The Guide to Emirates Baggage Policies and Fees

Verify baggage allowance, understand weight vs. piece and check fare class limits to avoid extra fees on Emirates.
Carissa Rawson
By Carissa Rawson 
Edited by Meghan Coyle
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We get it: Everyone wants to bring six pairs of pants, a pillow and enough jackets to ward off Jack Frost on their journeys. However, unless you’re a super-packer and an expert in vacuum-sealing your items, odds are you’re going to have to pack a little less.

This is especially true during air travel. If you’re heading off on a flight with Emirates and wondering how much you can take with you, we’re here to help.

Let’s talk about Emirates’ baggage allowance, how much you can bring and the airline’s size requirements.

Emirates baggage policy

Like all airlines, Emirates has limitations on how much luggage you can bring on your flight. However, unlike others, Emirates’ policy doesn’t just rely on the total number of pieces that you bring.

🤓Nerdy Tip

Depending on where you’re flying, you may either have a weight limit or a piece limit.

For flights from the Americas and Africa, you’ll be subject to a piece limit, which is the same standard you’ll find on U.S. airlines. This means you’ll be able to bring a specific number of bags to check in with you, each of which must not exceed a weight limit.

On other routes, you’ll instead fall under the weight limit, which doesn’t restrict how many bags you check. Instead, you’re judged solely on how much the totality of your luggage weighs. This can be helpful if you have a number of smaller bags that you’re traveling with (or ones you’ve purchased during your trip).

Emirates baggage sizing for checked bags

The check-in baggage sizes on Emirates are going to depend on where you’re flying.

  • Flights with a piece limit: 59 linear inches (all dimensions added together).

  • Flights with a weight limit: 118 linear inches. 

Emirates checked bag policy for the Americas and Africa

If you’re flying from the U.S., you’ll be subject to the piece limit on Emirates for checked luggage. How many pieces you bring and their weight will depend on your fare class.

Class of travel


Economy (Special)

One bag up to 50 pounds.

Economy (Saver, Flex, Flex Plus)

Two bags up to 50 pounds each.

Premium economy

Two bags up to 50 pounds each.


Two bags up to 70 pounds each.


Two bags up to 70 pounds each.

Note that flights within the Americas or from the Americas to Europe are subject to slightly different policies.

Emirates checked bag policy for Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and Europe

Which Emirates checked baggage sizes you’re allowed is going to depend on the fare that you’ve booked.

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Those who have elite status with Emirates enjoy an additional baggage allowance on flights.

Of these, only economy class has several different “buckets” into which you may fall. All other classes have a single weight standard.

  • Special: 44 pounds.

  • Saver: 55 pounds. 

  • Flex: 66 pounds. 

  • Flex Plus: 77 pounds. 

Here are the weight limits for other fare classes:

Class of travel


Premium economy

77 pounds.


88 pounds.


110 pounds.

Be aware that no single bag can weigh more than 70 pounds using the weight concept.

As you can see, it’s important to do your research before your flight to determine your allowance since the Emirates check-in baggage size varies drastically.

Emirates carry-on baggage policy

Emirates also maintains a separate carry-on bag policy. The weight limit for your bag will depend on your fare class.

Class of travel



One bag up to 15 pounds.

Premium economy

One bag up to 22 pounds.

Business and first

Two bags up to 30 pounds.

Emirates extra baggage fees

If you have more luggage to check than you’re allowed, it’s possible to pay extra to bring your bags. The costs for this are going to vary based on your routes, how much you need and whether you purchase the extra allowance online.

For example, if you’re traveling on a flight from the Middle East to Europe — which uses weight to determine your luggage — you’ll be able to purchase an additional 2.2 pounds of luggage for $25 at the airport.

🤓Nerdy Tip

Some travel credit cards come with annual travel credits that can cover incidental airline fees. These can include charges for checked luggage.

If you’re traveling from the Americas or Africa, which rely on the piece concept, your costs will be different. For example, purchasing an extra bag on a flight from the United States to Dubai will cost you $225 at the airport. The total weight allowance for that bag is either 50 pounds (for economy/premium economy) or 70 pounds (for business/first).

Emirates’ website also notes that you’ll save a significant sum of money by purchasing excess luggage in advance. Depending on where you’re going, the savings can vary between 35% and 60%.

The bottom line

Traveling is stressful enough without getting hit by unexpected charges. Do your homework beforehand to verify your baggage allowance so that you’ll always be prepared.

If you’re flying on Emirates, you’ll want to figure out whether the airline’s weight concept or piece concept applies to your itinerary. From there, your fare class is going to dictate the amount of baggage that you’re able to bring.

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