cell phone plan — to an ad-free Disney bundle. Then bill the extra $6 per month (plus applicable sales tax) to The Platinum Card® from American Express to trigger the American Express streaming credit. Terms apply.

Depending on your state sales tax, you'll still have another $13-14 of AmEx digital entertainment credit each month to use on other merchants. To maximize ad-free content, use your remaining streaming credit to get a Peacock TV ad-free subscription for $9.99 per month before sales tax. Terms apply.

Stretch your mind with newspapers

Other cardholders of The Platinum Card® from American Express might want to use their $240 digital entertainment credit to learn.

So, for example, you can support journalism at The New York Times by subscribing to the newspaper. The New York Times is currently offering a basic digital access subscription for just $4 per month for the first year of service — and then $17 per month after that. Terms apply.

You can also consider a subscription for The Wall Street Journal. They regularly post specially priced offers for both digital and print services. Terms apply.

AmEx digital entertainment credit, recapped

One of the perks added to the AmEx Platinum in recent years is a $240 digital entertainment credit. And utilizing this perk is key to getting the maximum value out of your AmEx Platinum card membership. Terms apply.

If you're a current member of The Platinum Card® from American Express, confirm that you're enrolled in this benefit. Then, review the list of eligible merchants to see which makes the most sense for you. Just ensure you set up auto-pay using your card. Terms apply.

If you don't have The Platinum Card® from American Express but currently pay for one of these services, make sure to factor in the AmEx streaming credit when determining the value you can get from the card.

To view rates and fees of The Platinum Card® from American Express, see this page.

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